Finally! It’s CORBIN FISHER who can convince young bodybuilder Aiden (aka Roman at SEAN CODY and Gage at CHAOS MEN) to fuck another guy and that lucky bastard is CF bottom boy Trey with a little help from Delila in a new Corbin Fisher style bisexual “teasing” video. That means there’s a girl in this video and the boys fuck bareback.

With controversial stuffs aside, this is one HOT gay scene. The girl just sit and watch in background and the guys are really into each other. They worship each other’s amazing bodies! Aiden literally fucks the cum out of Trey, he explodes all over his abs with Aiden right behind him.

+ More of Aiden | Trey


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  1. Serro
    09 Jan 11
    6:49 am

    the girl should have just sat somewhere far far away I am not a fan
    otherwise seems to be a good video

  2. James
    09 Jan 11
    7:04 am

    For God sakes, condoms PEOPLE!

  3. russ
    09 Jan 11
    9:17 am

    Would love to see it, but it’s on the ACS side of CF, not ACM. Why doesn’t CF do bareback on ACM?

  4. brian
    09 Jan 11
    9:39 am

    well, I think it’s sounds a little bit biased, dispense condom only because there is a woman in the room. what corbin fisher – a GAY studio – wants to mean with that? the presence of a woman can stop HIV spread? sorry, straight people don’t see Corbin’s work. then, captivate your public: condom in all scenes or bareback in all scenes.

  5. James
    09 Jan 11
    11:53 am

    Yeah, bareback is not a good thing I’m sorry, no matter how
    hot the models are.

  6. Luca
    09 Jan 11
    12:32 pm

    I had no idea you didn’t need to use condoms if a woman was
    in the room. I cannot imagine how that could possibly prevent the
    spread of HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease but far be
    it for me to question an internet porn…That is too profoundly
    stupid. Maybe Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody could exchange their
    sets? That one room is so boring and you know when you notice and
    feel the need to comment on the set, the sex isn’t working.

  7. yam
    09 Jan 11
    12:38 pm

    Though bareback sex is dangerous but watching bareback porn
    is more hot IMO only . Though I hope these model goes through
    better testing procedure before the scene

  8. beego
    09 Jan 11
    2:13 pm

    aiden has such beautiful arms!

  9. Billy Blue
    09 Jan 11
    3:21 pm

    The concept its homophobic and offensive.

  10. RandyN
    09 Jan 11
    4:29 pm

    I think very soon CF will start shooting movies with an
    unwrapped condom on the nightstand and call that “safe

  11. ALan
    09 Jan 11
    5:25 pm

    It’s always fun to watch when the condom police come out and judge other adults’ educated decisions.

  12. Scott
    09 Jan 11
    5:37 pm

    Apart from HIV, Derek Chambers/Cameron Reid said last month that he was clean before he started doing (straight and gay) porn, but one month later he found out he had contracted chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes.
    So, yeah, good luck with that “a woman in the room prevents STDS” thing, CF.

  13. Lucas
    09 Jan 11
    7:51 pm

    Sometimes I think CF is so boring, that when I watch a new scene I think they’ve already paired up all the guys on the website… But I gotta confess, guys: this scene is completely hot! At the middle of the scene, it looks like this guy Aiden forgets he’s straight and that there’s a girl next to him… At the end he’s so into Trey that he whispers into his ears and stays there, kissing him!
    It looks like the sex we all hope to watch at CF: vanilla sex, but with passion. In other words, once the (straight) guys are there, we hope they lose their senses and have sex like people who want to explore their sexuallities. I don’t know, it just reminded me of the sex I have at home with my bf.
    I’d personally congratulate Mr. Fisher for this scene.

  14. Jake
    09 Jan 11
    8:40 pm

    You must have watched an edit of this scene: “the girl” (as you called her, she looks older than both of the guys by at least 5 years) kisses and makes out with Aiden, when Trey is trying to blow him (with Trey really being the background here at the far corner of the camera view to start with — and during which Aiden has obvious and clear wood issues); Aiden then stands and both “the girl” and Trey take turns blowing him. Yes, he’s hard in between the three anal positions, assuming the video wasn’t well edited, but it’s a pretty sad day when we’re calling this ‘gay’ porn.

