Corbin Fisher porn star Aiden came in second on Queer Me Now readers’ Favorite Gay Porn Star Of 2011 poll. And he’s definitely one of my all-time favorite porn stars. That’s why I’m thrilled with this opportunity to learn more about Aiden. Thanks to Chip, the director of marketing, at CORBINFISHER.COM who allowed me to ask one of his most popular models these questions.

I’m so happy to know that this gentle giant is a fellow nerd (a big, beefy and muscular nerd!!!) and I hope you will enjoy reading about Aiden’s personal aspects as much as I do.

And yes, I really LOVE those pictures of Aiden reading my Queer Me Now blog!

Don’t forget to watch AIDEN’S QUADRUPLE LOAD (Bareback) Video!

Aiden, tell us a little bit about your background. What did you do before getting into porn?
I went to a community college to study sports medicine and other classes to become a nutritionist and eventually become a personal trainer.

When and how did you get into the porn industry?
I had posted some pictures up on my Myspace, (when I had it) and I had tons (and when I say tons, I mean tons) of companies messaging me to have me come out and work for them. They were all sorts of different companies.I kinda just fell into the porn industry because I figured having sex would be the best. :)

Please describe what you felt when you were shooting your first sex scene.
Well, my very first scene was my solo, and that was easy, LOL. My first “sex” scene was very, very nerve racking for me. The cameras didn’t really bother me because they were there when I had my solo, it was the girl I was with. She is so beautiful and I was deathly scared that I would disappoint her. She made everything comfortable for me.

Please describe what went through your head when you bottomed for the very first time.
“OH GOD..OUCH!” No it really wasn’t as bad as I thought. When I got used to actually felt good hitting that “G” spot.

When and how you discover that you can cum so many times while getting penetrated?
I never messed around or “experimented” before Corbin Fisher, therefore I discovered all this here. I was just as shocked, as I’m sure many people were.

How do you prepare for each Aiden’s Triple Load videos? And how long it usually take to film these scenes?
I don’t actually prepare for any triple loads. I don’t go in to the scene thinking I’m going to cum 3 or more times …it just happens …I may not have a triple load every time, its just a bonus!!!

Do you also cum so many times during sex in your private life?
No, not really, because I don’t do anything anal outside of Corbin Fisher.

Which lead to this boring question, but fans always want to know. Aiden, please discuss your sexual orientation. Are you in a relationship?
I’m sorry if I disappoint anyone, but I’m straight. I have heard people in my hometown talk crap about me, saying things like there’s no way he can be straight and enjoy the sex. I like getting my G spot hit, but I save it for my fans here on the site. I was in a relationship, but it’s really hard to find someone that accepts me for doing porn.

Do you have a favorite sex act or position? And do you prefer to be top, bottom, or versatile?
My absolute favorite sex act would be eating/licking the pussy and clitoris..mmmmm. I love being on top and putting the legs over my shoulders so I can get real deep and pound like a mad man.

You have an amazing body! Please tell us about your work out, what body part you’re especially proud of?
LOL everyone thinks that its my workouts that make me have an amazing body. It’s part of it. Bodybuilding/ lifting is more than just workouts. It’s honestly 70% diet, 20% workout, and 10% rest. I work out in five week cycle. Two weeks Monday, Wednesday, Friday – all body workout as heavy as possible and rest in between. The weekend is rest or abs. The next two weeks its Monday-upper body, Tuesday-lower body, Wednesday-off, Thursday-upper body, Friday-lower body, and rest for the weekend or abs. The last week is Monday through Saturday, one body part each day with high reps, low weight, and lots and lots of cardio. Then I take a week off, so my body can heal and grow, and start the cycle all over again.

What’s the most sensitive spot on your body? What turns you on the most?
My nipples are the most sensitive part. What turns me on is when my sexual partner knows what they’re doing and I don’t have to tell them. I love getting my cock sucked, which I’m sure everyone does, but I love when the person sucking my cock is staring into my eyes I almost feel like I’m falling in love … LOL:)

What’s the most freakiest thing you ever did on and off camera?
I haven’t had the opportunity to be freaky off camera. :-( On camera however I would have to say doing ass to mouth was the freakiest thing, or being tied up.

