Weeks ago there’s a news about gay porn star Matthew Rush‘s retirement from porn. He gave the eXXXit interview and this scene released today by LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT might be his “eXXXit sex scene”.

This video is from the new movie Top Service, it’s a fuck scene between two gay porn star Matthew Rush and the owner of Lucas Entertainment Michael Lucas.

Both of them used to be Falcon Studios Exclusives. I think Matthew Rush’s first porn movie is Bounce. And did you remember the time when it’s a big deal when Matthew Rush bottomed for the first time on camera in Taking Flight, Part 2? Time flies…


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  1. sxg
    19 Nov 11
    6:02 am

    As disgusting as Michael Lucas looks like to me, I can’t help but get turned on by his scenes. He always makes sure that he’s fucking someone way hotter than him, and even though I don’t find him attractive, I admit he is a good top.

    Wonder if Matthew Rush will swallow. Or if Lucas will shove his used condom in his ass like he did to Junior Stellano. Rush has been way to vanilla, even when bottoming. It would be good if for his last scene he did something out of the ordinary.

  2. Emax
    19 Nov 11
    6:19 am

    Michael looks so ugly, he has makeup? O_O
    Cheek/Mouth… The new porn Diva ¬¬

  3. brad
    19 Nov 11
    7:01 am

    why would Rush exit now, he’s still got the great bod, although needs to bottom more with that big bubble butt. Oh well, we’ll see if this is a real retirement or just another pornstar bluff.

  4. musclemanbx
    19 Nov 11
    8:49 am

    He eats cum !!!

    video : 01:28 !!

  5. Anderson
    19 Nov 11
    11:48 am

    I disagree all of you. If that is Matthew’s last scene, I think he is doing a “grand finale” being fucked by Michael Lucas.
    Michael Lucas is a great performer and super great entrepreneur. I admire him for his role, his importance for spreading gay sex.

  6. HD
    19 Nov 11
    1:01 pm

    Love the line: “My ass is your ass”

  7. vinnyc
    19 Nov 11
    1:40 pm

    @Anderson..” his importance for spreading gay sex.” ROFL!!!

  8. Herman
    19 Nov 11
    2:29 pm

    Michael Lucas is a lot of things, but he knows how to throw a hot fuck. He always finds the hottest guy in the movie and fucks him crazy and with no respect at all. Uses their hole and then spits and pisses on em. Not really a role model but hot to watch.

  9. Rob
    19 Nov 11
    2:34 pm

    Damn, I find Michael Lucas repulsive. To be “spit or pissed on” by Michael Lucas is somehow hot? I always marvel at the self-hatred of some people who apparently do not even take the time to analyze their own words. Why would anyone want to have sex with someone that showed “no respect at all?”

  10. Luca
    19 Nov 11
    2:52 pm

    Sorry, but all I can think of is: didn’t anyone fuck Marc Dylan today? :)

  11. Terry
    19 Nov 11
    3:24 pm

    Lucas hasn’t been in the gym in a while.

  12. crakpot
    19 Nov 11
    4:00 pm

    I can’t see his testicles.

  13. peter
    19 Nov 11
    4:59 pm

    wow michael lucas must get his duck lips from the same plastic surgeon as lindsay lohan.

  14. Anderson
    19 Nov 11
    5:05 pm

    It’s incredible how some gay men are idiots. They find horrible “be used” during a sex act, but they find cool criticize other people, they find cool be mean persons. And you know how mean a gay man can be!
    Women are being “used like objects” in straight porn for years. This not decreased the number of female performers, unlike, increase the number! Many people like be used or use other during sex, and this not mean disrespect. If you don’t like spits, for example, let this stuff pass, see others!
    No one can deny Michael Lucas’s importance in gay porn/culture.

  15. Mel
    19 Nov 11
    6:36 pm

    I agree Micheal Lucas is very unattractive. He should retired 10 years ago probably his ego too big to call it quits and just run his studio. Michael is a good top aggressive and relentless pounds his bottom. Only exception was with Adam killian. Mike should teach the likes of other top only to be more aggressive.Matt rush yes he isn’t bad loocking but he is not what he used to be after more then 10 years in porn. He seems tired and doesn’t add much. Muscle dept is now ruled by RB and SC and other studio’s stars poor Matt isn’t as competitive as he once was. I wish him well

  16. Dan
    19 Nov 11
    6:38 pm

    This is hot. I’ll always love a beefy bottom getting expertly screwed by a big-dicked top.

