This is it! The last episode of So You Think You Can Fuck Season II before the grand finale (in which they’ll announce the winner)! The challenge this week is called “You’re Fucked.” Without giving it away, let’s just say the winner will get fucked, and not in a good way. The claws come out, and someone loses big time. After the drama of the challenge, it’s time for a hot sex scene. This time, Rick McCoy pairs up with Kevin Crows for an AMAZING sex scene that features an underwater 69, which you’ve never seen before.

Remember, you have until MONDAY to vote for your favorite. Then, the winner will be announced at Mickey’s in West Hollywood LIVE next WEDNESDAY.

Today, 11-11-11, DOMINICFORD.COM is running a site promotion for new members to join for only $11.00.

+ Kevin Crows Fucks Rick McCoy

+ More of Kevin Crows | Rick McCoy

+ So You Think You Can Fuck | DOMINICFORD.COM

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  1. gaysammy
    11 Nov 11
    11:11 am

    I’ve always wondered what the writing on Kevin’s abs just above his cock says or means…anyone know?

  2. HD
    11 Nov 11
    11:43 am

    Just because you can do an underwater 69, doesn’t really mean you should. Seems kind of needlessly dangerous to get a shot like that. But admittedly, it does look kinda hot.

  3. James
    11 Nov 11
    11:53 am

    It’s a good day whenever Rick’s fine ass is drilled.

  4. crakpot
    11 Nov 11
    12:36 pm

    Why are they doing that? lol

  5. Paul
    11 Nov 11
    12:59 pm

    The $11.00 promotion is only for streaming clips online; to download clips you need a full membership price of $24.95.

  6. TurboLover
    11 Nov 11
    5:34 pm

    The Dominic Ford movies from this show have been tops. One scene after another. But this one is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I’ve never felt so compelled to just jump through my computer screen into a hot tub before.

  7. Joe
    11 Nov 11
    5:42 pm

    At least the guy isn’t barebacking this time.

  8. Lukink
    11 Nov 11
    8:44 pm

    Hot scene ! I’m not a big 69 fan but after this scene i gonna start doing more often. Rick and Kevin never looked soooooooooo good , I love Kevin Crows.
    @GaySammy : In one of the shoots he did , he said the writing means “No Regrets” in some language. I guess its arabic , or from some country around there that Kevin himself visited when he was on duty (by the Navy).

  9. Asenath
    12 Nov 11
    2:10 pm

    The light on the water, and the action underneath, are just lovely.

  10. Mikhail
    14 Nov 11
    6:28 am

    Hey guys! I don’t speak english very well and I didn’t understand why rick was voted? Could anyone tell me what was the reason?