Who’s your favorite fictional character?
Oh, boy…..I could go on forever! I’m a nerd at heart. It’s a three-way tie. I absolutely love Eddie Brock / Venom from Spider-man. I can’t tell you how many times I drew his picture and imagined being him. I also love King Kong and Godzilla. I have every movie ever made of both of them.

If you were a superhero (or supervillain), what would be your superhero name? Please describe your special ability and secret identity.
My name would be Destroyer. My powers would be mystical, like that of Marvel’s Juggernaut. My strength and abilities would be like that of Marvel’s Hulk. I can never die of anything, or grow old. My powers would be infinite. I’m also a superhero. :)

In your free time, what do you like to do most?
My free time consists of me working out (obviously), doing artwork, anything outdoors, and being around awesome people and my dog.

What’s your most favorite movie? TV Show?
My most favorite movie is King Kong vs. Godzilla…not just because I love both of them, but also its one of my earliest memories of watching a movie with my dad. I was three years old when my dad first brought home the VHS tape, and we sat together watching it. I forever thank him for that moment, because it changed my life forever. I love you, Dad. My favorite TV show was the 1994-1998 Spider-Man cartoon series.

Name five people (whether real person of fictional character) you would most like to meet?
1) Eddie Brock / Venom 2) Arnold Schwarzenegger 3) Rocky Marciano 4) Ishiro Honda (director of most of the best Godzilla movies) 5. Akira Ifukube (musical composer of the Godzilla movies.)

Name two persons (whether real person, fellow porn star or fictional character) you would most like to Double Penetrate you?
Someone with small dicks, where both of theirs together would equal my own.

What is your opinion about bareback porn? How do you respond to bareback critics?
This is a sore topic. I actually prefer barebacking. Condoms suck. I know that there’s STD’s, but we get tested here, every single time we come out. No if ands or buts about it. I trust this company with my life. They treat us so good here and take every precautionary measure to make sure we’re safe. You guys don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, so if you don’t know, you should please keep your mouth shut.

Do you have any bad habits or guilty pleasure? Is there anything about you that we’d be surprised to know?
My bad habit would be that I spoil my dog.. A LOT!!! My guilty pleasure is that I still collect action figures. Not cartoonish ones..but the bad-ass ones. My most recent buy was from the movie Predators. They released a combo pack, with the original Alien and the original Predator!!!

What is next for Aiden?
I take everything day by day. I would love to succeed at everything I do in life. Right now, I’m training again for a “natural” bodybuilding competition and I’d like to go far with that. Corbin tells me that I have to give a 5 load video first. ;)

You’re welcome!


+ More of Aiden


Funny video of Aiden’s New Year’s Resolution from Corbin Fisher Facebook.

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  1. manu
    26 Apr 12
    9:12 am

    Uh oh I get the feeling that this interview will not increase his popularity at all…
    He’s a great performer but I wish I hadn’t read this :p

    Congrats to QMN for getting the interview still..

  2. cc boy
    26 Apr 12
    9:18 am

    I admire his honesty. I believe those are his real feelings not a staged interview that just try to please his fans.

  3. VADick4U2
    26 Apr 12
    9:46 am

    I thought that he was on Sean Cody first and even got a BJ there!

    So what does he mean when he said I never done anything before CF? Is he talking just anal?

  4. tom
    26 Apr 12
    9:48 am

    yea that interview didnt do much for me

  5. VADick4U2
    26 Apr 12
    9:50 am

    Roman was his name on Sean Cody and those videos came out first.

  6. matt
    26 Apr 12
    10:57 am

    Seriously, can we stop fawning over Gay4Pay guys? It only plays into the hands of bigpots who say all gay guys are out to turn them. I’m sick of watching straight guys, I want to see genuine gay men.

  7. timucua
    26 Apr 12
    11:10 am

    He was Gage on Chaosmen before Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody, but he only did an solo scene. Wondering was some of his answears were written for him beforehand?.

  8. Rob
    26 Apr 12
    12:01 pm

    Um, maybe we need to re-define the word: STRAIGHT? And I’m sorry but his statement, “I was in a relationship but it’s really hard to find someone (a woman) who accepts me for doing porn” is completely illogical and bizarre if he’s straight. The only inference to be made is that although he is straight and likes women he would rather have sex with men ON CAMERA even it means not being able to have a relationship with the object of his true sexual desire. WTF?

