Titan Men muscle gay porn star David Dirdam getting fucked

His hot scene in Titan Men‘s FULL ACCESS might be overshadowed by Matthew Rush and Francois Sagat flip flop. But I can’t get enough of this muscular newcomer David Dirdam. He has a HUGE cock with nice muscled body and he stars in two of TitanMen’s movies, BAD CONDUCT and FULL ACCESS.

David Dirdam also stars in Kristen Bjorn‘s new movie PRIDE! He fucks Lucas Lucky in one scene and he gets double penetrated by Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas in another!!!

Looks like a new power-bottom porn star is born! Watching David Dirdam’s huge hard cock flapping against his six pack abs while he getting fucked is so addictive! We need more masculine power-bottoms with big dick who can stay rock hard while get pounded and can take DP like a man. More David Dirdam please!

Scenes from Kristen Bjorn’s PRIDE
David Dirdam Fucks Lucas Lucky outdoor gay sex

Kristen Bjorn Pride Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas double fuck David Dirdam


Scenes from TitanMen’s BAD CONDUCT and FULL ACCESS
Titan Men muscle hunk with big dick David Dirdam getting fucked

Titan Men muscle hunk with big dick David Dirdam getting fucked

Titan Men muscle hunk with big dick David Dirdam getting fucked

Titan Men muscle hunk with big dick David Dirdam getting fucked

Titan Men muscle hunk with big dick David Dirdam getting fucked

Titan Men muscle hunk with big dick David Dirdam getting fucked

Titan Men muscle hunk with big dick David Dirdam getting fucked

Titan Men muscle hunk with big dick David Dirdam getting fucked

Titan Men muscle hunk with big dick David Dirdam getting fucked

Titan Men muscle hunk with big dick David Dirdam getting fucked


Behind-the-scenes clip of Charly Diaz and David Dirham during the filming of Full Access. These boys know how to have fun, as indicated by the impromtu watersports action that ensues!

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  1. studyholic
    02 Aug 09
    1:51 am

    Agreed! He is INCREDIBLE. Stays ROCK HARD or half-hard when getting fucked. Appears excited and involved in his scenes! He’s great!

  2. Nobara7
    02 Aug 09
    2:11 am

    Amen…herald the arrival of a new hot muscular bottom! Everyone flames Titan for having the same old performers in different combos…but when I saw Dirdam in Bad Conduct…I DEFINITELY sat up and noticed! Can’t wait to see his DP in the Bjorn flick.

    More more more!!!

  3. Casey
    02 Aug 09
    2:17 am

    I’m much more excited about this guy than Sagat or Rush! Bring on more Dirdam!

  4. Phil
    02 Aug 09
    2:43 am

    WOW seems everyone is smitten with this hunk. Must say it is really refreshing to see a muscular bottom cum vers guy who’s got a cock that matches his bod and stays hard while getting fucked. Seems the eye candy just keeps coming. Thumbs up Titan for nabbing him and putting to work!

  5. manu
    02 Aug 09
    11:45 am

    YEsssssss Very sexy masculine power bottom ,pair him with Vince Ferelli !! a double-headed dildo scene would be nice after a flip-flop between them :)

  6. TK
    02 Aug 09
    7:47 pm

    Vince is old news and too vanilla and only has an average sized cock. Team him up with Marco Blaze, he’s gotta a big ole fat cock and is far better at flip flopping and plays hard out and dirty!

  7. IrishBuck
    02 Aug 09
    8:42 pm

    Incredibly HOT!!! Seeing his massive cock swinging in concert to the pounding he was receiving and a smile on his face made me cum twice!! Bring me more of this fierce muscle stud with the hottest ass of the year!

  8. David
    02 Aug 09
    9:01 pm

    Fuck yeah, wasn’t that just the best sight ever. This guy was riding that cock like his life depended on it. He certainly puts those other musc bottoms to shame with his skills and talent….HOT HOT HOT….keep this man working!

