MEN.COM just released this new scene called “Secret Diary Of An Escort 3″ where hot porn star Paul Walker gets fucked by handsome stud named Max Dodds. (You might remember him from Blake Mason)

Beside the “Secret Diary of An Escort 3,” check out the scenes Connor Kline gets fucked by Phenix Saint in ” The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underwear 3″ and Duncan Black gets gang-banged in Fuck Club 2.

+ Secret Diary Of An Escort 3: Max Dodds Fucks Paul Walker

+ The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underwear 3: Phenix Saint Fucks Connor Kline

+ Fuck Club 2: Duncan Black Gang-Bang



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  1. David
    17 Nov 13
    12:32 am

    Paul Walker is quickly becoming a main Star at with the high level of passion and vitality he brings to his roles and this latest scene of Paul’s is one of his best. It’s really time now for Men.Com to side line the likes of Toppher Dimaggio and other such static boring performers and to promote the new generation of talent like Paul who really know how to give a performance that exudes true sexuality.

  2. Iverson
    17 Nov 13
    3:26 am

    Paul Walker has really come into his own. Consistently delivering the goods.

  3. Shep
    17 Nov 13
    3:40 am

    No more Paul Walker’s bottoming.
    Not hot at all.

  4. marc
    17 Nov 13
    4:00 am

    more Paul, more Paul, more Paul, damn sexy, beautiful eyes, and delivers sex like only a man can!

  5. sam
    17 Nov 13
    4:12 am

    And now officially I adore Paul Walker… I like he took a step ahead and ready to do anything… I think he the new Rocco Reed…

  6. Jordi Lim
    17 Nov 13
    4:53 am

    Im not really liked Paul in some camera angles he seems so girly, his bf Paddy is hotter with sexy accent..
    I love Connor Kline he’s a genuine gay man and I hope he returns to Sean Cody and paired with Marshall again they’re cute together.
    Finally I dont care about Gay4Pay actors who dont want to kiss their gay partners like Sebastian.

  7. FieldMedic
    17 Nov 13
    4:56 am

    Unfortunately Paul’s contract has expired with MEN. He’s a free agent now so we can only hope that whatever studios use him will ask him to bottom also.

    @Shep: No! Walker needs to bottom more, he’s a major hottie! :P

  8. George
    17 Nov 13
    5:34 am

    More power to Paul who is refreshingly liberated in enjoying sex and not being concerned about top or bottom silly labels.
    He’s a real Hottie and puts the fake dreary tops like Michael Lucas and Topher DiMaggio to shame!

  9. ceemm
    17 Nov 13
    6:58 am

    He’s great as bottom! All “straight” guys are much better at bottoming than topping, they just beed to overcome their fears

  10. freddy
    17 Nov 13
    8:20 am

    is je really ‘straight’? He is indeed a better nottom than top and he kisses reasonably well

  11. Kev
    17 Nov 13
    8:52 am

    I think Paul Walker is hot and he looks great getting fucked!

  12. John
    17 Nov 13
    9:24 am

    Paul Walker is sexy!I prefer him more as a btm,than as a top.I especialy like his facial expressions when been fucked!But its time to start taking….blowjobs!Many talk about Gay for Pay in porn and is a heated dabate!I have no objection whith that (G4P)as long as the perfomer do anything he asked for.The only thing that have the right to put some barriers if he want,is the ”kinky staffs” and… bareback. When a..50 euro male escort-hustler-hooker, indendifed himself as str8,after some time on…streets or online booking,starts BJ and kissing,we can expect that a male pornstar how is paid much..much more do the same.Dont you think guys?

  13. Chris
    17 Nov 13
    9:53 am

    I always thought Paul Walker was or is one sexy fukka… But never really rated him as a top… But as a bottom he gets me shooting loads and loads!!! Long May he take it like a bitch!!!!

  14. billy
    17 Nov 13
    10:05 am

    I want some fetish video with Paul! some foot action…
    What do u think?

  15. balfo
    17 Nov 13
    10:56 am

    Where are all the muscles Phenix Saint had built in last years?? :(
    Now he almost have the same body he had when started with porn, and that’s not a good news. His new muscle body was one of the hottest.

  16. gaysammy
    17 Nov 13
    2:23 pm

    man who likes dick up his ass = not str8
    paul walker likes dick up his ass…do the math

  17. Jeff
    17 Nov 13
    2:27 pm

    yeah ! more Paul as a bottom and more Paddy as a bottom too. What about a flip-flop btw them ?

  18. Jeff
    17 Nov 13
    2:28 pm

    man who likes dick up his ass = man with a prostate
    now u can do the math

  19. ed
    17 Nov 13
    2:39 pm

    @billy yes Paul has amazing feet!!

  20. Superpajero
    17 Nov 13
    3:19 pm

    @billy and @ ed Yes, love Paul and Paddy’s feet more feet action like Lucas videos. Lick feet and smell black socks. Marturbationg with feet and Paul is better in bottom possition like paddy.

  21. Dan
    17 Nov 13
    4:48 pm

    I love Paul!! He has worked with Staxus recently, but as a top. I prefer him as a dominating top, but adore him as a bottom as well. He certainly has grown as a performer and loves sex. And enough of the Topher bashing. So, some of you do not like him…fine, but why bring it up every chance you get??!! Topher, you have plenty of fans who love you as the great top you are.

  22. Leo
    17 Nov 13
    5:39 pm

    Paul is one of my favorites… he just need to suck a dick to be THE favorite

  23. Herman
    18 Nov 13
    3:04 am

    Duncan is a big slut and I love him for it.

  24. gaysammy
    18 Nov 13
    11:06 am

    @jeff….man with a prostate = all men
    man who has another man shove a cock up his ass to “massage” his prostate = GAY….if he was str8 he could use his finger or a carrot…now YOU do the math

  25. John
    18 Nov 13
    11:34 am

    Paul could be str8.Its not unlikely.To be a bottom in porn its much easear than to top.But the most important thing is SOME PEOPLE JUST DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY!

  26. Jordi Lim de Clark
    18 Nov 13
    1:09 pm

    Hahaha at least The CARROT made my day. Gosh that was crazy!

  27. Michael
    18 Nov 13
    3:57 pm

    LMFAO at anyone who thinks this dude is straight!

  28. Warren
    19 Nov 13
    3:02 am

    Ok whoever @ that casted Max Dodds should be slapped. In the scene Max is dead and he’s topping! Bored, no passion at all. Paul is talking dirty and doing 95% of the work and he sits there. Please no more Max!

  29. smssms
    19 Nov 13
    7:31 pm

    I’m a fan of Paul Walker, but I think this scene was filmed without taking into consideration the fans. None gets to have hard cock. I was looking forward to this scene, but now I am disappointed with it.