Bel Ami gay sex Trevor Yates Fucking Milo and Elijah Peters Twins

I’m a fan of Milo Peters and Elijah Peters (aka Peters Twins). I love their perfect six-pac abs. And in the latest video from BELAMIONLINE.COM, they prove to be talented bottoms too getting fucked by the hugely hung Trevor Yates like a pro. Thanks so ricky, the reader who sent me the heads up!

This scene also comes with some controversy. In this episode, Bel Ami removed all restrictions on what the boys could do with each other. So our naughty twins, Milo and Elijah take turns sucking each other’s cocks and even cum in each other’s mouths! All while getting slammed in the ass by Trevor’s huge cock!

And this is just the first part. In the second, to be released this Friday, Peters Twins get a bit of their own back by fucking Trevor Yates.












+ More of Milo Peters and Elijah Peters (Peters Twins)

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  1. peeter
    15 Sep 09
    1:19 am

    Oh God! Suck each other? :S

    It’s unnatural, and I think this is not a normal thing. I know that it seems interesting, but it’s turn my stomach…

  2. Adam
    15 Sep 09
    1:54 am

    This looks so hot. I totally love it.

  3. James
    15 Sep 09
    3:03 am

    I’d rather see this than bareback.

  4. theo
    15 Sep 09
    6:58 am

    Sorry, but this is fucking disgusting.

  5. B
    15 Sep 09
    7:26 am

    can u imagine fucking your brother?….or sister?…ew

  6. Jeff
    15 Sep 09
    11:04 am

    there’s a big difference between fucking your bro and fucking your twin ! I’ve seen Higgins’ ” double czech” starring the richter twins and till then I’m sure that twin sex is the ultimate porn : just LOVE it

  7. mucko
    15 Sep 09
    4:08 pm

    No, Jeff. It’s still incest and totally wrong and illegal. How do Bel Ami get away with filming this?

  8. A-Rod
    15 Sep 09
    4:19 pm

    Anyone know what video this is from? Or is it a pay scene on the site?

  9. Jeremy
    15 Sep 09
    6:37 pm

    Sorry, where is the problem? Incest is not everywhere illegal, by way of example in Germany only between man and woman. This guys have a right to sexual self-determination!

  10. thraceguy
    15 Sep 09
    11:14 pm

    twins and brothers, they look like they are enjoying it…but where is the body hair?

    Is it now manditory to shave and wax, not that overly hairy is a good thing, but natural hair should exist somewhere on a body????

  11. jboy
    15 Sep 09
    11:26 pm

    Looks hot. Brothers can’t get each other pregnant, so if they want to do each other, I’ll watch.

  12. Derick
    15 Sep 09
    11:28 pm

    HOLY SHIT! I’m not really paying attintion to the twins, I’m more interested in that damn top!! JESUS H CHIRST!! That is one HUGE MONSTER COCK!!!

  13. Alex
    16 Sep 09
    2:49 am

    Let’s not moralize guys. If you don’t like, DON’T WATCH. I personally love this.

  14. manu
    16 Sep 09
    10:16 am

    Don’t really care for these particular guys(young bland shaved) but I LOVE twin porn ,my favourite scene so far being the double-headed dildo scene with the Mangiatti Brothers in a Michael Lucas movie – seeing their identical holes oopening and closing simultaneously was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen!!

  15. manu
    16 Sep 09
    10:17 am

    Now if I had two dicks!!Ha!!

  16. S
    16 Sep 09
    2:36 pm

    All I know is that I wouldn’t want Trevor Yates’ piece anywhere near me.

  17. GDuroy
    16 Sep 09
    3:26 pm

    You can sleep well. Czech law doesn’t know incest between brothers. And, by the way, it was their idea to go all the way. GD

  18. Vick
    16 Sep 09
    5:41 pm

    What, exactly, is immoral about two brothers, twins at that, having sex with each other? Who does it harm?

  19. Vick
    16 Sep 09
    5:44 pm

    GDuroy, if they have the idea to have full on sex together, please have the idea to film it.

  20. disgusted boy
    16 Sep 09
    6:35 pm

    I am from the Czech Republicc and it is against the law and tomorrow I am filing a petition on commencing a criminal prosecution against people in belami.

