I think personal trainer Drew Daniels is one of the hottest guys at ENGLISH LADS. And I’m excited to know that he just did his first gay anal scene. The lucky bottom? Mr. Gay UK Dan Broughton of course – Muscular Personal Trainer Drew Daniels Fucks Dan Broughton.

And don’t forget to check out a picture of Dan Broughton and English Lads porn models at 2012 Brighton & Hove Gay Pride Parade. The event is covered by this cool blog Random Hot Guys.

+ Muscular Personal Trainer Drew Daniels Fucks His 1st Guy, Dan Broughton


+ 2012 Brighton & Hove gay pride parade pictures: Photos from the 20th anniversary of the march and after-party in central Brighton and Preston Park in southern England

+ Random Hot Guys

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  1. Eddy
    04 Sep 12
    4:10 am

    The fact that Drew tried to cover his face and eyes for the majority of the video kinda ruined it for me. Hopefully he’ll become more comfortable with man sex in time a la Paddy O’Brian.

  2. timucua
    04 Sep 12
    9:27 am

    So the personal training is not paying that well?. The main incentive why he is doing ‘gay’ porn?.

  3. gayhunk
    04 Sep 12
    10:02 am

    He is goddam god
    Well I m 19 m wt 80 height 5’10”
    Can anyone help me out how to get that shape.
    I m bit filled in stomach and thighs.
    Please guys help me out.
    Any exercises
    like running push Ups crunches how much to do????

  4. Almatolmen
    04 Sep 12
    12:53 pm

    timucua–And your point is? There’s a lot of people in and out of porn that have multiple arrows in their quiver. For some the incentive may be financial, for others that they just like to do more than one thing or both of the above. Why do you have to sound judgmental about it?

  5. phil
    05 Sep 12
    12:30 am

    what’s with the judgmental pricks on here? this guy is hot, leave him be.

  6. timucua
    05 Sep 12
    1:27 am

    The main incentive is financial if he is so uncomfortable, maybe he should participate in ‘straight’ porn as he will be in his element and actually portray some passion.

  7. Argle Bargle
    10 Oct 12
    4:29 pm

    Oh, brother. “If I hide my face maybe people won’t think I’m gay.” Jeez. If you’re gonna do gay porn, at least ACT like you’re enjoying yourself. His reticence to “get involved” made the whole video a turn off…and a waste of Dan Broughton’s talents.