This is another scene I have been waiting for! Marko LeBeau getting fucked!!!

Marko LeBeau is one of the most handsome guy in gay porn for me and it’s nice to see him gets his hairy ass fucked by Trystan Bull, another hot and extremely good looking guy in his bottoming debut on TRYSTANBULL.COM.

Connect with Marko LeBeau via Twitter @MarkoLebeau

Marko Lebeau Video Interview (FYI: He shows his ass and fingers it at 6:30! What a nice way to end an interview!).


+ More of Marko Lebeau | Trystan Bull

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  1. James
    31 May 11
    2:17 am

    Sometimes shaving your ass is necessary, like in this case.

  2. nikos555
    31 May 11
    2:37 am

    i love how even though trystan bull doesnt kiss or really do much, he shows passion towards his partner. something cody cummings NEEDS to do. and my god what an ass marko :D

  3. Billy Blue
    31 May 11
    2:44 am

    I love his hairy ass !!!

  4. erick
    31 May 11
    6:42 am

    That ass is cute so don’t shave it.

  5. Jeff
    31 May 11
    6:46 am

    This proves that any good looking guy like marko looks like the average guy compared to Trystan

  6. manu
    31 May 11
    7:30 am

    Marko is adorable, his ass is a national treasure for Canada , shaving it would be a crime.

  7. Ben
    31 May 11
    7:38 am

    Gross hairy ass. He doesn’t even know to lift his arms when he tans.

  8. scotch
    31 May 11
    9:21 am

    bleah,what a hairy ass!Shave it!

  9. tom
    31 May 11
    11:15 am

    that hairy ass is a dream come true and needs to be fucked every single day

  10. MacroT
    31 May 11
    12:20 pm

    Love those Canadians. This guy is adorable and that hairy ass is to die for.

  11. gilly
    31 May 11
    12:37 pm

    Another vote to leave his ass the way it is, tired of the shaved and waxed look

  12. ALan
    31 May 11
    1:47 pm

    I LOVE his hairy ass. James, I can always rely on you to post inflexible opinions that I totally disagree with, proving your view of the world is not so unassailable after all.

  13. Paul
    31 May 11
    1:58 pm

    Beautiful hairy ass…don’t shave it!!!

  14. Asenath
    31 May 11
    2:02 pm

    That’s a damn shame. A cute boy like that paired with such a poor performer? It’s tragic. (That furry backside needs snuggles, not shaving.)

  15. ricky
    31 May 11
    2:55 pm

    trystan is as boring as cody cummings. marko is adorabe though. love the fur.

  16. peter
    31 May 11
    5:03 pm

    the sad thing is this scene probably took 20 hours to shoot, because trystan would lose his hardon even 20 seconds.

    seriously, we are gay/bi, we wanna see dudes fuck dudes with passion and stay hard. i hate g4p bottoms who arent hard, i know when im bouncing on good dick im rock hard.

    so dear porn producers…dont insult us by giving limp dick performances.

  17. Critic
    31 May 11
    5:04 pm

    scruffy looks and hairy bodies are old. Hair hides the beauty and definition.

  18. manu
    31 May 11
    5:21 pm

    Personnally I am tired of “fit” guys with 0 body fat and no hairs at all on their body. Most falcon films and the stuff Bel AMi put out nowadays epitomize boredom .
    Trystan Bull..yes he’s not a good performer :( I guess there is a public for these “trade” guys though as he has his own site, and so does Cody cunnings .It seems as if they are valued BECAUSE they are reluctant to have sex or bond with their partner, it makes them completely out of reach when the other guys look just…gay , having sex lol .
    Marko’s ass is amazing as it is and I hope he gets paired with someonewho deserves to fuck him and shows more enthusiasm ! I know this kind of small stocky guys with furry butts drive me crazy I would fuck him like an animal until my nuts die from dehydratation!!

  19. Matias
    31 May 11
    6:01 pm

    No shaving, please, it looks really good.

  20. Dan
    31 May 11
    10:12 pm

    They’re good looking guys (they could be brothers, actually) but even from the pics you can tell there’e very little sexual heat in this video.

  21. Oat
    31 May 11
    10:57 pm

    wow, marko’s so cute

  22. Gregg
    01 Jun 11
    12:12 am

    True… As much as I’m drawn to Trystan .. I realize its because of his looks and nothin more. And thats a shame. For him … that is.

  23. Buddy-boy
    01 Jun 11
    10:42 am

    Both men are blazing hot and need to be fuckin’

  24. Biatch
    03 Jun 11
    3:53 am

    That ass needs some trimming to say the least specially compared to the hairless wonder of Tristan’s body, but the guy is cute!

  25. Alejandro
    18 Jun 11
    5:04 pm


  26. DARIO
    26 Nov 11
    4:20 pm

    muy riiiiiiiiiiico