Back on April 16h, 2010, Ryan Raz wrote a long announcement about his filming retirement on his blog. But looks like he’s not in retirement anymore since he stars in new Chi Chi LaRue’s orgy movie FRAT BOY FUCK DOWN.

FRAT BOY FUCK DOWN is the first new movie produced under the classic line of Catalina Video in over a decade. It’s the lable where Chi Chi LaRue started his porn career.

Catalina Video is a porn production house founded in 1978 by William Higgins. It produced many gay porn classic films such as Powertool, Big Guns, Sailor In The Wild, Class Reunion, Jawbreaker and discovered porn legends like Jeff Stryker, Mike Henson, Kevin Williams and John Davenport.

FRAT BOY FUCK DOWN starring Matthew Rush, Dean Monroe, Ryan Raz, Brock Armstrong, Hunter Vance, Brenn Wyson, Al Carter, Mario Costa, Justin Cox, Tony Douglas, Alexander Greene, Johnny Hazzard, Adam Rogue and members of C1R can watch the orgy scene at CockWatch section.

+ FRAT BOY FUCK DOWN [Photo Gallery]

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+ Channel 1 Releasing | CockWatch

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  1. Billy Blue
    24 Jan 11
    2:53 am

    Nice cast !!

  2. mel
    24 Jan 11
    3:18 am

    This looks like a class reunion for aging porn stars passed their prime.

  3. Ben
    24 Jan 11
    5:26 am

    Why was that so dull?

  4. James
    24 Jan 11
    5:39 am

    This movie actually looks pretty hot actually. Some of the porn actors may be older but they still have it.

  5. JT
    24 Jan 11
    5:48 am

    It was dull cause of the lack of sound and crappy music over the sound.

    Also, I hate to say it, but I’m beginning to find matthew rush less appealing now

  6. Sasha Triman
    24 Jan 11
    5:52 am

    No one looks like a frat boy to me. Title should be “Retired Fuck Down”

  7. Charlie_Jackpot
    24 Jan 11
    6:35 am

    Frat Boy? Looks more like the Teacher’s Lounge

  8. Nel
    24 Jan 11
    6:54 am

    if those guys are frat boys then that must make me a foetus.
    I mean im 25yo and i dont classify myself as frat boy.
    These guys are well into their 30s.
    Fair is fair about fantasy and all, but you cant tell me when you watch those guys, it screams FRAT BOYS!!!

  9. chuck
    24 Jan 11
    7:15 am

    um…Matt actually looks good here. However, i see some odd characters in this flick…

  10. Scott
    24 Jan 11
    2:23 pm

    I’m with Mel and Sasha. There are only like a hundred new actual college-age faces out there. Several of these guys are well into their 30s, Matthew Rush in his 40s. Shoulda been Alumni Weekend.

  11. manu
    24 Jan 11
    9:18 pm

    Not a single hair on all those asses!!! How boring!! And I agree that the title is a bit preposterous

  12. Christophe
    24 Jan 11
    9:54 pm

    Did they pick the title out of a hat? I’m younger than half of the guys there and I cannot pass for a frat guy anymore. And I did not get to that Catalina “legacy” yet…

  13. Dimitri
    25 Jan 11
    12:01 am

    @Chuck Oh, really?

  14. Jimmy
    25 Jan 11
    6:24 am

    Dean Monroe is yummy.

  15. Mykull
    25 Jan 11
    11:24 am

    Most of you miss the point and obviously didn’t see the beginning of the trailer. The frat boys bring the pledges to these guys to initiate. Hence, the older dudes are fucking the frat boys to haze them. I know the frat boys don’t look super young but they do look a little younger than the dudes fucking them

  16. TopDownLB
    26 Jan 11
    2:14 am

    In the first photo after the jump, who is that to the right of Matt?
    3 Things:
    1. Ewww.
    2. If you no longer have it (or have WAY too much of it), for God’s sake don’t flaunt it.
    3. Again, ewwww.

  17. Kyle
    26 Jan 11
    3:41 am

    I’m in my 20’s and prefer older hotties over twink porn I say very nice cast with some meat not just skin and bones.

  18. Rob
    26 Jan 11
    12:12 pm

    I’m with Kyle. I can’t stand the twinks, some are cute, rarely handsome, and they never have great bodies. I prefer watching men have sex.

  19. Scott
    26 Jan 11
    4:48 pm

    I, too, prefer watching men rather than twinks have sex, just not this particular group.

  20. bcashde
    23 Dec 11
    1:20 pm

    As I read the names of the actors I knew that there would be no twinks. Thats what I wanted, because I am not into twinks/frats and was not disappointed!!