gay porn star Jason Adonis fucking Jake Steel and Kyler Wes The gay coach 3 from Cocksure Men

In this tough economic times, some of the biggest names in gay porn resorting to 1-on-1 ‘Fan Meetings’. Former popular gay porn star Ken Ryker [The Other Side of Aspen IV, New Pledgemaster, The Renegade, The Backroom], the now-37-year-old porn vet who retired almost a decade ago, is now taking bookings. That means, finally, your fantasy of sleeping with Ken Ryker might come true.

Another porn performer who keeps coming back to gay porn again and again is Jason Adonis. His most recent scene was in JASON ADONIS: UNSEEN from Jet Set Men. He tops Dakota Rivers.

Now Jason Adonis works with COCKSUREMEN.COM as he steps into Bo Dean‘s role in The Gay Coach 3. Jason Adonis fucks Jake Steel and first-timer Kyler Wes in this hot three-way scene.

Is this mean we will see him having sex with Jake Cruise in near future?











Kyler Wes and Jake Steel’s workout session becomes a cock sucking session. The two young jocks are having plenty of fun on their own when they’re caught – literally – with their pants down by coach Jason Adonis. Instead of reporting them, Coach Adonis wants a piece of the action and jumps in. The three athletes get down to some hot action right there in the gym and before long, the coach has shown both younger men how it’s done. Both students get fucked by the coach but it’s the blue-eyed Kyler who ends up wearing the coach’s load on his tight abs.

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This post has 14 comments.

  1. Carlo
    03 Feb 10
    1:24 am

    Didn’t Jason Adonis use to be hot? Maybe when a guy retires from porn he should stay the fuck retired.

  2. JM
    03 Feb 10
    2:06 am

    This is a hot scene.

    Jason Adonis could fuck me anytime.

  3. manu
    03 Feb 10
    2:24 am

    Jason Adonis should stick to bottoming – so bored of his topping routines from the Falcon movies , his ass is obviously made to be fucked.

  4. Damien
    03 Feb 10
    3:47 am

    He’s still playing at being “gay4pay”. I’d rather have Bo Dean. Gay, straight, or whatever. Bo has kept his mouth shut about his personal preferences and delivered hot scenes the past year.

  5. TwinkGod
    03 Feb 10
    4:33 am

    Guess the job at Walmart didn’t pan out for Jason… Pity.

  6. C
    03 Feb 10
    6:09 am

    Jason is still HOT! Bo looks haggard. Loved Jason’s comeback scene for Jet Set.

  7. cheesy
    03 Feb 10
    3:48 pm

    Jason seems to have lost some mass, shame about that. bo is way better though, i’d love to see him bottom

  8. Mel
    04 Feb 10
    4:50 am

    Jason has been absent from porn for some time and apparently absent from the gym, he looks like the average website porn star not the super hot guy he was when he began at Jet Set then at Falcon. This is probably just some short time stint for him to make a few extra bucks then he will probably disappear again.

  9. Oat
    04 Feb 10
    4:50 am

    Jason used to have a glow and something special about him, now he looks washed up

  10. Jeff
    04 Feb 10
    12:31 pm

    Damn, Jason Adonis in the Farmer’s Son was so hot, a real bodybuilder with a handsome face. @Oat, he did an interview that I saw on QMN where he said he only returned to gay porn to pay legal expenses. He also made the odd comment that he will only get fucked again on camera as a swansong, when he REALLY, REALLY needs the money. Yes, I think porno makes guys washed up pretty quickly. The toll on on the psyche and the body must be enormous.

  11. Scott
    04 Feb 10
    11:16 pm

    I think Jason Adonis is overestimating how much people care about his “return,” whatever position he takes.

  12. Tom
    05 Feb 10
    12:42 am

    I agree, Scott. I don’t give a damn about his return. He acts as though his taking it up the ass does us all a favor. No thanks, Jason. But there’s a clean up you should get on in aisle 6. :)

  13. ricky
    07 Feb 10
    10:31 pm

    jason adonis has sex with two twinks who are way hotter than he is.

  14. Donny
    09 Feb 10
    9:00 pm

    I’m pleased to see Jason with a few pubes, finally.