Hunky porn newcomer Jake Bolton made his porn debut in Men At Play’s video called Nasty Boys 2 with Logan Rogue, Tomas Brand and Pau Casserras.

Today I just found these 4 video clips uploaded by BUTCH DIXON. It’s a short but intimate and revealing interview that will let you know more about this sexy newcomer. Jake Bolton discusses a type of guy he like, the age he lost his virginity, his sexiest body part and more.

Also check out the backstage pass video that will show you some funny moments from the porn set when Jake Bolton worked with Lucio Saints. I can’t wait to see this scene! Both Jake and Lucio are very hot.

Oh, and joecums just uploaded the video clip he took from HustlaBall London showing the hot three-way on stage when Jake Bolton get double fucked by Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue! Watch it below.

Here’s the video clip showing Jake Bolton getting double-fucked by Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue at HustlaBall London 2013 by joecums.

+ Butch Dixon Backstage Pass


+ Hunky Newcomer Jake Bolton Bottoms For Lucio Saints

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  1. manu
    03 Jul 13
    11:50 am

    He seems to be having fun with his dildo!! Very cute guy, will watch the interviews later.

  2. Kurt
    03 Jul 13
    12:11 pm

    Is he cross-eyed?

  3. litper
    03 Jul 13
    2:42 pm

    love my hairy men!

  4. Amichinguis
    03 Jul 13
    3:18 pm

    Don’t like his teeth

  5. matt
    03 Jul 13
    6:07 pm

    I know this post will not be popular but honestly , this is the stuff that gives gay men a bad rep .

    Its ironic to see this going on (Im assuming its illegal in the US because the clips are always from Europe) at the same time we’re talking about committed love and gay marriage in the US. THis is what furthers gay stereotypes and makes people think gays are all about perverted sex and promiscuity

  6. SJ
    03 Jul 13
    6:13 pm

    What country is he from? Guess I missed that? He has a cute face but honestly I dont see his body as that great compared to other muscular porn stars. H is chest doesnt seem as developed -d it does seem more normal..Would be nice to see it unshaven. He must be talking about being very young if hes having sex4 times in 8 hours. I do remember being stuck in a snow storm in my mid20s in Chicago and jacking off 9x in a day. Needless to say, my dick was raw…I also dont understand why porn studios give these foreign porn stars American sounding names. JAKE BOLTON doesnt sound like a foreigner to me…Most Americans are turned on by a sexy accent so why not highlight that. So many porn stars these days seem to come from outside the US and yet they give them the most stupid generic sounding American names. Its like when you get a call center in India or Phillipines and the person is telling you their name is Mike or Sally

  7. Billy Blue
    03 Jul 13
    7:36 pm

    He is beautiful nad he’s not gay4pay, thats nice. :)

  8. Anderson
    03 Jul 13
    8:44 pm

    @matt if you are talking about this HustlaBall thing, I completely agree with you! All gays are judged by a minority behavior.

  9. BLACKjack
    03 Jul 13
    8:57 pm

    When I watch porn it is just for the fantasy because I myself would never take a boat load of cum in my mouth nor would I deposit a boat load in someone else’s

  10. manu
    03 Jul 13
    9:43 pm

    Hustlaball occurs in a 18+only club, it’s never meant to be seen by any outsider, so really I don’t see the issue. You don’t judge straight people as a whole by what happens in strip clubs or brothels surely…
    Live sex events in the middle of the street during San francisco pride for instance…yeah that’s somewhat harmful I guess!
    But come on this guy is adorable and everything is done behind closed doors so it’s nothing to worry about.

  11. TJ
    03 Jul 13
    10:25 pm

    the making of or backstage video wasn’t really appealing to watch, all the giggling and goofing around kinda killed the magic.

  12. manu
    03 Jul 13
    11:28 pm

    Do we know which country he is from ?:)
    I like his accent, and he seems to have a endearing personality from the mini interviews!

  13. MarcoManuel
    03 Jul 13
    11:57 pm

    YES! YES! YES! Jake Bolton is gay.

    Gay men is what gay porn really needs.

    English gay porn seems to have more gay for real men.

    The sex in the HustlaBall video looks so forced and fake.

    Jake Bolton kind of look like Cayden from Randy Blue.

