I’m pretty sure this is the scene all of Paddy O’Brian fans have been waiting for ever since those 2 scenes Paddy riding a dildo two years ago. Within a few hours, MEN.COM will release “Top To Bottom 2″ Paddy’s bottoming debut. I can’t wait to watch Paddy O’Brian getting fucked by Topher DiMaggio. Check out XXX preview photos below.

+ Top To Bottom Part 2 – TOPHER DIMAGGIO Fucks PADDY O’BRIAN



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  1. Roma
    26 Jul 13
    12:33 am

    Oh yeah ,,, so hoooot to see Paddy’s hairy ass getting pounded …

  2. D.Boner
    26 Jul 13
    1:03 am

    Straight guys getting fucked is so lame, they can’t take it and look constipated all the time. Paddy is really not all that, this straight guy fetish is for those who can’t even get a gay one to look their way. Topher is a really good looking guy but I don’t find him sexually exciting at all, he’s a lame top and for someone with a hot body is quite rare, I would rather see Topher bottom, he looks better taking it than giving it.

  3. Eric from Sweden
    26 Jul 13
    1:23 am

    So much has already been written about this, that it feels as if it’s old news, like something that happened a long time ago.

  4. WildPNW
    26 Jul 13
    1:26 am

    Topher puts me to sleep, should have been a hotter top…

  5. Lance
    26 Jul 13
    1:26 am

    Now let’s see Paddy and Paul Walker do a Flip Flop scene.

  6. marc
    26 Jul 13
    1:37 am

    Oh, yes! thank you! it was clear from the early shots of Paddy with the vibrators and the billy club dildo, the man is a first rate bottom!! …and his topping was the better for it, as the best bottoms in the business are bottoms! Paddy, you are one sexy, scorching hot, tight body man!!! now i’m envious of Topher!

  7. marc
    26 Jul 13
    1:37 am

    whoops! meant the best tops in the business are bottoms! sheesh!

  8. Willie
    26 Jul 13
    2:03 am

    D.Boner gets it spot on. Totally agree.

  9. alex
    26 Jul 13
    2:12 am

    Won’t live up to Top to Bottom part I. Paddy is just okay. He’s good looking enough, but he doesn’t do much for me. I probably enjoyed his solo toy scene more that I would him getting fucked by whatshisface. Better luck in part 3 — hopefully with Charlie Harding or some other masculine daddy with a big ass that’s begging to be fucked on camera.

  10. ForeskinonlyPlease
    26 Jul 13
    2:22 am

    It’s alright….

  11. Colin
    26 Jul 13
    2:31 am

    Paddy does have a nice hairy ass that screams for getting fucked.

  12. Chris Redfield
    26 Jul 13
    2:48 am

    Ficking hot! Finally Mr. Brian! Take it like a man!

  13. Who me?
    26 Jul 13
    3:59 am

    does he kiss and suck cock too?

  14. rioss78
    26 Jul 13
    5:05 am

    I dont get all those critics. C monn, of course I’m excited to see Paddy getting fucked hard and according to trailer he is very verbal and begs for it..What do u want more…

  15. Chris
    26 Jul 13
    5:48 am

    As hot as this will be or is, I still say they should have got Paul Walker to pop his on screen cherry!!!

  16. Kevin
    26 Jul 13
    6:25 am

    Dimaggio should of gotten fucked too. Just give it up Topher!!!

  17. Mike
    26 Jul 13
    6:25 am

    Paddy was fantastic as a total top. Now it’s all ruined…
    I hate how all you versatile guys always scream for everyone to be like you. Can you let us bottoms have something left?

  18. Herman
    26 Jul 13
    6:50 am

    I guess Paddy will now be a bottom bitch. Line those dicks up boys Paddy is in town.

  19. Steve
    26 Jul 13
    8:45 am

    He’ll still be a good top when he wants to, but I like that his sexy hairy ass is an option now too. YAY for going all the way.

  20. Matias
    26 Jul 13
    8:58 am

    I just think Topher is really handsome guy. One of the best looking in gay porn.

  21. MarcoManuel
    26 Jul 13
    9:06 am

    Now that Paddy been a bottom,im sure gay men will want to see Paddy suck cocks.

