Here’s another upcoming porn stud to keep an eye on. His name is Marko Lobo and he will make his porn debut on MEN.COM. Mark your calendar, you can watch Marko Lobo tops beefy Dereck Fox May 9th and bottoms for Justin Cox May 16th.

It’s always nice to see beefy and masculine stud like Marko Lobo takes it up the ass!

+ Marko Lobo Fucks Dereck Fox

+ Justin Cox Fucks Marko Lobo



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  1. almatolmen
    08 May 12
    4:28 am

    Muscle flip-flops like Gabriel and Marko are the ultimate!

  2. sxg
    08 May 12
    4:30 am

    wow what a hot piece of ass! and he’s versatile! He instantly reminded me of Mike Chavez/Mike Lamas/Miguel Lopez from 90s & early 00s porn.

  3. mj
    08 May 12
    11:07 am

    I want him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Lewis
    08 May 12
    5:22 pm

    I saw that some of the same sets and models are also on

    Is that a site?

  5. Jeremy
    08 May 12
    11:55 pm

    He reminded me of Dante Foxx. Fuck I want him to fuck me.

  6. BGinBigD
    09 May 12
    1:06 am

    Puhleeze!!!! Marko Lobo is NOT that hot! Just thick (and I’m not talkin bout his dick).
    And what street corner did they pull Justin Cox from? He looks like pure trade (not a compliment).

  7. tom
    09 May 12
    2:21 am

    wow never heard of Dereck Fox before, he totally caught my attention the most

  8. alex
    09 May 12
    11:59 pm

    Thick is hot in my book.

    Yeah, I think Dereck Fox only bottoms, but he’s a masculine bottom and usually gets topped by thick guys (yum!). Always happy to welcome another versatiled stocky performer.

  9. sxg
    10 May 12
    1:09 am

    @BGinBigD at least 4 guys on here think Marko Lobo is hot compared to just 1 of you. Troll harder bro.

  10. King
    10 May 12
    2:43 am

    LOL @ SXG For real. Though, I have to say that I do find him average but who said average isn’t good?

  11. kevin
    14 May 12
    3:41 pm

    Lo realmente interesante, es ver a un tipo masculino gozar con una pija en el culo. Es cierto que no sale de lo “normal” en cuanto a su aspecto fìsico; pero al menos a mì eso me calienta màs. Parece cualquier vecino que se pueda encontrar.