    Jake looks like he could be greek or a middle eastern man.He is hot.

    He is having sex with 1 of my favorite gay porn star.Lucio Saints.AWESOME!

  14. Tony
    04 Jul 13
    5:23 am

    Matt, you make an excellent point. Here in the United States, most people think homosexuals are feminine, promiscuous, and they can’t be in a committed relationship. I live in a major U.S. city and most of the gay men are only looking for a one night stand or to get a quick nut. Being gay sometimes is so discouraging. Many gay men will grow old and all alone.

  15. tom
    04 Jul 13
    6:09 am

    The first video is SO ironic. He basically describes himself as the type of person he doesnt like!

  16. tom
    04 Jul 13
    6:09 am

    From the accent he sounds like he is from south eastern europe – maybe Cyprus or Greece

  17. manu
    04 Jul 13
    6:26 am

    Tom How can you say that?? He says he doesn’t like arrogant, haughty people , and you say that it describes him…? o_O Have you met him??
    For once we have a cute gay guy and I can’t say the comments section is very positive…Sad.

  18. TECOJO
    04 Jul 13
    8:47 am


  19. MarcoManuel
    04 Jul 13
    10:58 pm

    manu! (For once we have a cute gay guy)

    You basically said,gay for real men in gay porn are usualy not hot.So,gay for pay men are usualy the hottest men in gay porn?

    This is what you implied.

    You must be the kind of gay men who thinks that straight men are hotter than gay men.

    Im sure your fantasies are full of straight men.

    Theres hot gay for real men in gay porn.

    Alex Marte,DO,Christopher Daniels,Colby Keller,Lucio Saints,Damien Crosse,Kyle King,ect…

    You should stop watching gay for pay porn.It got through your head.

  20. Dean
    05 Jul 13
    6:16 am

    @MarcoManuel D.O., Lucio Saints, and Kyle King are bisexual, not gay.

  21. manu
    05 Jul 13
    7:27 am

    Marcomanuel…No, didn’t say that, it’s just that everytime a newcomer pops out, you and your horde start complaining about him in every possible way even if he hasn’t said anything about his sexuality, you always assume he is at least bi which translates into “gay4pay” in your vocabulary.
    This was has clearly said he is gay, he’s adorable, and people are still bitching, which I find really sad.
    Don’t know what you were trying to achieve with that list…I’m pretty much always the first to post their praises whenever something with ALex Marte or Damien Crosse comes out, so really it’s irrelevant.

  22. MarcoManuel
    05 Jul 13
    8:01 am

    Dean! DO,Lucio Saints and Kyle King are not bisexual.They are gay.

    Lucio Saints clearly said he was gay on the Lucas interview video.He talked about his coming out.Lucio Saints is married with a man since a couple years ago.Lucio is gay.

    DO is gay.He said it himself.Even on his twitter,he said he was gay.DO is all about men.

    Kyle King is gay as well.

    I dont know why you said that.Mostly when all of them are openly gay.

    Maybe you are bi.So,it must be your fantasy.

  23. Dean
    05 Jul 13
    8:21 am

    Lucio Saints has an escort profile where he lists his orientation as bisexual and available for women. He also did a live bi MMF sex show with Martin Mazza a couple years ago.
    Kyle King also said he was available for women in escorting and said he would not hesitate to do straight porn if the money was right.
    D.O. had a hysterical meltdown on twitter because ppl were asking him if he was bi or had sex with women, which he did not answer btw. Just that who he has sex with is nobody’s business and it doesn’t matter who he has sex with because “can only love a man”. ‘Sex is no big deal because bisexuality is about sex, and being gay is about who you love’. He said something to that effect. So it’s pretty obvious he still has sex with women and doesn’t want to directly admit it. Otherwise, why get so defensive when people ask you a simple question like that?

  24. MarcoManuel
    05 Jul 13
    11:09 am

    I know that Kyle King said he would be open to have sex with a woman.But,he still call himself gay.

    Lucio Saints being bi would be very surprising.Since he always talked about being openly gay.Also,he is maried with a man.What kind of husband would let his man fucking some women? It doesnt make sense.Its hard to believe.

    Can men be that trashy?

    I tried to find any bi videos about Lucio Saints,But,i only found gay related videos.Which makes it dodgy.Unless you have a link to proof your claim.

