This is a good weekend for fans of hot and hunky porn star Marcus Ruhl. A few days ago, we got the scene Marcus Ruhl bottoms for Race Cooper from the movie MILITIA by Raging Stallion and Marcus Ruhl gets fucked by Angelo from Falcon movie BUCK NAKED.

Today, Hot House just released another hot sex scene from its new movie HEATSTROKE shot in Palm Spring two months ago. You can see some behind the scenes photos here. In this new scene, Marcus Ruhl bottoms for Angel Rock.

+ Angel Rock Fucks Marcus Ruhl in HEATSTROKE


+ Race Cooper Fucks Marcus Ruhl in MILITIA


+ Angelo Fucks Marcus Ruhl in BUCK NAKED


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  1. sam
    29 Jul 13
    12:52 pm

    For me Marcus Ruhl is the best bottom ever born by its physic and capability and willingness… :)

  2. manu
    29 Jul 13
    1:29 pm

    Marcus is too passive as a bottom, I don’t get how all these guys who spend this huge amount of time and energy in lifting 200kg weights manage to be so lethargic during sex…
    He really needs someone to dominate him hard, I would say CutlerX would smash his hole properly.

  3. trevoR
    29 Jul 13
    2:12 pm

    That first photo is a really nice pic of Marcus licking dick!! Yum!

  4. W
    29 Jul 13
    2:32 pm

    Damn, that is what I call a working hole. Haha

  5. Justme
    29 Jul 13
    4:07 pm

    Marcus is boring as hell, and he has this dead eye look most of the time that just kills the enjoyment for me.

  6. Tony
    29 Jul 13
    4:36 pm

    I would love to hear Marcus and Angel speaking in Spanish during there fucking. Who hasn’t Marcus bottomed for and at least he doesn’t discriminate based on race.

  7. marcus ruhl XXX
    29 Jul 13
    4:58 pm

    Loving the commentary guys keep it up like always much love and prosperous bottoming!!!!!!!

  8. Tony
    29 Jul 13
    5:12 pm

    Are you the real Marcus Ruhl? LOL If so, write your next comment in Spanish Papi. LOL

  9. manu
    29 Jul 13
    5:30 pm

    Marcus you have a really beautiful ass ;) Never lose any weight!
    What are your feelings on double penetration?

  10. sxg
    29 Jul 13
    5:53 pm

    I’m definitely curious about this scene Angel Rock is capable of bringing out a great performance out of his bottoms, because Angel is a great top! I still go back and watch his scene with Trenton from time to time, easily one of Angel’s best scenes ever, and definitely Trenton’s best bottoming scene of all time! Hopefully Angel can do the same for Marcus.

  11. tom
    29 Jul 13
    8:29 pm

    that first scene is a dream matchup. 2 of the best bodies in porn going at it

  12. BLACKjack
    29 Jul 13
    8:51 pm

    I LOVE the flip flopping between Marcus & Race the 2 of them for me is always a joy and together is just much FUCKING HOTNESS for anyone video !!!

  13. balfo
    29 Jul 13
    9:18 pm

    Marcus is absolutely delicious and for me it’s always a turn on see that butt penetrated. But I also would like to see someone fucking him really rough. He’s big and can take it :)

  14. Beni
    29 Jul 13
    9:38 pm

    Cutler X + Marcus Ruhl = wonderful
    Acho que Cutler X devia ser muito mais bem aproveitado como top.

  15. Kevin
    30 Jul 13
    2:29 am

    Hot guys…..but the positions seem generic…not too much passion

  16. britishbulldog
    30 Jul 13
    6:17 am

    marcus is dull and boring.. he doesn’t know how to moan and cums in a small amount. he is much better with a tranny scenes. i guess he’s not into man to man action :(

  17. marcus ruhl XXX
    30 Jul 13
    7:31 am

    Britishbulldog for bein such a expert I will take you’re criticism has pure advise in my soon to be booming career much love MR

  18. Pascal
    31 Jul 13
    1:29 pm

    I like to see Marcus Ruhl in other Bound God, Bound in public with a lot of men. Is a like a Greek God …

  19. I like Marcus he is SEXY SEXY SEXY. coming from a fan in BAMA who appreciates he’s BEAUTIFUL ASS. Bet it’s tasty like good Birmingham seafood. With a body that belongs in a good Vegas show like Cris Angel.

    Love me some Marcus

  20. Luca
    02 Aug 13
    3:47 pm

    Marcus Ruhl, I love to see you get fucked. Very hot. I assure you most of the nasty comments are simply jealousy. You are one hot, handsome bottom.

  21. marcus ruhl XXX
    02 Aug 13
    7:54 pm

    Thank you luca blessings to you and much love and more from me MR