MEN.COM is about to release the first scene from the porn series “Going West” today. The star of this series is none other than exclusive power bottom Johnny Rapid. This this first scene, Johnny bottoms for former Randy Blue model Chris Bines.

Oh, and fans of Rocco Reed, don’t forget to watch Rocco getting pounded by Tony Paradise in the scene called “Awkward Run-In.”

+ Going West Part 1: Chris Bines Fucks Johnny Rapid

+ Awkward Run-In: Tony Paradise Fucks Rocco Reed

+ School’s Out Part 2: Issac Hardy Fucks Johnny Rapid



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  1. HHHH
    16 Aug 13
    12:38 am


  2. John
    16 Aug 13
    1:16 am

    I LOVE Johnny Rapid but can never get off to him because there is never any cum eating by either partners in any of his scenes. How could anyone have sex with him and not want to gobble up his delicious cum??????/

  3. Jay
    16 Aug 13
    1:31 am

    I’d like to see more cum facials on Johnny Rapid.

  4. marc
    16 Aug 13
    1:41 am

    …don’t get the big deal about JR, does nothing, makes big faces, enough to make someone go into hysterics! oh, well, each to their own!

  5. marc
    16 Aug 13
    1:43 am

    didn’t RR leave the business, left L.A. for some where else, with a boat load of $$$? how come he keeps popping up now in ‘new’ shots?

  6. carey579
    16 Aug 13
    2:01 am

    EWW Eating Johnny’s cum?

    Johnny as the bottom should eat the top’s cum! Or atleast get it on his face or ass, why hasn’t that happened yet?

    Johnny is just the ultimate bottom twink!

  7. Jordi Lim
    16 Aug 13
    3:48 am

    Johhny and Sebastian Young are the same. They aren’t like kissing with their respective partner/s. As an actor even if this is PORN, the company and the performers should emphasize on the LOVE making of 2 MEN. Just to give us gays the HOPE that “Thanks There’s TRUE LOVE in gay world”,and not just FUCK and goodbye film that so SAD.

  8. Jordi Lim
    16 Aug 13
    3:51 am

    Is eating a cum safe for us, maybe they avoiding it now bcoz of STD or HIV?

  9. Peter
    16 Aug 13
    4:04 am

    Chris Bines was attractive before he covered his body with that shitty ink.

  10. SuckItBaby
    16 Aug 13
    4:24 am

    Johnny is the best bottom.

  11. Willie
    16 Aug 13
    5:01 am

    Johnny Rapid was not on my gay porn radar ever.

  12. sxg
    16 Aug 13
    5:04 am

    Chris Bines always had tattoos even during his RB days. Personally was not sad to see him leave RB he was only average at best.

  13. andrew
    16 Aug 13
    5:43 am

    Johnny Rapid looks so cute in that cowboy hat. He and Duncan Black are the cutest bottoms in gay porn. I love the way Johnny looks right at the viewer when giving head or getting plowed.

  14. Luis
    16 Aug 13
    6:15 am

    when is Johnny Rapid going to kiss his scene partners? is that too much? I mean he’s alreadt being fucked

  15. manu
    16 Aug 13
    7:26 am

    Tony Paradise is so hot (especially as a bottom!!). I hope they have more videos of him in stock. Is he really in prison?
    And for those who ask, there is sometimes a whole year between the filming and the release of a scene, so yes Rocco has left the porn business, but there are still new scenes of him popping up.

  16. thomas
    16 Aug 13
    9:28 am

    every day johnny`s new scene.. BORING !!

  17. pornobb
    16 Aug 13
    10:59 am

    Johnny Rapid doesn’t kiss ? But he sucks right ?

  18. pornobb
    16 Aug 13
    11:00 am

    @manu Tony Paradise is so not hot.

  19. britishbulldog
    16 Aug 13
    11:46 am

    i want my boy ROCCO REED back!!!

  20. Jordi Lim
    16 Aug 13
    2:13 pm

    Of course he sucked he is doing a porn movie, but kissing is different from sucking. When you’re watching porn which would you appreciate more a movie with just suck and f@ck or a movie when you see these actors kissing soft or rough first and kissing again while making love.

  21. bucko0710
    16 Aug 13
    3:49 pm

    I hope they have more videos in their vault of Rocco Reed…or that he makes a return to gay porn soon…sigh I miss that big hunka hunka already! Truly a hottie and great performer.

  22. Simon
    16 Aug 13
    5:51 pm

    If I watch gay porn I want to see guys with a hot body, not some FUPA guy like Rocco Reed. Where is the gay porn industry heading? The abyss?

  23. John
    16 Aug 13
    6:38 pm

    Eating cum is considered safe as long as you don’t have bleeding gums as saliva kills HIV. Cockyboys, Lucas, Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, Eurocream, Staghomme all feature cum eating. It is a big disappointment that so many US and UK porn companies like, Raging Stallion and Falcon, with their hot guys, don’t add some icing to the tongue. I’ve sucked off close to a thousand men over the years with no HIV.

  24. andrew
    16 Aug 13
    7:46 pm

    I love that handsome muscular ROCCO REED. Totally agree with you bucko0710 !!!

  25. sxg
    16 Aug 13
    9:14 pm

    lol @ Simon I agree. Nothing against guys with fupas, there is always a place for porn for those guys. But when it comes to bigtime studios like Titan, Raging Stallion, and Falcon I’d rather not see those considering it defeats the look they’re going for overall. Now, they have a nice mixture of men on there, but it’s still just a bit off to see someone like Rocco Reed and Tony Paradise there with their fupas, since also hires models like Topher DiMaggio and Trenton Ducati.

  26. Oli
    16 Aug 13
    9:35 pm

    I read an interview of Johnny Rapid… he says he has a girlfriend… as if a power bottom like him could be bi !

  27. Dean
    17 Aug 13
    1:14 am

    @Oli: why is that so hard to believe?

  28. alex
    17 Aug 13
    1:16 am

    Have no idea what a FUPA is, but there is something very masculine about a regular dude body type — they kind Paradise and Jansen possess. I think Paradise could pump up his arms and thighs some at the gym, but I don’t find chiesled abs that attractive. On the flipside, how come so many guys are attracted to a freakish man-child. I like watching men who look like men. By the way DiMaggio isn’t that hot and isn’t masculine whatsoever. Ducati ain’t bad, but is way overexposed.

  29. GreGG
    17 Aug 13
    3:00 am

    I way overExposed once. Got arrested.

  30. Jordi Lim
    17 Aug 13
    5:42 am

    @John Oh thank you for the info. I hope one day I can do it if my future partner will ask for it.

  31. Cheezy
    17 Aug 13
    10:42 pm

    Rocco Reed will do some bottom with TS for the money and goes back to straight porn.

  32. sxg
    18 Aug 13
    6:45 pm

    @Alex a FUPA is an acronym for Fat Upper Pubic/Penile Area.

    I actually do find Rocco Reed, Tony Paradise, and Jansen attractive, but for porn I just think they’re a bit under the average expectations physically for a studio caliber like But to each their own.

    and @John mencom, Falcon, and Raging Stallion have featured cumeating in the past, and I think Raging and Falcon still do. I think they leave that up to the actors and not force them into doing it. Colt, Hot House and Titan are the only ones who really come to mind that don’t feature cumeating at all. Titan has, but only if you’re eating your own cum.

  33. britishbulldog
    30 Aug 13
    4:11 am

    i want rocco back!!!! where is my boy???