CORBIN FISHER has prepared a very special sex scene for you this Thanksgiving, Double Stuffing Connor!!! Yes, finally, it’s time for one of the hottest and most popular CF models to get his ass double fucked :-) In this scene, Double Stuffing Connor, he gets DP’d by Trey and Chandler.

I think this makes Chandler one of the luckiest models at Corbin Fisher. This big-dick jock go a chance to double penetrate Dawson twice!

Watch the XXX preview video of Double Stuffing Connor below. The video will be available November 22th on CORBINFISHER.COM.

Oh, and yesterday was Connor’s birthday! Happy Birthday Connor!


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  1. Luis
    21 Nov 12
    12:29 am

    I love Connor, actually I love this site. I don’t know if they are only acting but looks like they really enjoy having gay sex
    and yes, finally Connor gets fucked by Chandler, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time

  2. sxg
    21 Nov 12
    12:53 am

    Now all that’s left is for Cain to get double stuffed! Oh and Aiden, if he hasn’t already, but I swear I might have seen him being DP’d already.

  3. QMN
    21 Nov 12
    12:54 am
  4. JuanDiego978
    21 Nov 12
    1:14 am

    How old is Connor supposed to be?

  5. Mel
    21 Nov 12
    1:26 am

    Dream come true!

  6. James
    21 Nov 12
    2:00 am

    Dawson was made to be fucked!

  7. Herman
    21 Nov 12
    3:00 am

    Dawson is the best bottom ever on Corbin.

  8. Felipe
    21 Nov 12
    3:24 am

    I just love Connor <3

  9. jeremy
    21 Nov 12
    3:29 am

    i hope connor,dawson & aiden do a 3-way.and they all DP each other.

  10. zeb
    21 Nov 12
    4:10 am

    Not only is Dawson the best bottom ever at CF, but also the best top. A 3-way with Connor, Dawson, and Aiden in which the all DP each other would set monitors on fire (nice idea, Jeremy).

  11. kevin
    21 Nov 12
    4:48 am

    Connor es un espectaculo nunca visto como fondo, pone todo de si en cada escena.
    Me prendo a la idea de un 3 way con Connor, Dawson y Aiden; aunque no quisiera dejarlo fuera a Caìn quien necesita urgente una doble penetraciòn.

  12. joseluis
    21 Nov 12
    5:13 am

    Pero tambien sería espectacular una doble penetracion para los siguientes modelos de Corbin Fisher:
    * Steve
    * Marc
    * Ashton
    * Ford
    Y un gangbang de modelos como: Cain, Dawson, Chandler, Connor, Marc, Landon, Tom & Dalton (Hagan ‘Chaos Men’) todos ellos penetrando salvajemente al multiorgasmico de Aiden.

  13. Almatolmen
    21 Nov 12
    5:25 am

    The scene might burn the house down!

  14. russell
    21 Nov 12
    7:19 am

    I love TREY, who’s usually a really hot bottom, but lately he’s been doing a lot of topping on CF and CF Select.

  15. Tray
    21 Nov 12
    8:59 am

    Heard Connor actually likes to bottom, but hasn’t been asked to do so often. He is one of best models at CF. I know he is a great top, but i want him to establish himself as a power bottom too.

  16. djt
    21 Nov 12
    9:09 am

    love watching connor bottom but still/hope he tops more then he bottoms
    and if cain was to ever get dp hope the same for him

  17. critic
    21 Nov 12
    1:32 pm

    Corbin Fisher is the only site that hold my membership because of Connor, Cain, Aiden, Kent and they eye they have for hot guys and hot scenes.

  18. djt
    21 Nov 12
    6:14 pm

    hope that kent gets dp
    connor and cain are starting to be more like cf’s great lucas power top and power bottom

  19. djt
    21 Nov 12
    6:18 pm

    Chandler should get gangbanged by all the guys that he has dp

  20. andrew
    22 Nov 12
    12:02 am

    I love Connor and Trey. However it should be a felony to fuck Connor. He is a Celtic god and gods fuck, they don’t get fucked. The beautiful Trey is a natural bottom and should stop topping and continue giving it up as an awesome bottom.

  21. GreGG
    22 Nov 12
    12:22 am

    After reading all the above comments even I’m mixed up. I don’t know if I should bottom or top or side with anyone.. Or get gangbanged or be a powerbottom. or a natural bottom. You would almost think no one fucks and sucks anymore. Nonetheless I don’t think these guys are acting. Hot dudes do that sort of thing with other hot dudes. Its caused by a confidence level and a no fear/no care attitude.

  22. Racco
    22 Nov 12
    12:45 am

    Correcting the text: Chandler double fucked Dawson three times, the third was on CF Select.

  23. SuckItBaby
    22 Nov 12
    2:14 am

    What a way to celebrate one’s birthday: getting that big hole double-stuffed!

  24. sxg
    22 Nov 12
    4:00 am

    @Andrew true porn gods know how to power top and power bottom. Although I do love a good power top only and good power bottom only as well. Easier to find a good power bottom though.

  25. andrew
    26 Nov 12
    1:04 am

    @SXG: I don’t really understand what a power bottom is. In my fantasy life and real life a bottom, myself included, should be submissive to the top man and get pleasure out of doing what the top man wants. I know thats not PC, but its what I think and like.

  26. marc
    04 Feb 13
    6:37 am

    CF has some of the finest models anywhere, but Conner is AA++ over any one; cant get enough of him, a guy truly into his sexuality, a body that makes the gods weep, and genuinely seems the kinda guy you want to call a friend