  9. critic
    26 Apr 12
    12:31 pm

    It was a good interview especially since it showed the real man, and not your silly fantasies. We humans have barely begun to explore our sexuality. Aiden makes it clear that straight men can enjoy anal sex for the physical pleasure. Also, sex can be fun with any partner who is fun to be with, male or female. Drop the limiting terms “straight” “Bi” and “gay” and see the full spectrum of sexual pleasure!

  10. porn_fan
    26 Apr 12
    1:32 pm

    I am fascinated by the whole gay-for-pay porn phenomenon. On Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, and Randy Blue, most of the scenes are two straight guys fucking each other. Its just bizarre. Are they experiencing any pleasure? Do they enjoy it or are they really good actors? Or is it purely for the money? I’ve always felt that sexual orientation isn’t really about sex. It’s an emotional and mental thing. These “straight” guys can have sex with men, but they’re emotionally attracted to women. All I that it seems unfair that these straight guys are having hotter gay sex than most gay men.

  11. Aiden's husband
    26 Apr 12
    1:48 pm

    He’s straight?I don’t believe him lol..he said he doesnt do any anal outside of CF but he’s spoken before on petes attic that his then girlfriend used a strap-on on him also he said he hadn’t experimented with men before CF?Hello!we’ve all seen your work on Sean I take him saying he’s striaght with a pinch of salt ;)

  12. jojo
    26 Apr 12
    2:01 pm

    cute,cute,cute,i love aiden

  13. Anderson
    26 Apr 12
    2:35 pm

    Well, I didn’t like many things that he said. It’s weird someone cum three or four times while getting fucked and say that’s straight. It’s my opinion.
    “I don’t do anything anal outside of Corbin Fisher”: why? Is that so bad? Is it just good at CF?
    One part I didn’t understand: did he already do an ass to mouth scene? OMG, that’s hardcore!
    I liked his pictures above. His hair is better then in his videos.
    And QMN, thank you so much for transcript the interview! I love you!

  14. S.
    26 Apr 12
    3:07 pm

    I don’t understand the issue some people are having with the interview. He’s an entertainer and his job is to entertain his fans.

    Did anyone expect to read ‘I’m single and looking for that special someone’ answers? It’s a fantasy. He’s an actor (in porn, but still) and it’s his job to act the part (convincingly).

  15. RAy
    26 Apr 12
    3:08 pm

    Not liking the interview because it breaks the illusion/fantasy one has of Aiden, is understandable. Now, all of a sudden, he’s not exactly how you imagined him to be. Of course it’s a letdown.

    But I think this critique where we have to question people’s self-identification is bizarre. So many of us grew up telling us we couldn’t be anything other than straight, and now we’re going to attack someone for choosing how he wants to be identified on the sexual spectrum? He says he’s straight. So what? Let him identify accordingly to how he wants to be identified. Especially if he’s not actively trying to destroy or hurt anyone else in his identification.

    I will agree thought that the terms as applied to porn are perhaps limiting.

    Also, I don’t see any contradiction with enjoying being fucked on film and not doing it outside in your personal life. Presumably on set, everyone is cleaned out, there is clear intention about getting fucked (so mentally and emotionally you’re prepared) and also that you get paid to do it (and probably more than if you were a top). In real life, anal sex can get messy and isn’t always easy to do spontaneously. And if emotionally, you generally prefer having sex with women… then understandably, getting penetrated may not be your go-to at home. It’s not that hard to imagine, if tou ask me.

    To me, the interview was sweet and real. He seems like a man-boy who’s a bit trapped in his porn career, but recognizes (or believe this is the only option) that this is how he can make more money quickly. Hopefully he’s working hard to plan for the day when porn won’t be as lucrative anymore. But at least he seems honest overall.

  16. GGGAG
    26 Apr 12
    3:13 pm

    The videos when he bottoms are indicative of his true sexual desires. He loses his shit every time! His eyes goes cross-eyed!

    EVERY time he bottoms, he cums at least three times! Plus, after he cums with guys, and is very affectionate with them. That guy is a POWER BOTTOM in denial!

    To me, if that is “straight” then I guess it makes me one too.


