I’ve published many behind the scenes photos from the set of director Christian Owen in Palm Spring here, here and here.

Today Hot House studio just released the first scene from that movie called HEATSTROKE. In this first video, you can watch two of the most popular porn stars these days, muscular Jimmy Durano fucks Landon Conrad by the pool.

+ Heatstroke: Jimmy Durano Fucks Landon Conrad


+ Porn Sneak Peek: Bryce Evans, Axel Brooks, Blue Bailey, Damien Crosse, Connor Kline, Jimmy Durano, Damian Taylor

+ Porn Sneak Peek: Connor Kline, Christian Power, Johnny Torque, Martin Mazza, Xavi Donosti, Cole Christiansen

+ Marcus Ruhl, Connor Kline, Angel Rock, Trenton Ducati, Brandon Jones & Johnny Ryder on The Set of Hot House in Palm Spring

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  1. Hans
    17 Jun 13
    12:37 pm

    Superb hot… Look Landon has muscle up… Great…

  2. trex
    17 Jun 13
    2:58 pm

    Maybe Hot House should explain why anyone would be excited to see Jimmy Durano do the top only thing for the 99th time??? Boring.

  3. jay213
    17 Jun 13
    3:07 pm

    have u noticed that the more muscle landon puts on the tinier his dick looks?

  4. Chris
    17 Jun 13
    4:09 pm

    I think Landon looks as amazing as ever and his cock looks good enough to ride!!!!!! Please fuck me :/

  5. Dean
    17 Jun 13
    5:49 pm

    Jimmy Durano, the tranny loving weirdo, is hardly one of the most popular porn stars these days.

  6. kevin1012
    17 Jun 13
    6:15 pm

    Quizàs HOT HOUSE deberia explicar, porque cree que Jimmy Durano es un hombre atractivo.
    Alguien en esa productora tiene muuuuy mal gusto….

  7. kevin1012
    17 Jun 13
    6:16 pm

    LANDON CONRAD se ha transformado en un fondo de energia increible.
    Es un verdadero placer verlo a Conrad como bottom…

  8. sxg
    17 Jun 13
    8:00 pm

    @Trex I’m getting sick of it as well, especially since he’s only getting so much attention because he’s in a relationship with Christian Owen and I think Christian has some ownership of Hot House. I would not feel bad if the relationship ended badly and Jimmy Durano was let go I too am tired of seeing him. Especially since facewise I don’t find him attractive at all.

  9. david maccall
    17 Jun 13
    8:49 pm

    Landon either looks really good or really bad- sorry- bad here :(

  10. Sasha
    17 Jun 13
    9:47 pm

    OMG ,,,, Durano tooping Landon

    Have been waiting for this video forever

  11. MarcoManuel
    17 Jun 13
    10:05 pm

    Pool gay porn #1437

    Gay men must like sex at the pool gay porn a lot.

    At least gay porn studios seems to think they do.

  12. Reese
    18 Jun 13
    12:26 am

    That beard makes LC looks a lil older. He still looks amazing. Ah, I still remember his first few videos from str8men, hot hot hot!

  13. Dan
    18 Jun 13
    12:26 am

    I loooooove Jimmy Durano! He can fuck my ass any day!

  14. ed
    18 Jun 13
    1:19 am

    Landon Conrad is very handsome but then when he talks its a big turn off. Do they have voice over actors for gay porn these days?

  15. Daniel
    18 Jun 13
    1:23 am

    I love Jimmy Durano! He is so damn hot. He could fuck me anytime.

  16. Sasha
    18 Jun 13
    2:17 am

    I agree, Landon talks like a little girl …

  17. Sasha
    18 Jun 13
    2:27 am

    I think Landon’s gonna be the next hot bottom ….

  18. Clark
    18 Jun 13
    4:41 am

    I just don’t get the whole Durano thing…he’s nothing special and seems to be a one trick pony.
    Landon can put as much muscle on as possible, but he’ll always be a girl. I had the great misfortune of hearing his squeak once and laughed so hard I peed myself-some things can never be unheard.

  19. sxg
    18 Jun 13
    4:57 am

    Landon does have a bit of a feminine voice, but that doesn’t mean he’s a big queen. I think he is so hot and has gotten better looking with age. I did notice what David Maccall was talking about he has this scrunched up face look in too many pics here.

  20. Marcus
    18 Jun 13
    8:34 am

    Landon is so handsome. I actually think that he looks better with his facial hair than without it.

  21. Dave
    18 Jun 13
    12:36 pm

    This scene is lacking energy people, they both look bored.

  22. Ed
    18 Jun 13
    12:52 pm

    I have always previously been a staunch defender of Landon Conrad, but these photos do not do him justice. That soup strainer surounding his lips would look more sensible if it was a full beard like the delicious Tommy Defendi; who is without doubt, utter perfection.

  23. Larry
    18 Jun 13
    1:05 pm

    I would love for Landon Conrad to rip ass when he is fucking. There is nothing hotter than letting a huge fart while you fuck.

  24. Cheezy
    18 Jun 13
    10:49 pm

    Landon is a Great bottom

  25. Cheezy
    18 Jun 13
    10:55 pm

    Next scene: Tim Tales: with black cock.

  26. Olaf
    18 Jun 13
    11:10 pm

    I agree that the nelly voice of Landon Conrad is jarring. I’ve always said that. but he looks good, his ass is awesome, and its a good scene. I don’t hate Jimmy for never bottoming. He doesn’t seem like he’d be good at it. some people are really not meant to do it

  27. W
    19 Jun 13
    5:49 am

    Who cares about Landon’s voice, he’s hot and looks great getting fucked. Has he ever taken a load in the face?

  28. Joe
    19 Jun 13
    8:36 am

    Who cares about Landon’s voice. When I view porn, it’s the guys I look at not listening to the voices.. Please NO MORE Durano.. Can’t take it anymore..BORING

  29. Billy Santoro
    22 Jun 13
    4:09 am

    Both of these guys are hot! Keep up the awesome work!

  30. Danny Quinones
    12 Jul 13
    3:35 am

    JIMMY ROCKS With that HOT Bod and cock, and sexy as fuk..what samater wit you…