  17. Mike
    19 Nov 11
    7:03 pm

    Lucas is the one who needs to Retire. HELL he’s gotta be 60…well maybe those lips and other parts are younger but YIKES!


  18. HD
    19 Nov 11
    7:09 pm

    I would just like to say the person who commented as HD on this thread isn’t the same person as me HD who regularly posts on this blog!

  19. Fuk u
    19 Nov 11
    7:42 pm

    The blog is biased. You have comments online that are harsh for one set of performers, and then deleted for a different set.

  20. Peter
    19 Nov 11
    10:59 pm

    I love Matthew and will miss him. He is a great Porn Star. I wish him well for the future in all he decides to do.

  21. HD
    19 Nov 11
    11:03 pm

    Just checking in – the two guys above who are posing as “HD” are not the real HD, so disregard anything they may post. thanks.

  22. EdWoody
    19 Nov 11
    11:19 pm

    I think this is a sign of the apocalypse.

  23. waht!
    20 Nov 11
    2:58 am

    Michael Lucas photo’s looks hilarious with all those top model fierce wannabe poses.

  24. Matt
    20 Nov 11
    3:03 am

    I never, ever found Matthew Rush attractive. What is it you guys see in him?

  25. Josh
    20 Nov 11
    3:10 am

    Rush would look better fucking Lucas, who as said before, looks absurd: No body, face frozen by surgery.
    RETIRE?: Please, that’s code for “I need attention; Be back soon.”

  26. sxg
    20 Nov 11
    3:32 am

    @Matt I admit that MR isn’t the most attractive guy out there in porn. I’ve always been turned off a bit by his big feminine lips, and in real life he sounds like a big queen to me. But as far as porn goes, there’s something about a guy his size that’s a huge turn on. Especially when they bottom. He’s very vocal, and doesn’t sound or come off as a muscle queen like in his youtube videos. But he really hasn’t been doing much in porn that I would consider great. His last years at Falcon were lackluster. He should have retired long ago, or at least stayed behind the cameras.

  27. RawSlut
    20 Nov 11
    3:55 am

    Matthew should now go into raw with that hot, juicy, beefy “culo”.

  28. Andy
    20 Nov 11
    4:01 am

    @Jack…Miss Lucas loves ALL attention, bad or not. His bofriend fronts the porn co., so Michael can keep “starring” in porn. After 15 years, he still can’t suck a dick to save his life. LE is a front: Lucas doesn’t DIRECT any videos; he hired the ugly faghag mr.Pam to pimp out crack heads for $75 a scene. The NEW co.’s have hot younger stars. Falcon is also tired, not as much as Lucas.

  29. vinnyc
    20 Nov 11
    8:55 am

    @anderson…”michael lucas’s importance in gay porn” LOL! stop please stop. if your english doesnt kill, your opinions certainly will.

  30. Anderson
    20 Nov 11
    12:02 pm

    @vinnyc Instead you criticize other people, why don’t you suck a dick? A really huge dick to you shut up! Michael Lucas’ dick would work for you!

  31. Alias74
    20 Nov 11
    3:29 pm

    There is NO SUCH thing as an exit scene in gay porn….they are like unicorns and double rainbows…they don’t exist!

  32. musclemanbx
    21 Nov 11
    12:42 pm

    why Rush eat cum in this video ? does it mean he is poz ??

  33. Scott
    21 Nov 11
    1:54 pm

    I know what doctor Michael Lucas goes to have his face done, “some dental work”. Michael Lucas should be the one retires, but his ego is just too big.

  34. sxg
    21 Nov 11
    2:11 pm

    @muscleman just because you eat cum doesn’t mean you’re HIV positive. Lots of pornstars at Lucas Entertainment do it. Some of them might be, but not all of them.

  35. Kyle
    21 Nov 11
    2:11 pm

    @musclemanbx…..eating cum is in today’s condom porn pretty much in all Lucas videos

  36. Zudiko
    31 Mar 12
    12:10 pm

    wow Matt Rush as a bottom turns me so much on. I just love this man for my lifetime and now I have to see this: getting used by an average man who is not at all my type. OMG I am so jealousy now. I would die for Matthew Rush !!!

  37. Jordan
    10 Nov 12
    9:16 pm

    Matthew Rush is hot bottoming. but Michael Lucas is a really ugly and repulsive man. he is so unattractive and I can’t understand guys that are willing to have sex with him. bad body, horrible face and a very negative vibe. yuk