    I guarantee my dick will be inside that fucker! And that he will be spreading those cheeks, and singing Cher songs while bottoming! :p

    That boy is QUEER!

  17. GGGAG
    26 Apr 12
    3:25 pm

    He needs to be in a sling with a gang of guys pounding his ass!

  18. DJ
    26 Apr 12
    3:27 pm

    Its a Good interview except ‘Straight’ part
    As Rob said above, some of his mention was weird for me to understand
    so this interview was staged by the CF marketer, this is just my opinion thou

    anyway I love him as a bottom!

  19. Pedro
    26 Apr 12
    3:35 pm

    Straight, but he eats cum with a smile on his face (scene with Cain) LOL

  20. Rob
    26 Apr 12
    3:43 pm

    I don’t give a damn how anyone chooses to identify themselves, sorry. RAy, that’s not the point. My point is that we have to identify our terms like straight, bi and gay. Yes, of course there is an amazingly wide spectrum of sexuality-that is a give-my point is simply that the term ‘straight’ no longer means what it used to. So why use it at all? If a man I had fallen in love with told me, hey, I can have sex with you but nothing more becaue I’m straight, then I would give a damn. How a porn actor-sorry, they are NOT stars with a very few exceptions like Erik Rhodes, I could care less. I’m simply speaking about language and how we use it. For several years after first having sex with men I still told anyone and everyone that I was straight, and I actually did believe it. That was because I didn’t identify with gay culture as I understood it. I just thought I was a straight guy who occasionally had sex with other masculine, straight guys. It wasn’t until I fell head over heals in love with another man that I took the time to look at myself in the mirror and say: dude, you’re gay. How people view themselves is not always easily understood by outsiders.

  21. David
    26 Apr 12
    3:58 pm

    Aiden we look forward to you getting DP’d, Gang Banged and swallowing everyone’s babiez inbetween and taking it like the ‘straight’ man you are! Keep up the good work…

  22. Woohooboy
    26 Apr 12
    4:17 pm

    NEWSFLASH FOLKS: There are guys out there that enjoy getting fucked as well as enjoying pussy. These guys are bi which is what Aiden is.

    He may prefer the company of women in his personal life but he sure as hell doesn’t mind the company of men when the cameras are rolling.

    A (truly) straight guy would not be turned on by a man no matter how much money is thrown at them. Many G4P performers are bi even if they don’t want to admit it.

    I think there is a stigma attached to being labelled bi by both the gay and straight community which never ceases to amaze me. These people do exist and yes it is possible to like the company of both Arthur & Martha if you all catch my drift…..

  23. James
    26 Apr 12
    4:17 pm

    He seems so young and still naive a bit, which is kinda sweet. I just have to say that I am kinda offended. He has had more dicks up his butt than me. I don’t think he is straight. Bi maybe, which sounds like what he is going for, but no genuine straight man I have met would ever suck and put that many dicks up their butts. I guess I am saying, if and when he admits he is at least bi then that would be great. Maybe it’s just part of the CF fantasy.

  24. Lein
    26 Apr 12
    4:47 pm

    What a tool. I have to stop reading these interviews, it completely destroys their onscreen presence. Its sorta like seeing a well established sitcom actor out in public and he/she is NOTHING like the character they portray on tv. Its not a bad thing, just so weird.

  25. West
    26 Apr 12
    4:53 pm

    Aiden is gorgeous and always has amazing passion. I wish I had not read the interview.

  26. James
    26 Apr 12
    5:28 pm

    Would people have been happier if he said he were the gayest thing out there and he wanted four dicks in his ass? LOL He describes himself as straight. Cool. As long as he cums, gets fucked, sucks dick, and kisses I’m happy.

  27. nikko
    26 Apr 12
    6:10 pm

    Blah, blh, blah I’m straight?! No you’re not. bisexual, hello??!

  28. Billy Blue
    26 Apr 12
    6:54 pm

    He says: ” I am Straight” I say: Next !!!!!!!!

  29. Scott
    26 Apr 12
    7:21 pm

    I’m a vegerian but I eat meat. I’m a Christian but I don’t believe in God. I’m a bicyclist but I don’t own a bike or know how to ride one. I’m a blond but my hair is brown. I’ve traveled all over the world but have never left my home town. I’m straight but I get fucked in the ass without condoms and then I eat cum.

