So this is how hunky Bel Ami star Kris Evans has breakfast with his fellow models? Cool! This scene was shot Africa earlier this year. You can see two newcomers Tom Pollock and Gino Mosca.

The scene starts with Kris Evans shows up for breakfast in nude ;-) and ends with Kris Evans fucking the cum out of lucky bottom Tom Pollock.

BELAMIONLINE.COM also released some action pictures from 2 upcoming scenes with Julien Hussey and Dario Dolce, Billy Cotton and Gino Mosca which include some acrobatic sex acts.



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  1. Pete
    23 Sep 12
    6:47 am

    Well when you have a good body why hide in underneath clothes? lol

  2. Chris
    23 Sep 12
    7:16 am

    I agree with you Pete, it I looked like Kris Evans I go everywhere I legally could with nothing on lol… And would end up doing porn too… lol

    The scene looks hot too!!!

  3. andrew
    23 Sep 12
    8:03 am

    Just looking at Kris’ flaccid cock makes me hungry. That would be a nourishing breakfast!

  4. critic
    23 Sep 12
    12:32 pm

    Too bad Bel Ami waited so long to introduce the new Kinky Angels. They bored me all summer long with only a couple of releases of Mick Lovell so I cancelled my membership. Too bad for them!

  5. Kurt
    23 Sep 12
    3:46 pm

    Nice to dee Dario Dolce mixing it up. He’s my fave!

  6. Daniel
    24 Sep 12
    12:16 am

    Kris Evans is a fantasy come true. Simply delicious and perfect.

  7. Eric from Sweden
    24 Sep 12
    1:53 am

    You should really see Kris Evans cumshot in this one! Massive to say the least!

  8. Gregg...
    24 Sep 12
    2:11 am

    I kinda like my breakfast at Denny’s …

  9. andrew
    24 Sep 12
    3:56 am

    @Kurt: I totally agree with you. Dario Dolce is one of the hottest guys in gay porn. His body is awesome, but it is his face that captivates me. He looks like there must be some Asian DNA in his Slavic genes. Whatever, it is a totally sexy look.

  10. andrew
    24 Sep 12
    4:00 am

    @Gregg: Please tell me you wouldn’t choose sausage at Denny’s over Kris Evans’ sausage.Oh, the inhumanity of your choice!

  11. Marcus
    24 Sep 12
    5:45 pm

    Kris Evans is pure beauty.

  12. rici
    08 Feb 13
    2:55 pm

    With the tools he’s got he should be a mentor or professor in a sex university – a 9 month coarse on male sex for males – bet he could recruit a great football team.