Muscle bottom Marc Dylan decides to take advantage of the nudist laws of The Castro District in San Francisco… Marc shared the pictures on Twitter months ago, but now you can watch the video. Watch Marc as he tours the gay city in his birthday suit with Kristofer Weston, the director of COLT Studio.

This week you can watch Marc Dylan getting fucked by Topher DiMaggio in All Stars scene 3 from Hot House (You can also watch Toper fucks Marc in this video from MEN.COM).

.Marc Dylan is also on the cover of California Boys by Colt and he gets fucked by Adrian Long in the first scene.

+ Topher DiMaggio Fucks Marc Dylan in All Stars



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  1. Mike
    14 Mar 12
    2:27 am

    Love Marc! My ultimate fantasy man by far!

  2. dostum
    14 Mar 12
    2:29 am

    do exist maybe studio for which marc not shoot?

    (o,yes-belami…i forgot…)

  3. Rick
    14 Mar 12
    2:43 am

    So disrespectful; there might be kids in that area. It seems as though, through the process of becoming accepted, we are now losing some morals.

  4. RawSlut
    14 Mar 12
    2:45 am

    Wish he would’ve gotten gangbanged on the street!

  5. sxg
    14 Mar 12
    3:18 am

    hah I would’ve fallen off my chair laughing if that dog successfully buried his nose up marc’s ass to sniff it. And is that a porno wall in Hot Cookie, or just random nudes?

  6. David
    14 Mar 12
    3:30 am

    This is awesome! As some one who lives in SF – you see this all the time in the Castro (especially on the weekends) and if you notice, there were people who didn’t bat an eye to him being nekkid! As for ‘kids’ seeing him, it’s called ‘freedom of expression’ and if you don’t want your kids to see this – don’t bring them to the Castro! Good for you Marc!

  7. Gleeholic
    14 Mar 12
    4:40 am

    Oh dear… Don’t get me wrong I do love mr. Dylan but this is a little too much. And where was anybody else!?! Fancy letting this gorgeous poor bastard out nude alone. Where was Bryce?

  8. Marcus
    14 Mar 12
    6:09 am

    I am so over Marc Dylan. He is the definition of overexposed.

  9. EdWoody
    14 Mar 12
    6:18 am

    Quit clutching your pearls, ladies. It’s quite clear that this is happening very early in the morning before most other people – especially children – are around.

  10. Ben
    14 Mar 12
    7:59 am

    Love it! But why were his cock and ass blurred out?

  11. Joe
    14 Mar 12
    9:54 am

    I agree with Marcus.. You are cute Marc but please you need to give us a break..

  12. Stan
    14 Mar 12
    11:38 am

    he’s a funny looking thing when you look at him without airbrushing. Like a hobbit with muscles and not very attractive but I guess some people are only interested in his hole!

  13. JT
    14 Mar 12
    12:15 pm

    I got to agree with Rick on this one. The guy is gorgeous, nice body and really cute.. but the fact he’s walking around in a public area with his dick out, that there might be kids around, shows how little he cares around the thoughts of others and only his personal image.

  14. Marko
    14 Mar 12
    12:42 pm

    It’s not like he’s getting pornographic on the street. How traumatising for a child to see a naked person! Some people look for any excuse to complain.

  15. Critic
    14 Mar 12
    1:15 pm

    LOL! On a cold day he’s running around nude. Sitting in the window seat! LOL! Nudity does not hurt children…narrow minds do!

  16. Luca
    14 Mar 12
    1:18 pm

    If you’ve ever been to the Castro-and it and the rest of San Francisco are one of the greatest, most beautiful places in the world-you would know that the residents simply shrug or ignore the random nude guy, regardless of how great his body is. I think people have to remember that people that suffer from the Narcissistic Complex are very insecure people desperate for approval. I think a good friend needs to save Marc from himself. And I mean that with only good affection.

  17. Matias
    14 Mar 12
    2:27 pm

    Oh dear Marc is funny and lovabe. Such a cutie. I wish I had been there and seen him.

  18. simon
    14 Mar 12
    5:23 pm

    Cute guy, looks great outside in the nude, damn!
    Why would kids care that someone is naked? Kids are more likely than adults to run around naked anyways (especially really small children).
    Come to the gay nude beach in Provincetown, Marc!! You’ll love it. Only let me know when you are going ;)

  19. Sam
    14 Mar 12
    8:29 pm

    The only problem I have with this is the enormous shoes and the silly argyle sox. The rest of his outfit is spectacular!

  20. Rob
    14 Mar 12
    9:55 pm

    Come one, the shoes, the socks, the camera around his neck and the friggin’ hat didn’t add to the look. I do think Marc Dylan is so very handsome but I also think it’s time to dial it down a notch, Marc. You must have heard the expression: less is more, and leave them wanting more. Furthermore, your best stuff was your your two first bareback videos. The rest has been anti-climatic.

  21. Michael
    15 Mar 12
    2:26 am

    Topher DiMaggio is one of the most beautiful men in porn and yet nobody bothers to mention him. The two of them together must be fantastic.

  22. sxg
    15 Mar 12
    3:04 am

    @Michael that’s probably because he’s not well liked in the porn industry. Sure he’s hot, but there are many reports about his bad attitude. He was apparently pushed into at a club here in Houston, which is why he has that burned mark on his back.

  23. allen
    15 Mar 12
    5:45 am

    i have never wished more for a muscle boy to go away … have some pride … why so desperate for attention …btw topher works out at my gym … he was there today .. he is not my type but i have to admit he conducts himself with somewhat humble attitude ..marc dylin should take notice …

  24. smithschoot
    15 Mar 12
    5:54 am

    @allen. what is wrong with you? if you pay attention to any of marc dylan’s posts or tweets, you would know he is the most humble and loving guy in the industry. he is beautiful inside and out. Marc is just having a fun time in the industry-lay off you kill-joy

  25. matt
    15 Mar 12
    10:04 pm

    The you tube video was taken down – please repost. I didn’t know you could just walk around naked in San francisco.

  26. Jay
    16 Mar 12
    7:18 pm

    He seems like a likable sort of man, and he is great to look at, but that video was just stupid.