  30. Scott
    26 Apr 12
    7:21 pm


  31. greco
    26 Apr 12
    8:18 pm

    Really? I know you did this interview with hope u could get aiden, but i’m sure carbin was saying what to answer each one of them… too bad CF is still a plastic, homophobic studio just like NDS

  32. striderforce
    26 Apr 12
    8:36 pm


  33. EdWoody
    26 Apr 12
    9:13 pm

    I find it fascinating how everyone on this site apparently knows this man’s sexual orientation better than he himself does. That’s some powerful telepathy there, you should be making money from that.

    As to the interview, no I WILL NOT “keep my mouth shut” about condoms. Because it’s not about what you do or don’t do behind scenes – it’s about what the viewer sees ON SCREEN. He can’t see your tests or your assurances or your trust in your employers. He sees the condom that is not on your dick. And that’s what he’ll copy.

    So I don’t give a shit whether you’re straight or not. I give a shit that you’re setting a bad example for the fans you claim to care so much about.

  34. leev
    26 Apr 12
    9:20 pm


  35. nikko
    26 Apr 12
    9:45 pm

    You, striderforce, lack morals and a conscience. What do you mean “who cares” when when bi/gay guys lie about their orientation and they do porn??! Talk about a slap in the face!! Please. Emptyheads like you have my contempt.

  36. nikko
    26 Apr 12
    10:01 pm

    EDWOODY, telepathy isn’t required to observe and deduce the obvious. A guy has consistent, passionate gay sex, kissing,etc. That’s not acting, that’s sexual desire. At least if these G4P would openly admit to obviously being BI, I wouldn’t question their assertion. But all of them STRAIGHT??! Bullshit!

  37. Neal
    26 Apr 12
    10:06 pm

    I believe these guys look grown up and though in their twenties are still sexually in their late teens.

    They are “Idonotcaresexual” … they barely know who they are themselves.

  38. alex
    26 Apr 12
    10:55 pm

    Yeah, I’ve never cared whether someone identifys himself as gay, straight or bi. It’s what they do on screen that matters.

    I think, though, that Aiden is a bit knaive when it comes to barebacking.

  39. TacoStains
    26 Apr 12
    11:10 pm

    Even if he were GAY ask yourself would he be fucking you or would you EVEN be in his circle…

  40. aj
    26 Apr 12
    11:38 pm

    @nikko- I think you need to chill the fuck out! Aiden did’t say “I aint no faggot!!” He just said that he was straight. I think you are just mad cause you know you will never have him. That is just my opinion.

  41. foreskintiponly
    27 Apr 12
    12:50 am

    I am sooo happy you fuck bareback!

  42. Ty
    27 Apr 12
    12:54 am

    He is a great performer but this interview was a deception

  43. C
    27 Apr 12
    1:57 am

    All of you Dorothy’s need to stop looking behind the fucking curtain if you really don’t want to know who or what the wizard really is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are you worried about this guy’s sexual orientation? worry about your own. Why is it hard for you people to understand that Gay-4-Pay is not new, it has been that way from the beginning and if you do not like it then stop watching it. Simple. Move on. Gay porn does not and will not improve gay rights or lack there of in this country. Now that’s something to fight about. If you guys used half as much energy you do towards pron in gaining our basic civil rights then we wouldn’t be worried about our right to marry we would already have it! Aiden and other’s are their to do a job and as long as they are doing a good job i have no issue. I would say that some of you need to get a life, but your life is all about porn so i would be wasting my time.

  44. nikko
    27 Apr 12
    2:23 am

    You’ve all lost your minds in thinking that their sexual orientation doesn’t matter. yes it does. And no, AJ, I don’t want him, idiot. I want truth, not G4P. Nice try though.

  45. Greg
    27 Apr 12
    2:46 am

    He eats cum and takes it up the ass, and he’s straight. Yeah, boy.

  46. Billy Blue
    27 Apr 12
    2:53 am

    All the Corbin Fisher models have the same script: “Iam Straight, I hate condoms, Ilove Pussy, blah blah blah ! Its allways the same, because that’s what they tell tem to say

  47. samwise
    27 Apr 12
    3:45 am

    Where I come from (Planet Earth), straight men don’t gargle and swallow another man’s load.

