There’s a new versatile bodybuilder in gay porn and his name is Dereck Fox. This masculine stud appeared in two videos from MEN.COM. He tops a twink Chase Lyons in STR8 to GAY.

And the highlight is the scene from DRILL MY HOLE entitled My Bitch in which he gets fucked by equally big and muscular Tyler St. James.



+ More of Tyler St. James

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  1. Alex
    21 Nov 11
    3:07 am

    These scenes are so hot!!! I love!

  2. manu
    21 Nov 11
    4:49 am

    Looks good in pictures , dunno about the video…Tyler St James needs to get fucked again (properly this time…)

  3. GMan
    21 Nov 11
    5:50 am

    This is the second time they are paired together…..they were together at where Tyler fucked Derreck there as well. And seems to be stealing ideas from with the way they are doing some of their so called straight scenes. Good site but I wonder if they are running out of ideas?

  4. brad
    21 Nov 11
    7:12 am

    Hard to decide who’s hotter. Whoever found this new guy deserves a big raise.

  5. alex
    21 Nov 11
    7:26 am

    I think we found the guy who should top Mark Dylan next. Seriously, been wating for a really hot guy to do the deed. Maybe even a flip flop if Mark is up to it?

  6. are you sure this scene is coming from Drill My Hole? cause, so far, DMH’s theme is about domination with HOT violence…and this scene kinda the usual gym fuck… #just.curious

  7. Tracy
    21 Nov 11
    11:27 pm

    Who’s the skinny dude with the glasses? He’s CUTE!

  8. Danny
    22 Nov 11
    12:20 am

    Oh that handsome boy is Chase Lyons! He’s most certainly the hottest boy that has to offer. He makes my mouth water with his high pitched screams when he gets his sweet vanilla white ass pounded. Oh boy I’m sweating now!

  9. daddykane
    22 Nov 11
    12:22 am

    hello! who is that tasty morsel with the glasses!

    Tracy I like how you think! i would rather get a hot slice of that twink…

  10. Tony
    22 Nov 11
    3:51 am

    I just watched both scenes and they are hot!!!! @Magnificent – The scene with Tyler and Dereck is a DMH and Tyler slaps Dereck around and dominates him! One of the hottest scenes on the site is with Tyler St James and Tyr Alexander. One of the best domination scenes I have ever seen!!

  11. andrew
    10 Dec 12
    7:44 pm

    I love Tyler St James. He is a great big muscle man with a beautiful face and a sweet disposition. He is about as physically beautiful as a mere mortal can be.