I first men Joe Parker and his boyfriend CJ Parker at the Phoenix Forum last year. And now he’s an exclusive model of HIGH PERFORMANCE MEN with lots of dedicated fans.

Today Joe Parker makes a bottoming debut (a behind the scenes pic here), Joe gets fucked by Alex Adams (He bottomed for Johnny Glyserin at Circle Jerk Boys) in this hot flip flop scene called “Bottoms Up.” Thanks to Jim who alerted me about this scene ;-)

+ Bottoms Up! Joe Parker Gets Fucked By Alex Adams


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  1. trevor
    05 Feb 13
    1:43 pm

    I think the best word to describe Joe Parker is SMOLDERING hot! Seeing him with his trademark rock hard erection with another guy’s dick in his ass is simply beyond belief! Thanks Joe!

  2. Carl
    05 Feb 13
    2:07 pm

    Nice to see him bottom, but hopes he doesn’t stop topping. There isn’t that many good tops in the game.
    But he’s hot no matter what he does.

  3. ed
    05 Feb 13
    3:06 pm

    OH WOW I’ve been waiting for him to bottom for a while. Great job he’s hard with dick up him hole.

    Is he G4P? I don’t care since he sucks dick and now bottoms and seems to enjoy doing it.

  4. Danii
    05 Feb 13
    3:16 pm

    @ed, no, he’s not, He and CJ is a real life couple

  5. IrishBoy
    05 Feb 13
    4:14 pm

    I think the real news here is.. what sort of a porn name is Johnny ‘GLYSERIN’? XD

  6. Ron
    05 Feb 13
    4:18 pm

    I think he is absolutely hot guy and I m so glad to see him give it. He really surprised: I didnt expect him to bottom. I hope he is paired with someone like Jimmy Durano, Spencer Reed or Arpad Miklos. This is the best scene of 2013 sofar.

  7. Luca
    05 Feb 13
    5:10 pm

    Just heard Arpad Miklos committed suicide. RIP, baratom.

  8. James
    05 Feb 13
    6:21 pm

    Wow, two really great-looking, natural guys! Love this!

  9. Ron
    05 Feb 13
    7:59 pm

    RIP, Arpad – one of the most beautiful men.

  10. Ron
    05 Feb 13
    8:00 pm

    Didnt heard about Arpad till I read Lucas comment. Too bad, RIP.

  11. JuanDiego978
    05 Feb 13
    9:21 pm

    It’s always sad to hear about somebody’s death.

  12. Nat
    05 Feb 13
    10:36 pm

    Damn, that news about Arpad is so sad… crazy cuz I’ve been freaking infatuated with him lately and jacked off quite a few times to him. It’s just weird thinking that just a few hours ago I was jacking to his vids and now he’s dead. He came off as really nice and very into the scenes.

    Now to comment on the particular scene between JP and the new guy… wow. Joe Parker is a fucking beast of a man. Totally gay and you can tell that he is totally into his scenes. Based on other videos, he knows how to fuck and fuck well.

    This guy ought to get a freaking medal for his work. He is scruffy, which I find beautiful. He stays hard virtually the entire scene–not even the clever editing of other companies can come close to matching what this guy can do. And further evidence that he’s turned on are two things: A) when he fucks, he cums almost immediately after pulling and out removing condom–in other vids, there is a scene cut/edit or it takes forever for the dude to cum. B) when he gets fucked for the first time, he doesn’t even have to jack himself off to cum… the other dude jacks him off while fucking him and he cums hard, with no edit!

    Seriously though—I don’t keep up much with industry awards or anything but I don’t recall ever seeing him receive a reward or accolade for his performances. Gold fucking medal all the way.

    Sorry for the rant but damn, this guy makes me bone and cum all the fucking time.

  13. Anderson
    05 Feb 13
    11:35 pm

    OMG! I’m really devastated about Arpad. Why? I loved him. I always wanted to know him. Another gay legend dying… This is really sad! It’s a great lost for all of us.

  14. ed
    06 Feb 13
    12:23 am

    thanks danii wow he seems very straight looking. what a dreamy bf he makes.

  15. kevin1012
    06 Feb 13
    5:05 pm

    Excelente escena. Pensaba que Joe Parker tardarìa mucho mas en ser penetrado…pero me sorprendì al verlo como bottom…¡¡¡ Y QUE BOTTOM !!!.

  16. bucko0710
    07 Feb 13
    12:50 am

    Finally! Joe gets fucked! And he stays hard with a dick up his ass – Bonus!! This is the only reason why I’d sign up HPM…to see him bottom…hope there’s more of him being dicked in the future!

  17. SuckItBaby
    07 Feb 13
    2:56 am

    Nice this to see this boy getting fuckd like a bitch.

  18. caius cilius
    18 Apr 13
    4:45 am

    It’s great to see sexy Joe on the receiving end….and I want to see a lot more of him, particularly on his back with his legs up and his famous hard cock slapping against his belly as he gets pounded. He makes me cum just thinking about it!