In case you missed Marc Dylan‘s first live sex show, you can watch the recorded show Marc Dylan bottoms for Spencer Reed at HOTHOUSE.COM.

About Marc’s upcoming scenes, he recently shot some videos with MEN.COM (One of his scene partners was Christian Wilde). And GaySexAfterDark was on the set and got the exclusive interview below.

Marc also worked with FALCON STUDIOS. He gets fucked by Valentin Petrov in the upcoming movie called Right Here / Right Now. You can download and use the image of Marc Dylan getting fucked in the wood as your wallpaper!

Watch GaySexAfterDark Exclusive Interview with Marc Dylan. The interview was conducted weeks ago on the set of MEN.COM. Marc was “seeing someone” when he gave this interview but he’s back on the market now, boys!



+ Spencer Reed Fucks Marc Dylan


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This post has 31 comments.

  1. MarcoManuel
    08 Nov 11
    3:23 am

    Marc Dylan kind of look like Leo Giamani.He is hot.

  2. jojo
    08 Nov 11
    4:19 am

    mr dylan’s little man-pussy can’t get enough big fat cocks

  3. alex
    08 Nov 11
    5:37 am

    Spencer Reed has peaked. Don’t know who bothers watching him. Maybe if he were versatile, but he’s getting to the point where even that wouldn’t interest me.

  4. HD
    08 Nov 11
    7:02 am

    He’s just too damned cute! And is there anything sexier than an unapologetic power bottom?!

  5. crakpot
    08 Nov 11
    8:24 am

    Wow.. Marc Dylan is everywhere….

  6. manu
    08 Nov 11
    8:29 am

    Marc Dylan competing or ” most fucked person in history” hehe this is hot.
    Spencer needs to get fucked though , I m really not interested in his topping performances anymore :( A little diversity would make him go a long way … And he has already been fucked on film by Riley Burke , he seemed to enjoy it A LOT . Why is he all stiff now ? Because he got big ? Errr :( very sad .

  7. Will
    08 Nov 11
    11:01 am

    Nice to see that an unabashedly gay performer, who is comfortable in his own skin, and proudly proclaims that he enjoys getting fucked is getting plenty of work. Maybe this will become a trend and porn producers will stop claiming that their clearly gay performers are straight.

  8. Herman
    08 Nov 11
    12:04 pm

    Love a man who happily talks about how much he loves to get fucked.

  9. manu
    08 Nov 11
    12:43 pm

    Here is the hot scene where Spencer bottoms!

  10. Matias
    08 Nov 11
    12:49 pm

    MD is not just hot and has the body, he is also nice and honest. Shame the questions were so tacky.

  11. willy
    08 Nov 11
    1:24 pm

    Watching Dylan take it is like watching Miklos give it. Flexibility is the key to longevity. Without it, the mystique doesn’t exist, predictability ensues and boredom sets in.

  12. Anderson
    08 Nov 11
    2:08 pm

    I love Spencer Reed! To me he’s the most perfect man in industry despite he doesn’t bottom.

  13. well, yeah
    08 Nov 11
    4:07 pm

    When you see a porn star is a nice guy it makes them even hotter, not that they need the help half the time. Unfortunately the opposite is true too.

  14. Luca
    08 Nov 11
    8:35 pm

    Vince Ferelli, Marcus Mojo, Cayden Ross, Erik Rhodes, Jamie from SC, Austin II from Corbin Fisher, and now Marc Dylan, they are all in the running for “most fucked person (man) in history” but that’s part of what’s hot about it. What would gay porn be without well-used bottoms who everybody has fucked? And Marc Dylan says he’s
    doing it for fun, not a career, so more power to him. He’s a great bottom.

  15. Ronnie
    08 Nov 11
    8:41 pm

    What can I say.. I love this guy! I’m 35 myself and usually into older men but Marc’s great boyish smile, down-to-earth kind of style and that accent just melts my heart. What a catch :)

  16. RawSlut
    08 Nov 11
    10:01 pm

    Marc was just born to please other men, to be a whore slut for us tops who love to abuse bttm holes. And he clearly loves it!

  17. Tracy
    08 Nov 11
    10:59 pm

    Dylan just lays there taking it, not much expression.

  18. waht!
    08 Nov 11
    11:54 pm

    Shut up Marc Dylan with your cute ass.

  19. granvikingo
    08 Nov 11
    11:59 pm

    dios mio mondiu!!! Marck no solo sera el mas follado, sino el que mas numero de pollas/ vergas se habra comido en el menor tiempo!!! todos los dias lo veo en una nueva escena,,, que sigue, fisting??

  20. Marc Dylan
    09 Nov 11
    12:42 am

    @waht what did I say lol ?

    09 Nov 11
    12:53 am

    MARC DYLAN is way busy now…good for us…he needs a big dick to serve him~

  22. HD
    09 Nov 11
    2:08 am

    @ Tracy, you’re not totally incorrect but he gets a pass because, well just look at him. And he’s out! And when he’s into it, he’s really tends to get into it. Sometimes.

  23. FuckSXG
    09 Nov 11
    2:18 am

    Bareback me please…

  24. waht!
    09 Nov 11
    6:41 am

    @Marc Dylan, your just too cute I cant stand it.

  25. peter
    09 Nov 11
    3:27 pm

    Marc Dylan bottoms like tomorrow is the last day on earth lol its soo hot to see a guy love getting fucked

  26. kevin
    09 Nov 11
    10:38 pm

    Realmente es fantastico ver un hombre, a quien le gusta tanto dar su culo para que lo cojan y ademas dice abiertamente que es gay/pasivo. Y sin necesidad de mentir acerca de su sexualidad, diciendo como muchos que son heteros y que lo hacen por dinero; Dylan siendo pasivo, jamas deja de ser a la ves muy masculino, jamas pierde su hombria y no tiene verguenza en que lo vean gozar. ¡¡¡ Bien por èl!!!. Que siga mucho tiempo en el porno.
    Por otro lado Spencer Reed ya me cansò. Siempre con la misma actitud de: “ACÂ HAY UN MACHO”. No es innovador para nada, siempre hace lo mismo. Sinceramente no me calienta ni me exita.

  27. Kyle
    10 Nov 11
    3:59 am

    English please

  28. thegranvikingo
    13 Nov 11
    12:23 am

    is wonderfull look a gay bottom man like Dylan who agree his sexuallity and enjoy it he don´t lie like others pay straigh bottoms–

    by other hand, spencer looks equal than ever we are busy of him and his scenes isn hot!!

  29. sxg
    13 Nov 11
    2:51 am

    lol wtf granvikingo! worst translation ever! here’s my shot at it:

    It’s amazing to see a man who likes to bottom a lot who is openly gay. He doesn’t need to lie about his sexuality, like so many G4Pers do. Even though Marc is a bottom, he is completely masculine and is not ashamed to show it off on film. Good for him! I hope he stay in porn for awhile.
    Also, I’m tired of Spencer Reed. Always showing off his “masculinity.” He’s always doing the same thing and is never creative. To be honest he doesn’t turn me on or excite me in any way.

  30. David Godoy
    21 Nov 11
    5:48 pm

    It is a pity that I do not speak English, but there is a possibility of having a transcript of this interview Marc Dylan to my email? So i can use google translate. Thanks

  31. brazilian hot guy
    01 Dec 11
    1:16 pm

    I love Marc Dylan he is very hot *-*
    alex from brazil

    Marc Dylan hot muscle boy