    Its the only thing Paddy never done in gay porn.

    Paddy most likely suck cocks outside porn.He should suck cocks in gay porn.

    Is Paddy good at sucking cocks?

    Paddy really needs to suck cocks.

    Paddy only bottoms once or he officially becomes versatile?

    If Paddy comes back as a top in his next scenes,it implies that he only bottomed once to please gay men.

    So,gay men can finally stop asking for him to bottom.

    Paddy will possibly never bottom again.Or only few times.

  22. juanito
    26 Jul 13
    9:14 am

    Paddy needs a real top man.

    And Topher also needs a top man.

    I would like to see one flip flop scene of Paddy and Paul.

  23. pornobb
    26 Jul 13
    11:25 am

    So Paddy bottoms but won’t suck cocks ?

    I rather watch Paddy fuck Topher tbh.

  24. manu
    26 Jul 13
    11:35 am

    Paddy did his best, Topher is beautiful but very passive as a top, the connection between them is weak.
    Colby Jansen/Tony Paradise scene was a lot better in my opinion.

    3 wishes:
    -More Tony Paradise bottoming scenes with ultra agressive tops!!
    – Paddy bottoming for someone else who doesn’t just lay there
    – Topher becoming versatile eventually.

  25. pornobb
    26 Jul 13
    11:56 am

    So who has the bigger cock ?

  26. Thefan
    26 Jul 13
    11:57 am

    why choose Topher?
    I hope paddy bottoms at Lucas entertainment

  27. Jose Juan
    26 Jul 13
    12:15 pm

    Nice, I just want to see bottom Topher Dimaggio, with someone else

  28. Skip
    26 Jul 13
    1:01 pm

    I have to agree with Dboner Why the obsession with straight guys in gay porn? I wonder if straight guys get excited over the though of a gay man having sex with a woman? Is it hot to think of a lesbian getting screwed by a straight guy? I don’t get it. No denying Topher’s hotness though.

  29. smssms
    26 Jul 13
    1:19 pm

    Paddy is the best!!!! he did an excellent job
    Topher is a sleeping pill

  30. Tyler :P
    26 Jul 13
    2:18 pm

    Anyone saying anything negative hasn’t watched it.

  31. carey579
    26 Jul 13
    2:26 pm

    Everybody loves Paddy okay?!

    There wouldn’t be this flood of comments everytime on his updates if they didn’t.

    Hot scene. Next time please pair him with a rougher top. I like Topher but he’s too pretty :)

  32. George
    26 Jul 13
    3:03 pm

    Paddy is always a great performer and excellent value and he probably completely carried Topher in the video.

    Topher should have been gang banged with strap on’s by the two lesbians followed by Paddy topping him hard, as that really would have been a hot video. Hope Men.com take note instead of using Topher as a camp lacklustre boring top.

  33. alex9gr
    26 Jul 13
    3:44 pm

    From all the SUPER HOT TOP guys out their they had to choose Topher????
    The guy is so fucking lame…
    He fucks like a fish…
    Paddy is so great and i wanted so bad to watch him getting fucked for his first time…
    Well now i guess i will have to wait for his second time…

  34. C
    26 Jul 13
    3:46 pm

    1. Paddy O’ was an Grade A piece juicy meat.

    2. “In for a penny, in for a pound”

    3. Just because you stick a real human cock with a pulse up a hot guy doesn’t make that sexy or a hot scene.

    Paddy, needs to up his game because this was sad and pathetic. It was cold, not even lukewarm.

    Topher did not have a solid hard on through this video. I usually never have a huge problem with his vids but this one was just hype and no substance. If he thinks he’s the shit and other’s who claim his is, this scene wasn’t worth the hype. Very Disappointed.

    Paddy needs a cock in his mouth just like in his personal life. Real Mean Get Fucked and Suck Cocks.

  35. carey579
    26 Jul 13
    3:48 pm

    @George LOL

    I would like to see the lesbians fuck Paddy as well :)

    What I really wish for is Paddy to be fucked by Rick Sinz as he fucked Johnny Rapid or Alexander Frietas as he fucks little twinks, very rough!

