Looks like the Sicilian muscle boy Antonio is getting even bigger. He looks more muscular than when he bottomed for Taylor, Parker, Vance, Hagan and Nash at CHAOSMEN.COM. And he’s ready for the big league now.

Antonio is called Angelo at ON THE HUNT. He’s already had sex with Steven Daigle, Trevor Knight and Drew Cutler. And finally they pair him up with gay porn star Matthew Rush! I think this is the first time Antonio looks smaller than his scene partner!

They enjoy sucking each other’s cock and eating each other’s massive muscle butt before Matthew Rush fuck Antonio.


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  1. TheInsider
    09 Feb 11
    1:59 am

    The bigger the better! I hope they keep getting beefier!! Matthew is going to be one hot daddy.

  2. Kyle
    09 Feb 11
    4:56 am

    Matthew Rush is hot and even hotter in person

  3. mel
    09 Feb 11
    5:28 am

    Wow Antonio has gooten big and I like it. Its funny to see a young star rise as an old star Matthew Rush is declining,

  4. muletrainer
    09 Feb 11
    6:04 am

    Great chemistry. Love a muscular bottom.

  5. Peeter
    09 Feb 11
    7:40 am

    I like this scene! Two muscular, beefy guy in one scene. Excellent!

    (And soft dick on bottom during the penetration. Love it!)

  6. chuck
    09 Feb 11
    8:19 am

    they look great

  7. timucua
    09 Feb 11
    8:58 am

    @ mel, Matthew Rush declining are you serious? he looks far more better than most average men at his age group.

  8. mel
    09 Feb 11
    9:25 am

    @timucua we seem to see things differently. I remember Matt Rush from his early days of Falcon and how amazing he looked(please see soaked and bounce), He just doesnt have it anymore. Of course he still looks good for a guy going on 40. I see Matt in and around south florida and he is nice guy but as Marylin Monroe said we all lose our looks in the end. Antonio is a treat. he is diffrent trying to get bigger. he size is amazing and still looks cute I cant wait to see how big he gets and the fact he has no problem giving up his hole makes just that much hotter.

  9. brian
    09 Feb 11
    12:51 pm

    There is NO problem about forties when the man is hot! Everyone will get old, and the world isn’t only for young boys!

  10. Luca
    09 Feb 11
    2:50 pm

    Damn do I disagree with so many of you guys. The older guys like Matthew Rush and Arpad Miklos are so much hotter and so much better at sex. I think some of you guys are just jealous. Men are always sexier than boys. Guys have to grow into their looks and their bodies.

  11. Rob
    09 Feb 11
    2:55 pm

    @Peeter, my thoughts exactly! Love two hot muscle guys fucking. And I love a big muscle bottom stud with a small, soft cock. Wow is that a turn on. The bottom’s cock wasn’t at all aroused, it was all about his hole. I know most guys love big dicks but I love small cocks on a hot bottom guy. I hope the fucking was a lot longer than that. :)

  12. Billy Blue
    09 Feb 11
    3:36 pm

    Both of them look great !!

  13. brian
    09 Feb 11
    4:07 pm

    @Rob, small or big cock…it doesn’t matter! BUT it’s so amazing fucking a guy while he is turn on all the time! soft no!

  14. Peter
    09 Feb 11
    8:47 pm

    Matthew Rush looks fantastic. He can knock on my door anytime!

  15. Tia Maria
    09 Feb 11
    9:36 pm

    @Mel…What you’re describing is not a decline. It’s called maturity. Something Matt Rush appears to be going through gracefully. As for ‘not got it’, to each their own buddy.

  16. Luca
    10 Feb 11
    12:10 am

    I agree with Rob. Those shots of Antonio passively gettting fucked by Matthew Rush are some of the hottest I’ve seen in a while. It’s called preference brian and I find it strange you would even imagine people would have to agree with your opinion. I know I don’t like being hard when I get fucked because it just makes me want to cum immediately and then the game’s over. The fact that the bottom is soft in now way implies that he isn’t turned on. Kyle McKenna was probably the most voracious bottom ever and I don’t think his dick was ever hard when he was getting fucked.

  17. brian
    10 Feb 11
    1:28 am

    @Luca, people don’t need to agree with my opinion, I just expose my idea about what is hot to me! And definetely I prefer bottoms with erection!

  18. alex
    10 Feb 11
    3:49 am

    Frankly, I think too many guys are using Viagra to get boners when getting boned. I swear those performers at Kristen Bjorn eat Viagra like candy.

    A guy who is soft while getting boned is a turn on to me.

  19. Jon Royce
    10 Feb 11
    11:36 am

    Matthew Rush is a pro and knows how to fuck on camera. Off camera he is such a nice guy, laid back, but the minute the camera starts to roll he turns into a fuck beast.

  20. mike
    10 Feb 11
    11:02 pm

    Rush has never looked better!
    Bigger leaner and what looks to be turning into quite the Hot Daddy

  21. mike
    12 Feb 11
    4:29 am

    Hot, but all that gorilla-grunting is kind of a buzz kill

  22. andalite11
    13 Feb 11
    1:33 am

    that video look great…
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  23. Lob Taylor
    15 Feb 11
    12:53 am

    Lawd! Matthew Rush looks AWESOMEST!! Infact they look a great pair beefy phew to be the cameraman!

  24. chuck
    14 Jul 11
    4:01 am

    I like Matt, but he should only bottom

  25. Zudiko
    31 Mar 12
    10:07 pm

    I love Matthew Rush. Its so amazing to bottom him – there is nothing better which can make a life worth living.

    I will digg my face between his musculary buns and let him feel my tongue for quite a long time. Booooahhhhh amazing !!!

  26. Brian
    16 Nov 13
    12:05 pm

    Matthew: you are fantastic and my all time favorite; the best porn-star ever. I’ve seen lots and no one comes near; you are great at all you do. I love you always.
    All the best in your career. xxxxx

  27. Brian H.
    16 Nov 13
    12:37 pm

    Matthew: It’s so much better to see men, not boys, doing porn. Sorry about the breakup. It must is hard in a partnership after making the best gay sex video’ed scenes ever. He just wasn’t the right guy. Everyone loves you and must dream of you fucking them and fucking with them. It is a difficult area your in, but I really love what you do. xxxxx Brian

  28. PSR
    02 Jun 14
    8:23 pm

    I am partial to seeing a masculine man fuck. I wish gay porn was more partial to older men. Matthew Rush, David Anthony, Jake Deckard…etc…