    DO had a fan on his twitter asking if DO have sex with women.DO insulted the fan and said that he is 100% gay and that he is only all about men.He also said that he was in a relationship with a man for 7 years.

    The problem with gay porn stars,is that you never know when they tell the truth or if they lie.Their sexuality is always off.They lie too much about their sexual oriention and other things.

    Sometimes their escort profiles says bi and others says gay.

    If Lucio Saints and DO are really bi.Then it confirms what lot of gay men says.

    Which means,gay men doesnt exist in gay porn.So,all gay porn stars are really bi after all.

    So much gay for pay men lies about being bi or gay.If the so called gay for real men lies about being gay as well.Theres a problem.

    Which makes gay porn less interesting.It just kills the fantasy.When you know that theres not even 1 gay porn star who is 100% only into men.

    It just make me want to stop watching gay porn.Because without real gay men it makes gay porn unwatchable.

    Gay men just cant get over gay porn stars who pretend to be gay and are not indifferent to women.

    It should not be called gay porn.It should be called male porn.Because this is what it is.

    Only men having sex with men.No gay men at all.

    It means that even Alex Marte could shoot his load of cum on women as an escort.Yuck! I cant even think about that.

    Most gay porn stars are escorts.

    So,the rumor is true?

    Gay porn stars really does fuck anything that moves.

    When straight men watch straight porn,they doesnt have to go through that shit.What they see is what they get.They knows that the men in straight porn are straight.When it comes to porn,straight men have it easier.

    Im about to stop watching gay porn.

    I just cant stand the no gay men thing.

  25. Dean
    05 Jul 13
    6:51 pm

    Well, what kind of man lets his husband have sex with other men for a living? lol Their relationship is already not a typical one. And like you said, porn stars lie all the time. And perhaps Lucio’s husband is bisexual as well? In fact, I think it’s very likely. Most bi men would probably partner up with other bi men due to their similar interests. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lucio and his husband have sex with girls together.
    I found the pics on some random gay porn blog. It was from someone in the audience, not official pics. I have no idea if someone took video of the show. I do remember the show was from 2010 though.
    D.O. is one of those guys that is “emotionally gay”, but “physically/sexually bisexual”, but he does not want to directly admit it. He had to have been asked at least a dozen times, but he always answered “why do you want to know?”, “does it matter? I’m 1000% gay”, etc. His evasive answers speaks volumes.
    The best way to deal with these gay porn stars is to simply assume they are bisexual, even when they say they are gay because that’s most likely a lie.
    As for escorting, even if their profile says gay, I believe almost every single one of them also has sex with women or trannies as well for their clients. I don’t know if it’s often, but I’m positive that it happens for almost all of them.
    I totally agree with you on these “gay” porn stars, it’s kind of depressing. It is really hard to get over guys who pretend to be gay. That is waayy worse than a gay or bi guy pretending to be straight. Over 90% of these guys are attracted to women (or even trannies yuck) as well, they simply can’t do without it. It’s like no matter how gay they seem, they still need a girls’ pussy, ass, tits, mouth, female form in general. Guys like us that are 100% only into guys don’t exist in gay porn. Everyone in gay porn needs a little pussy or tits on the side, if not as the main course.

  26. miguelito
    06 Jul 13
    10:19 pm

    He has to be Greek. Love that he has no tattoos ;)

  27. Fabri
    07 Jul 13
    11:07 pm

    The guy is from Malta.. Lives in London and works there..

  28. Cosmic
    19 Oct 13
    3:55 am

    The truth is with the use of pills and injectable erectile dysfunction drugs these guys can get it up without even having to be turned on at all.So no matter what these guys say their true “orientations” to be if there’s enough money in it for them they’ll do anything with anyone.

  29. AdamCarter
    11 May 14
    9:14 am

    I love it. I like to lay one night on bed with jake bolton. I like to suck his cock. Its Awesome….

  30. Du Barry
    19 Sep 14
    6:57 pm

    I was acquainted with Jake Bolton before his porn career. to compare/criticize his appearance is stupid and plain idiotic. the nice thing about the porn, and gay, world is that is is made of different nationalities, shapes & sizes; and i do not say this about him only -i’m not a personal fan- but about the rest of the pornstars.