  36. vega
    26 Jul 13
    3:48 pm

    I think Paddy does not need to do bottoming.
    He should be a total straight top!

  37. C
    26 Jul 13
    3:50 pm

    Someone claimed that Topher should have bottomed because he looks so good doing it. My question is , Where did you see that video, because to my knowledge it doesn’t exist because he’s never bottomed on camera.

  38. Anderson
    26 Jul 13
    4:13 pm

    **Just a curiosity of mine. Anyone already seen a frat formed just by gay roommates?

  39. DD
    26 Jul 13
    6:49 pm

    I liked the scene and I wasn’t expecting much. If you’re excited to see Paddy bottom, I think this scene is worth the wait.

  40. KevinSF
    26 Jul 13
    7:36 pm

    M2M porn shot for and by lesbians. Why market this drivel to gay men?

  41. Ben
    26 Jul 13
    9:12 pm

    Does anyone seriously care about this? Paddy’s so nothing.

  42. Bill
    26 Jul 13
    9:40 pm

    For his first time bottoming (on screen) Paddy nailed it — Topher, not so much. Early on, Paddy knew exactly how to redirect Topher’s cock when it slipped … methinks this is not his first time at the rodeo, nor do I expect it will be his last on screen. For Paddy’s part, the scene lives up to the hype. He just needs a better top.

  43. SuckItBaby
    26 Jul 13
    9:44 pm

    Go Paddy, go, more cock up that hole!

  44. danny
    26 Jul 13
    11:30 pm

    I will never understand some of the rude, nasty, terrible comments people make on this site. And I’m not going to lower myself to name calling or criticizing those who comment.

    Guys, it’s porn. Fucking, sucking, and all kinds sex acts made for our enjoyment, nothing else. I care about the performances, not about the actors’ personal beliefs or their sexuality. There are always comments about “this g4p performer doesn’t suck, fuck, get fucked very well on camera, he doesn’t look like he’s into it.” Funny, but I’ve seen more gay guys putting on poor performances, looking bored, and not getting aroused. And as I’ve said in the past, once you suck, fuck or get fucked in the ass, you can call yourself straight, but you’re lying to yourself.

    And finally, as I’ve said many, many times before (and this is the last time, because I’m not reading the comments anymore), if you don’t like a performer, you don’t have to look at the photos or videos of said performer. No one is forcing you to like Paddy, Topher, Trenton, Landon, etc. or to watch their movies!

  45. ToyKanon
    27 Jul 13
    12:59 am

    Scraping the bottom…Topher is a solid bore. Hate being frustrated by limited porn performers.

  46. alex
    27 Jul 13
    1:47 am

    Tony and Colby had chemistry. It looked like both guys were really into it — even if Tony’s hole was tight. Colby’s scenes as a top are largely forgetable — because he’s not fucking hot guys. I think a flip flop between Tony and Colby would be scorching. I don’t want to see Tony as just a bottom, because he’s a good top. I don’t want to see Colby as just a top, because he has a body that was made to be fucked!

  47. Gordon
    27 Jul 13
    2:25 am

    It was good to see Paddy O finally sit on a guy’s dick.

  48. pornobb
    27 Jul 13
    7:00 am

    OK I just watched the whole scene. Paddy’s fans will but…

    1. There is NO cock sucking AT ALL
    2. Topher rims. Paddy doesn’t
    3. Paddy did not get fucked on his back
    4. They did not cum on each other
    5. Should have been a flip fuck
    6. The bottom is more aggressive than the top

  49. pornobb
    27 Jul 13
    7:03 am

    ^Correction, I meant Paddy’s fans will enjoy

    7. Paddy had to slap his own butt during sex. Topher did not slap. Haha

  50. pornobb
    27 Jul 13
    8:39 am

    8. Paddy did not get that hard when fucked, proving he’s gay4pay ??

  51. parisot
    27 Jul 13
    9:09 am

    paddy est un beau garçon, mais comme cody comming j’espère qu’il ne triche pas avec topher.?

    de toute façon il faut lui donner des
    leçons de baise car il fait toujours la même

    Topher fait une erreur dans cette opération!

