Mark you calendar! Cock Crazy, a new movie from UK NAKED MEN in which British porn star Paddy O’Brian fucks hot newcomer Marco Sessions will be in stores June 16th.

And you can download the video Paddy tops Marco in HD from June 11th exclusively on UKNAKEDMEN.COM.

I’m excited about this one, Paddy O’Brian is the rising porn star of the moment. And Marco Sessions is my latest “Porn Crush.” This muscle bottom has an amazing body and handsome face.

And don’t forget to check out some behind the scenes photos of Paddy on the set of upcoming Falcon movie.


+ More of Paddy O’Brian | Marco Sessions

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  1. Anderson
    09 Jun 12
    4:23 am

    Is Marco smelling Paddy’s dick in one of those pictures?

  2. Gleeholic
    09 Jun 12
    4:24 am

    It does look like it.

  3. bernardo
    09 Jun 12
    6:26 am

    Is Paddy going to suck a dick or rim another guy’s ass or kiss a guy. Paddy is reminding me of Cody Cummings. Listen, he is hot and cute with a big dick but even in the pic I do not see any passion from him.

  4. Dani
    09 Jun 12
    9:55 am

    Marco is a cute boy and great bottom.

  5. manu
    09 Jun 12
    10:24 am

    Bernardo , Paddy does kiss in his new dvd 3Paddy O’Brian is fucking my arse” . He’s not at all like Cummings , he’s a cute guy , not full of himself and very cute . He put a dildo in his ass in his 3rd scene , and what an ass he has!!MMMh I hope he gets fucked again soon

  6. dostum
    09 Jun 12
    11:05 am

    he kissed with guy earlier,at englishlads…

  7. Rob
    09 Jun 12
    12:04 pm

    Great article in the British newspaper The Guardian on “How the Internet Killed Porn.” Apparently even the straight porn actors can’t make a living anymore.

  8. Jeremy
    09 Jun 12
    3:35 pm

    Paddy looks really handsome (that’s no doubt) but Marco Session is also very hot too. I hope Paddy wouldn’t ruin this scene.

  9. Dan
    09 Jun 12
    5:45 pm

    Paddy is fucking gorgeous!!

  10. Hot and Holesome
    09 Jun 12
    7:21 pm

    @Rob: That was a great article. The porn actor said he gets $150 a scene.

  11. Matias
    09 Jun 12
    10:21 pm

    I’ve seen both Theroux’s documents. Interesting view to porn industry. Weird world, certainly not sth I could do and live in.
    @H&H, 150 isn’t much. In a docu straight orgy scene for a female actor was up from 3000 dollars, if I remember correctly, but at the same time the guy in the office said orgy scenes are filmed seldom.

  12. Matias
    09 Jun 12
    10:28 pm

    One more thing: I couldn’t do porn because I don’t have guts to do it (I have guts to do other stuff), not because I find porn “world” weird. And I am not trying to be judgemental. I respect everyone who has chosen profession of being porn actor and is doing it in front of camera. Not easy way to make a living.

  13. kaike
    09 Jun 12
    10:47 pm

    Hope see Paddy taking a real cock up is hungry streched hole sometime soon one of his last solos is was self-fucking with a huge dildo

  14. Alex
    09 Jun 12
    10:59 pm

    That dick looks delicious.

  15. Broko
    10 Jun 12
    1:31 am

    Both guys are hot – Paddy SEEMS to have a nice personality but yikes I don’t want to hear him speak

  16. Ed
    10 Jun 12
    6:00 pm

    Paddy is not only strikingly handsome; but is blessed with one of the most honest expressions I have seen in any man’s face. His whole body image is perfection and I wouldnt want to alter a thing about him. I wish him every success and he is definitely the BEST OF BRITISH!

  17. ed
    10 Jun 12
    8:27 pm

    paddy looks really handsome.

  18. GAZZAQ
    12 Jun 12
    1:06 am

    This is not Paddy first fuck scene he has already done 2 for English Lads and one was soso the other was hotttt.

  19. W
    12 Jun 12
    1:23 am

    Paddy will get fucked, don’t you all worry. You know how the porn companies like to milk us.

    Show us a hot guy doing a solo.
    Hot guy then plays with some toys.
    Gets sucked by another guy.
    Sucks and/or fucks another guy.
    He’ll continue playing “top” for awhile, then when people begin losing interest, he’ll get fucked. And then he’ll let anybody up his ass as long as the check clears.