I found this good news for fans of Milos Zambo on Queer Pig. This muscle porn stud is working with KRISTEN BJORN! He’s shooting porn in Tarragona, Spain. Porn star Lucio Saint shares some behind the scenes pictures from this upcoming Kristen Bjorn movie on his Twitter @Lucio_Saint. Looks like it’s a foursome scene starring Lucio Saint, Milos Zambo, Diesel O’Green and Abel Pozsar.

Lucio Saint needs no introduction, He’s a well-known porn star from Venezuela who starred in so many porn movies. Abel Pozsar is a talented bottom from Spain, he got fucked by Tim Kruger’s huge cock at TIM TALES. I’m not familiar with Diesel O’Green, think he’s a newcomer. He has a Twitter @DieselOGreen.

About Milos Zambo, I’ve noticed a fun tidbit about him. He appeared in many videos from BIG DADDY and WILLIAM HIGGINS. He got fucked bareback in every videos from Big Daddy while William Higgins only hired him as a top.

So it’s pretty clear for his fans. If you want to see Milos Zambo as a muscle bottom, go to BIGDADDY.COM. But if you don’t like bareback and want to watch him top, go to WILLIAMHIGGINS.COM.

I hope Milos would both fuck and get fucked in this new Kristen Bjorn movie. Fingers crossed.




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  1. Igot
    29 May 12
    7:06 am

    Milos Zambo is hot hot hot. Very nice. Anyone know where he is from? Milos is a Serbian/Balkan name….

  2. Dark hog
    29 May 12
    11:06 am

    Yes I agree, Igot; Milos is hot, and so is Lucio.

  3. muscleXxx
    29 May 12
    11:44 am

    he is hungarian

  4. Critic
    29 May 12
    12:17 pm

    Who’s the blond Milos is fucking in the last pic?

  5. QMN
    29 May 12
    12:33 pm

    That’s David Kadera.

  6. Ben
    29 May 12
    8:36 pm

    Wow Milos is gorgeous!

  7. fireys
    29 May 12
    10:30 pm

    Don’t worry QMN ! In KB movies, actors are all almost versatile. And I like that!!

  8. Tom
    29 May 12
    11:22 pm

    Are ALL the studios going bareback? Wow. Times are really changing.

  9. foreskintiponly
    30 May 12
    2:26 am

    Is he HIV+?

  10. just me
    30 May 12
    3:26 am

    I too like Milos more please

  11. Craven
    30 May 12
    3:46 am

    If all studios were going bareback that would be awesome

  12. Tom
    30 May 12
    10:39 am

    No it wouldn’t Craven.

  13. Give it time
    30 May 12
    10:45 pm

    The chest tatt is a trashy trend. But that’s just the start of the bad judgement that this guy is making. He’ll regret going bareback soon enough.

  14. timucua
    01 Jun 12
    10:18 am

    According to his bio on the William Higgins web site Milos Zambo was born in Brno, Czech Republic.

  15. mike
    01 Jun 12
    3:15 pm

    What does Milo’s tattoo say?

  16. Stanis
    04 Jun 13
    4:41 am

    @mike: “hope never dies”

  17. ed novotny
    21 Sep 13
    3:30 pm

    If hes not …hope not its hiv + its not far soon …why this ppl doin bareback …think with the head over ur shoulder not between ur legs
    Omg!! Id Like porn but not bareback …this ppl are crazy …

  18. ed novotny
    21 Sep 13
    3:37 pm

    Still like this guy .milos zambo ….hope stop doing bareback and doing bttm u r so hot macho man to doing bttm but if u liked at least with guys like u muscle not skinny with big dick that cock size dont matter ….well at least for me ….god damn it !! Whats going on with gay comunity boycot to bareback movies…

    And they still wanna get marry and have rigth omg im done ….i kill myself