Thanks to PAGANGOD69 who pointed me to the Facebook of that muscular bottom with an infectious smile from OUT IN PUBLIC

His porn name is Randy Star. He’s a go-go dancer at Wet Bar and the boyfriend of porn star Angel Rock (former Jet Set Men exclusive and current COLLEGE DUDES model). Check out Angel Rock’s facebook page, there’s tons of photos of them together. What a cute couple!

I hope Randy will follow his boyfriend’s footstep and will star in more gay porn!

+ More Photos at Angel Rock’s Facebook


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  1. gio
    07 Dec 11
    2:22 pm

    Randy’s simply adorable…

  2. Anderson
    07 Dec 11
    2:41 pm

    Well, this corroborates my theory that he is gay… I saw his profile without connect me, just seeing basic informations, like his passion for Lady Gaga, Cher, Gossip… LOL

  3. sxg
    07 Dec 11
    3:43 pm

    what a hot couple!

  4. well, yeah
    07 Dec 11
    6:03 pm

    Call me old fashioned by I enjoy seeing things like this about happy couples than ones that nearly beat each other to death.

  5. Billy Blue
    07 Dec 11
    6:58 pm

    Both of them are Hot !!

  6. EdWoody
    07 Dec 11
    7:45 pm

    Aww, cute couple. Although the gang fingers do deserve a slap at the least.

  7. Lukink
    08 Dec 11
    1:07 am

    Cute Couple, I wonder , who is the Top and the Bottom in this relationship?

  8. sxg
    08 Dec 11
    2:14 am

    @EdWoody those aren’t gang fingers those are peace signs. And so what if they were? Better gang fingers than nelly hand gestures.

  9. EdWoody
    08 Dec 11
    8:11 pm

    @ sxg: ah, femme-phobia rears its head when that wasn’t even the topic of conversation. Classy.

  10. kevin
    08 Dec 11
    11:05 pm

    Angel Rock aclarò varias veces, que en la intimidad con su pareja, èl es versatil sin problemas. Pero en càmara, siempre serà solamente activo.
    ¡¡¡MUY LINDA PAREJA!!!. Suerte.

  11. alex
    09 Dec 11
    9:49 pm

    Wow! Killer smile — not to mention awesome buff bod!

  12. FuckSXG
    17 Dec 11
    1:19 am

    Wings are so cliched… Let’s leave them to Victoria Secret girls shall we gay boys.

  13. rafael
    25 Dec 11
    2:33 am

    i want to see him in acction, when he is going to be in the web

  14. fuuck marc harder
    08 Jan 12
    3:06 pm


  15. fuuck marc harder
    08 Jan 12
    3:24 pm

    hope he can give us more poorn works.