  9. Rick
    02 Aug 09
    9:12 pm

    Poor Vince, I wonder how he would feel about being old news and vanilla LOL Mind you I must admit all he does is either bend over or take it on his back. This guy, WOW talk about enthusiasm and talent. Got to agree about the bouncing up and down and cock swing motion, that will be a hard scene to top this year by anyone.

  10. peet
    03 Aug 09
    1:53 am

    What a great bottom guy! I fell in love :)

  11. Adam
    03 Aug 09
    7:37 am

    Gosh, I just watched him in Bad Conduct. He is the hottest guy I have seen in a very long time.

  12. Jon
    03 Aug 09
    8:34 am

    Not often does a hotty like this cum on the scene with such rave reviews…but I got to get on the band wagon as well…ooh la la, fucken hot with a capitol H

  13. Adriano
    03 Aug 09
    1:15 pm

    YEAH!!! Big dicked and versatil. I agree with TK: Marco Blaze will be a HOT HOT pair for him. Maybe ia a foursome in a Leather movie. Great!

  14. Scott
    03 Aug 09
    2:55 pm

    God knows Titan needs some new faces, and this guy is HOT!

  15. Jim
    04 Aug 09
    9:05 pm

    Puts those other muscle bottoms to shame? What the hell do comments like that even mean? I wonder if any of the guys commenting on here actually ever even get laid. Wow, it does seem that so many gay men are really emotionally fucked up. It’s pretty bizarre to get once concept of sexuality from gay porno. Maybe that’s why you see all those tired bitter queens at 2:00 at some bar in WeHo or Chelsea, desperate for anyone to go home with them.

  16. Johan
    05 Aug 09
    5:30 am

    OMG I am in lust, now here’s someone who really can mix it up. Got to give it to those European studs, 10 out 0f 10 for looks/body/talent/cock/sex appeal & fuckability. This dude gots a bright future a head of him for sure. Hope he doesn’t go exclusive that way he has more choice and can pick what scenes will be really hot.

  17. Danny
    05 Aug 09
    11:07 am

    Seems to me that you are the bitter queen Jim. How would you know what happens at 2 unless you are still there? Take a chill pill, it’s an open forum for guys to comment not a place to shoot an individuals thoughts down. You have to admit there are bottoms and then there are power bottoms! Hmmmm and emotionally fucked up, people who live in glass houses etc etc!!!!

  18. Scott
    05 Aug 09
    11:31 am

    Wow Danny, you manage to write every single cliche in one short paragraph. I don’t even drink and I’ve been in a bar with friends at 2:00am. It does seem that you simply prove what Jim wrote. He was only commenting on anonymous, negative comments. Don’t take it out of context if it doesn’t apply to you.

  19. Thomas
    08 Aug 09
    1:26 pm

    This guy is hot and thank God he has hair on his body! Real men having real sex is always hotter than the over-managed crap that most studios like Falcon put out. Let’s hear it for power bottoms! Damn, bottoms do rule in porno today, don’t they?

  20. Paco
    09 Aug 09
    7:57 am

    I am from Spain and I guess David is spaniard too.

    Does anybody find out that his last name “Dirdam” is “Madrid” backwards?

  21. Douglas
    21 Aug 09
    3:19 pm

    The bottom is really the top.

  22. JLC172
    13 Sep 09
    11:20 pm

    this guy is really awesome! the best newcomer of the year and maybe the decade!
    haven’t seen such a hot stud since the arrival of Enrico Vega or Francesco d’Macho

  23. He is a great guy ,sexually and personally Hugs and keep been like that David

  24. Scott
    29 Sep 10
    9:35 pm

    This guy is incredible, and he’s the complete pkg: handsome, BEAUTIFUL body, huge cock and versatile (but, man, is he an enthusiastic bottom; and that big ol’ schlong is hard througout). He is hot, hot, hot!

  25. igor
    02 Feb 11
    6:57 pm

    Porra que cara excitante!