  21. Charlie_Jackpot
    16 Sep 09
    11:29 pm

    They have really bad skin those twins

  22. dodi
    17 Sep 09
    2:03 am

    i think the Peters twins are cute :) i love him!!!! and it was a perfect scene. :)))

  23. Anders
    17 Sep 09
    11:45 am

    Wow, some of the comments on here are stupid. Of course geniuses, incest is only illegal between a man and his sister; it’s so they don’t procreate! It’s nottechnically illegal in the USA or Canada or Italy or France either. I have a twin brother but I wouldn’t have sex with him and even if I was desperate enough to, I wouldn’t have it filmed and disseminated all over the internet simply because a second rate porn compnay paid us a little bit of money. There are places we draw a line and not simply because of a law. I don’t know what’s worse, seeing or reading about badly made porn or reading how idiotic some of the people who blog on here are. Oh, and yeah, my brother is really hot,too, but it’s still something you don’t do.

  24. Baudelaire
    18 Sep 09
    12:04 am

    Men, maybe someone, specially who has a twin, would deny, but this is incredibly hot! It shakes the porn industry and our conceptions… No limits to feel the pleasure!
    I hope don’t see it again, because I liked, and I am afraid. If you know me, I certainly would say its terrible and would never do that. But in my mind, this animal thing made me dirty excited.
    If it’s a crime, let be in the secret… We are all over 18 and know what we’re doing, and we aren’t doing bad for anyone.

  25. That a sweet mistake!

  26. Zot
    18 Sep 09
    3:35 am

    I think different rules apply with twins. I mean it’s almost like masturbation, since you’re practically having sex with yourself.

  27. Zot
    18 Sep 09
    3:35 am

    Identical twins, that is.

  28. brolove
    20 Sep 09
    7:08 pm

    to speak for the twins that do condone of this, there’s no relationship quite like that of twin brothers, and as long as they are both comfortable, twin sex is a beautiful thing to do – and watch ;) It is like masturbation, but much more fulfulling for everyone involved.

    My twin and I are openly gay and have been having sex regularly outside of our relationships, as well as on occasions together with each other’s boyfriends. It’s about time some hot twins opened up for the cameras to show us how much fun twins can have with each other. Have your oppositions if you insist, that is your opinion, but the law has NOTHING to do with it.

  29. joe
    20 Sep 09
    8:59 pm

    I can understand totally If I looked that hot and I am gay I would totally find myself attractive enough to fuck.

  30. frank
    22 Sep 09
    12:38 am

    I know it’s not right.But it’s so hot.

  31. roy
    30 Sep 09
    9:32 pm

    this video made me cum so fucking hard i can bearly move!!!!


  32. ryan
    02 Oct 09
    1:53 am

    Any body know how to get a hold of this dvd dvddvdhdvd

  33. chuck
    27 Oct 09
    5:53 am

    Trevor Yates is so fucking hot! DAMN!!!!

    31 Oct 09
    2:31 am

    fucking well love not right BUT SO DAM FUCKING RIGHT PMSL ….WHERE CAN I SEE THE VID FOR FREE !

  35. Chuck
    17 Nov 09
    7:02 pm

    This is HOT! If I looked like my brother and we both looked like this, FUCK yeah we would have sex!!!

  36. Edzo
    21 Nov 09
    10:36 pm

    This is hot! As for the moral argument, heck I’d argue there is other porn out there which pushes the boundaries far more.

  37. Duane
    22 Feb 10
    5:21 am

    Seems weird to be discussing something being immoral when we’re talking about ‘porn’… It’s all meaningless, filmed sex for other people’s pleasure… If there’s a heaven or hell, these twins won’t make there any quicker than anyone else in the porn industry or any of us who watches it. I personally don’t find male/female incest appropriate even for entertainment. Men are meant to be more freaky in my opinion, so incest between men is hot to me.. brothers, twins, father/son… uncle/nephew… It’s all good!

  38. Will
    02 May 10
    9:30 am

    i think twins doing each other is the ultimate form of love for each other. i see no harm in it. i have a brother who is hot. if he were gay or bi i would do all i could to get him in my bed

  39. snicker
    04 May 10
    9:25 pm

    I know2 brothers(not twins) who are 2yrs apart & have sex on a regular basis. Once in a while they hit the bars together and pick up a third. They picked me once and the sex was the best ever. After we were done they told me they were brothers. I wasn’t sure I believed them until the family pictures came out. They had been fooling around for years and loved each other much more than just as brothers. Their love was truly special.

  40. gayly
    30 May 10
    5:37 pm

    people used to say that a GAY relationship was unnatural too… so who are we to point fingers…

  41. ron
    01 Jun 10
    2:05 am

    My instinct is to be disgusted and offended by this, but to be honest it’s pretty hot. I dated a guy who had an identical twin when I was in college, and I never would have admitted to it at the time, but I had MANY sex dreams that involved both of them.