  52. MarcoManuel
    27 Jul 13
    9:40 am

    pornobb! If Paddy is not hard when getting fucked is not because he doesnt like to get fucked.

    Most gay men who bottoms are not hard when they get fucked.They still likes to get fucked.

    The reason men who get fucked doesnt have an erection is because their cock is not stimulated.

    If a man jerk off the cock of a man or suck the cock of a man,he will have an erection.Because his cock is stimulated.

    Cocks needs to be touched and stimulated to get hard.Some bottoms are hard when they get fucked.

    But,this is the minority.Most men who bottoms dont get hard when they get fucked.

    Paddy is bi.

  53. marco5566
    27 Jul 13
    3:01 pm

    oh my god paddy is sooooo hottt as a btm

    this is my favorite ever wish he can have more btm film

    but i agree i dont wanna see girl in the gay porn too

  54. marco5566
    27 Jul 13
    3:02 pm

    and i wish i can see paddy fuck topher back too

  55. alex
    27 Jul 13
    3:31 pm

    Yeah, people need to get over a guy’s dick not being hard when he’s fucked. Frankly, I prefer that it not be hard. Hard dicks are overrate — unless they’re going in someone’s hole — and then they should be rock hard. I’d rather see a guy with an average-sized dick who can get it hard than some huge dick that can’t stay up.

  56. fred
    27 Jul 13
    5:37 pm

    adore topher and yes he should bottom or fuck twink or his boyfriend, but eventually he should give that ass for posterity

  57. bucko0710
    27 Jul 13
    5:50 pm

    Well worth the wait! Paddy does a fantastic job bottoming with a dick up his arse! He’s not some passive sack of potatoes lying there getting fucked – he’s quite aggressive bouncing up and down and rotating his hips and shoving that cock back in his ass when it slipped out! Truly made for bottoming and regardless of his sexual label, he should bottom more. Doesn’t mean to say he should give up being a top coz he excels in both – truly a wonderful porn performer, which is more than what I can say for lots of porn actors – despite the fact that he hasn’t sucked dick yet…although that could be in the horizon and something to look forward to. Way to go!!

  58. andrew
    27 Jul 13
    6:15 pm

    The scene was just OK, But I love just looking at the physical beauty of Topher DiMaggio. Paddy can now consider himself a real gay porn star, because he has given it up to Uber Topman Topher. Topher is not actually the best performing Top Man, but for whatever reason, maybe his physical beauty, he has become the King of the Gay Porn Hill.

  59. pornobb
    28 Jul 13
    11:02 am

    ^Uber ? Topher ? LMFAO!

  60. fincher
    28 Jul 13
    3:11 pm

    topher is totally boring porn actor. I cant remember the scene with him which was a hot… Shame he was the first one chosen to be a top for paddy’s bottom debut

  61. bluishdude
    28 Jul 13
    4:47 pm

    you guys commented too much either with paddy or topher! as if all of you have a nice body and the best top or bottom to do a scene. I bet many of you are old, smelly and not so good looking.. so you all shut up!!!

  62. mique
    28 Jul 13
    6:53 pm

    I love Topher Dimaggio, his very hot and is cute with his good boy hairdress. Paddy is hot, too… but. I haven’t liked the video:
    1. There’s no enough oral sex
    2. Anal sex possitions
    3. Paddy looks older than Topher, and I guess they’re the same age

  63. rhythmb
    28 Jul 13
    11:26 pm

    Good scene, its a shame nearly 5 minutes was taken up by those two lesbians arguing, not long enough.

  64. rioss78
    01 Aug 13
    10:43 am

    see it :)) that s what paddy talks all the way he gets fucked.. i love seeing his hairy hole fucked.. more please..

  65. tomJudson
    19 Sep 13
    3:20 pm

    I never seen a naked man and one with eyebrows like Nicole Kidman

  66. id love to get a good hammering from my namesake……….he’s hot stuff

  67. Hey Paddy my Red Hot Man-
    You did Great Dude as a’ bottom! One proud Texas Cowboy here. You Got the Most Beautiful Bod On The Planet Dude!