Last week I blogged about Jessie Colter took a telephone up his butt and Jacob Durham gets fucked by an ear of corn. This week MEN.COM uses another unconventional sex toy in its DRILL MY HOLE video.

In a new video called Striker, Adam Killian fucks Matt Cole with a cue stick. I know I know, cue stick was used in gay porn many times. But wait till you see Adam Killian fucks Matt Cole with both a cue stick and his big dick at the same time! And Matt Cole’s big, muscular body looks amazing while he’s getting pounded by both.



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  1. Marcus
    07 Dec 11
    6:48 am

    Is anyone else over Adam Killian? I love how people say Marcus Mojo or Rod Daily are over exposed (And they are) but no one ever mentions Adam Killian, he is just as overexposed.

  2. Love Adam, more please! (and Matt too!)

  3. Cee
    07 Dec 11
    8:42 am

    @ Marcus, nah…I love Adam Killian. Marcus Mojo is a boring power bottom. It’s like like he’s tryna get fucked by every guy in the industry. Adam puts on a way better show and he’s just hotter. Rod Daily is hot too, but I’ll pass on Mojo. Mojo is a Nono.

  4. gaysammy
    07 Dec 11
    11:21 am

    hot scene…I’ve met Matt(we’re both from Michigan) had coffee with him when he was appearing in town a few years ago and he’s a really nice guy! his bod looks VERY hot in these scenes

  5. Cesar
    07 Dec 11
    12:23 pm

    Marcus Mojo is boring I agree, but Rod Daily is whack as well…He just screams “generic” porn star…nothing amazing about him… I avoid any scenes of him. I only liked Adam Killian when he bottomed for Zeb Atlas… other than that, I feel he’s better as a bottom than a top…Matt is awesome by the way…He doesn’t give off that “all about me” pretentious vibe…

  6. Anderson
    07 Dec 11
    2:34 pm

    Is a hole really “strong” enough to support this kind of stuff (telephone, ear of corn, cue stick with a big dick)???

  7. Alex
    07 Dec 11
    2:38 pm

    I loved this scene! And want more from Adam and Matt on! Keep them coming. At least they are gay and love fucking men. Rod daily and Marcus def are over exposed and don’t even enjoy gay sex.

  8. sxg
    07 Dec 11
    3:48 pm

    @Cee I couldn’t said it better myself! Rod Daily & Marcus Mojo are definitely over-exposed. And I rather have my porn stars being gay than claiming they are “straight” or G4P. people may not think that Adam Killian is hot, but he always brings passion and chemistry into his scenes.

  9. Mike
    07 Dec 11
    5:49 pm

    LMAO Well atleast the CUE STICK IS HARD!

    Adam Killian…REALLY? Why

  10. sxg
    07 Dec 11
    5:50 pm

    also Adam’s dick looks extremely fat in the first pic, even fatter than the cue stick

  11. well, yeah
    07 Dec 11
    10:01 pm

    I like Matt Cole, but a pool cue is not hot.
    Also, I don’t really buy Adam Killian’s dom top act.

  12. Jeremy
    07 Dec 11
    10:44 pm

    It’s sad that I feel Matt and Adam are very washed out yet at the same time I have the feeling that they’re probably really nice guys. But to be fair, it’s porn…

  13. Matt
    08 Dec 11
    1:00 am

    @Marcus @Cesar @ sxg @ Alex: You guys don’t subscribe to, do you? He’s so fu%!ing hot in his flicks – and if he doesn’t really get in to all the gay stuff he does with his partners he should be nominated for an Academy Award. He’s friggin’ hot!

  14. waht!
    08 Dec 11
    1:58 am

    I guarantee if Adam Killian fucked any of you it would be an experience you will ever forget.

  15. sxg
    08 Dec 11
    2:18 am

    @Matt why would I give that right wing asshole any of my money? He’s clearly gay/bi but he still claims after all these years that he’s still G4P. and he supports bills, laws and politicians that go against the rights of homosexuals. Sorry but I love true homosexuals like Adam Killian, Paul Wagner and Marc Dylan. I’ll subscribe to their own sites if/when they ever have one!

  16. Jordan
    08 Dec 11
    2:56 am

    A scene with Matt Cole getting fucked proper? Yes please.

  17. Cesar
    08 Dec 11
    1:02 pm

    @Matt, I do not like that fug (Rod Daily) therefore I do not subscribe to his site, he comes across as a really obnoxious dude aside from not being attractive at all… yeah he has the typical porn star body but he has no vibe at all… I rather watch Cody Cummings just get sucked all the time than watch Rod Daily in any position… I think quick cash should not be the only reason to get into porn… when you’re (Rod Daily) just so… bland…

  18. kevin
    08 Dec 11
    11:11 pm

    Matt Cole, despues de haber tenido en su culo, el pijon de Brad Patton…¿Que le pùede hacer la pija de Adam Killian y un taco de billar??. FALTA DE IMAGINACIÒN….FALTA DE IMAGINACIÒN…..

  19. Matt
    09 Dec 11
    5:39 am

    @sxg @Cesar – my point exactly – you don’t subscribe to the site so you don’t know what you’re missing – that’s ok, to each his own – but he’s hot and puts on a great performance with each of his partners.

  20. cris
    19 Dec 11
    1:11 am

    @sxg – I think Rod Daily is hot, but I agree that the true homosexuals are hotter. I’ll be honest I was never really a fan of chest hair, until I saw Paul Wagner (aka Barry from Sean Cody) he makes that shit look so fucking hot.
    Side question for everyone, is it just me or does Matt Cole kinda look like Aaron Rodgers (QB of the Green Bay Packers). I know not everyone is a football fan so please Google him if you don’t know what he looks like. It would be hot if they made a porn pointing that out, with Matt Cole as the QB of some football team; even the name of the actual football team is a gay innuendo.

  21. fuuck marc harder
    08 Jan 12
    3:14 pm

    I am not into Adam either, his dick is curl~~~

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    14 Oct 12
    3:05 am

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