Sexy gay porn star Issac Jones was very hot in the scene he bottomed for Paddy O’Brian for MEN.COM last month. Ex-cop and rising gay porn star Jake Genesis looks amazing in his porn debut Flip Fuck with Donato Reyes for Kristen Bjorn.

This week, MEN AT PLAY put these two sex gods together. You can watch Jake Genesis Fucks Issac Jones in a new video called “Prove It.”

And you should follow both Issac Jones (@IssacJones) and Jake Genesis (@JakeGenesis) on Twitter. They share many hot pictures of themselves all the time!

+ Prove It: Jake Genesis Fucks Issac Jones


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  1. Dark hog
    13 Jul 12
    12:09 pm

    I’m a big fan of them both. Jake is fast becoming a hot commodity in the gay porn world and Issac is already there. Great work on this one guys.

  2. Matias
    13 Jul 12
    1:28 pm

    Issac is a hottie, except in the pics he tries to be hot. Jake is nice looking, too. At last we see a manly hairy behind!

  3. AlwaysHard
    13 Jul 12
    1:38 pm

    Is Jake uncut? He is soo hot. All man. And that hairy ass, wow. Would love to see his hole and lick it.

  4. Peter
    13 Jul 12
    4:25 pm

    oohhh officer, i would do anything if you dont issue me with a fine

  5. Anderson
    13 Jul 12
    4:35 pm

    WOW! I didn’t know Jake Genesis was a cop!

  6. Addie
    13 Jul 12
    5:46 pm

    Oh my goodness, Jake Genesis makes me hot all over.

  7. JonnyD
    13 Jul 12
    8:55 pm

    Jake Genesis looks amazing in these pictures. Much better that in the intro pics. Love his ass. So beautiful and fuckable. Really a masterpiece. Fan #1:)

  8. MarcoManuel
    13 Jul 12
    9:51 pm

    I dont get these gay porn stars who quit their normal jobs for porn.A man who was a cop prefers being a gay porn star over a being a cop? WTF! Whats next? A lawyer who would prefer being a gay porn star? Why men with a normal job would degrade themselves?

  9. Anderson
    13 Jul 12
    10:36 pm

    “A lawyer who would prefer being a gay porn star?” (@MarcoManuel)
    Unfortunately, I don’t have that courage! That’s the truth!

  10. SuckItBaby
    13 Jul 12
    10:46 pm

    Men will leave their regular jobs to fuck and get fucked. thats the law of nature! and if you’re that hot, damn, you go for all the cock and ass u get! Jake is that kind of man!

  11. Almatolmen
    13 Jul 12
    11:52 pm

    MarcoManuel: If you have so much disdain for these performers why the heck are you spending time supposedly a porn consumer and critiquing it? There’s many people whose career choices I find odd even disgusting but I don’t spend my time being entertained by what they do. I’ve sometimes thought that it would be interesting to compile the educational and occupational backgrounds of porn performers. I know that there is one straight porn fellow who was literally a “rocket scientist” employed a long time at NASA. Another guy had a first-class economics doctorate with a high-powered job in international finance. Such persons must find something personally rewarding in their new careers that make it worthwhile. Just as I wouldn’t waste my time criticizing your carrier choices, I suggest you don’t be snobbish about theirs. It’s about freedom to be yourself.

  12. sxg
    14 Jul 12
    12:29 am

    MarcoManuel seriously STFU. All you do is come on here and complain about EVERYTHING! Most of all, you complain about how many G4P pornstars there are in gay porn, yet the “nicest” comments you have ever said on here were how much you found a few of those G4P stars hot.

    And where does it say that Jake Genesis quit his job to become a porn star??? He might have just gotten tired of being a cop and then just decided later on to get into porn. And there are many people who hold down a real job and still work for porn. Junior Stellano for instance has a corporate America job, and he’s recently got a promotion within the last year. I’m sure he hasn’t been in porn because it’s taking a lot of his time but I’m sure that he would still love to do porn if he can squeeze it into his busy schedule.

  13. JonnyD
    14 Jul 12
    1:27 am

    I never get tired to see Jack’s ass. So sexy. If he decided to stop being a cop, is only his business. I glad he did :)

  14. TECOJO
    14 Jul 12
    7:32 am


  15. Herman
    16 Jul 12
    12:19 pm

    Jake makes one MANLY bottom. Hot ass.
    I can’t wait to see it in action again and again.

  16. ceem
    18 Jul 12
    12:48 pm

    HOT HOT HOT!!! I want Jake to arrest me and show my ass some police brutality!!!

  17. SP
    18 Jul 12
    7:25 pm

    Make looks like a hot daddy!! And his hairy body puts him in the muscle bear category…LOVE IT!!!!

  18. SP
    18 Jul 12
    7:26 pm

    I meant to say “jake looks like a hot daddy.”

  19. Terry
    20 Aug 12
    9:41 pm


    Well… Scott Styles of straight porn WAS a rocket scientist. Seriously. He quit being a rocket scientist to be a porn star.