  15. James
    09 Jan 11
    8:49 pm

    I don’t think bareback is hotter at all. I think its ridiculous that Corbin Fisher is putting their models at risk. How is that much hotter to see gay porn without a condom?

  16. Jeff
    10 Jan 11
    12:11 am

    2 very hot guys and 1 completely unnecessary chick.

  17. bRAD
    10 Jan 11
    12:23 am

    Don’t care for the women, but enjoy the bareback scene with the 2 guys. Bought time they started doing bareback porn, keep em coming Corbin Fisher but with men only.

  18. bigblonddad
    10 Jan 11
    12:51 am

    CF shoots a straight guy fucking a gay guy without a condom, puts a girl in the room who does nothing to contribute to scene. Isn’t his karma bad enough after the fiasco of suing poor little Jake Lyons for $54k. And now we find out that the CF attorney was allegedly having sex with Jake. CF needs to clean up their house.

  19. Gregg
    10 Jan 11
    4:24 am

    I have never had a cock up my ass and never had my cock up a ass.. a mans ass that is. So I get to put my perspective on this scene. The chick ruins it. Why? You have two hot guys… I mean these guys are hot.. OK.. the chick is suppose to be hotter. I mean thats why she is there rite? To interest the two hot guys. But in all honestly deep down we..the guys .. want to see the two hot guys work on each other. Straight or not thats what we want. The chick is not necessary.. and is merely a decoration at a show that is not hers.

  20. RandyN
    10 Jan 11
    8:34 am

    Why the chick? As a bi man, I am disappointed that she does not add more to the scene. Unfortunately, CF continues to try to cater to 3 audiences (bi men, gay men, straight women) at the same time on the same scene and failing miserably to do so.

  21. James
    10 Jan 11
    9:39 am

    “It’s always fun to watch when the condom police come out
    and judge other adults’ educated decisions.” An “educated” decision
    would mean that the models would go condom only, as that is the
    only completely safe way to prevent the transmission of HIV or
    other STD’s.

  22. Rob
    10 Jan 11
    11:53 am

    @regg, I strongly you try that cock up your ass or your cock up a man’s ass thing. I promise you it’ll be the best sex you’ve ever had. LOL.

  23. talz
    19 Jan 11
    5:22 am

    it was interesting 2 c the guys make out witout the girl tho it did open up my eyes much more than i usually think of sex im xplorin my sex orient glad there is option s out there gr8 2 be a guy aye cool thanks heaps

  24. talz
    19 Jan 11
    5:26 am

    who needs condoms its not fair when fucking a girl u dnt need a condom but when it comes 2 men u need 1 dats a load of crap i fink it comes out 2 be how clean u r n faithful wit ya partner newaz who am i 2 judge rite prob dnt kno all da facts well i fink unprotected sex is ok but wit caution i supose well sex is sex

  25. John
    22 Feb 11
    7:08 pm

    All of these guys complaining about the girl in the vid need to shut up… Corbin has TWO sites: which is a GAY site and which is a BI site. Last I checked bi meant both men AND women… If you just want the guys DON’T WATCH VIDEOS FROM A BI SITE!!
    Problem solved.

  26. eerste
    03 Apr 11
    2:30 am

    I dislike women into gay men sex.

  27. Bryan
    05 Apr 11
    9:30 pm

    I’m a little confused why it’s a bi vid and the girl is almost out of camera view. Isn’t that what the bi vid is meant to be i.e. girl and guy?

  28. Jamie
    07 Nov 11
    7:10 am

    Ok you guys need to have sex and stop watching others fucking go out and do it !

  29. Ian
    26 Aug 13
    2:59 pm

    Oh ! Good this video is exciting !! is fantastic watch two gays and a girl