  48. daws
    27 Apr 12
    4:05 am

    He’s a geek! Love it and it makes him even sexier. Being straight doesn’t bother me and actually I find the gay for pay hot. I don’t understand why some have such a hard time believing that he’s really straight. If you paid me a bunch of money to have sex with women, I’d do it! I’d need gay porn playing in the background or some viagra but it’s physically possible. Same difference.

  49. waht!
    27 Apr 12
    4:47 am

    “Straight” hahah… all that nasty hardcore shit he does with guys for whatever reasons makes him everything but. Seems like everything has a price these days including ones sexuality.

  50. Craven
    27 Apr 12
    7:52 am

    @Ed Woody – how is he setting a bad example when he is working for a company that produce bareback porn. They wouldn’t produce em if they didn’t have viewers pay to watch it. Just because you don’t like bareback porn then hell don’t watch it. There are thousand of viewers that do.

  51. aj
    27 Apr 12
    7:53 am

    @ Nikko if you want truth then get off the fucking internet and do not watch porn!! Just watch some documentaries and stop your bitching!

  52. Marc
    27 Apr 12
    9:27 am

    Good lawd, that’s a lotta hate!! So he identifies as straight? So what? Is it really that surprising and crushing?? I absolutely believe it’s possible for a straight-identified performer to have sex with men for money. Believe me, all your comments aren’t going to “shame” him out of the closet if he’s not straight anyway, so what does it matter how he identifies? Give this guy a break! He is what he is. Calm down.

    Personally, I’m not into gay4pay performers; whether in porn, in stripper/dancer clubs, or in my bedroom. But these guys wouldn’t have a job if there weren’t plenty of gay or bi men out there willing to pay to see these guys perform wherever they are. You’ll tear this poor guy a new one for being honest; but I doubt you’ll stop watching him perform or push a studio that uses predominantly gay/bi-only performers to number one. So…stow it.

  53. mj
    27 Apr 12
    10:52 am

    ok this is just me but what is it about corbin fisher performers that everybody likes so much? can answer me that? to me it’s not much of a difference from Sean Cody or Bel Ami.
    1) they all do bareback porn now
    2)damn-near 99.98 % of their guys either identify as straight or bi
    3)(sadly can’t bring up this point with out it being racial) there is very little variety in their performers
    -Sean Cody only does every once in a blue moon. the only reasons why next door and RandyBlue don’t make this list is because both use condoms, both have people in their stable who will claim gay, RB won’t stop at nothing until they’ve brought in the entire west coast male population, and NDS because they’re performers get shoved down our throats (no pun intended) whether we like it or not. for example: CODY FUCKING CUMMINGS who at the most will only kiss a guy and fake a sex scene on camera!!
    now on to a more important question which Striderforce and Marc have called a lot of gay men out on (even I do this): why even bitch about this guy saying he’s straight knowing within the next week if QMN or any other gay porn blogsite releases footage of him getting plowed in new scene, you’re gonna fap to it? what’s the point really? we know there’s very few gay guys in the porn industry today anyway. and most of these guys wouldn’t dare be in a relationship with a dude when they go home. so why even bother?I’m annoyed by it too but at the end of the day bitching about is not gonna do me any favors. if you’re tired of the guys in the skin business, don’t pay for or renew your damn memberships at they’re sites. or better yet, like striderforce said but I’m gonna go further, hit the gym HARD. find a trainer, pack some damn muscle, improve your sex game, and go audition for Falcon, Raging Stallion, and Hot House. go show these younger guys how the shit is done.

  54. Remy
    27 Apr 12
    12:26 pm

    I wanna see the self respecting woman that will enter in a relationship or marry him.
    He’s be better of in finding one of those women on CF that fucks in those Bi-scenes.


  55. nikko
    27 Apr 12
    4:09 pm

    Marc, yes, it’s crushing and shocking. I want to see males who are bi/gay who enjoy having sex with males and not be deceived. Is that so hard to understand??!

  56. Horny24/7
    27 Apr 12
    5:58 pm

    People, don’t you see that by saying he is straight he gets everyone talking? It’s great publicity. It’s scripted to arouse controversy. That’s all. But the boy is a bit ol’ gay power bottom.

  57. DD
    27 Apr 12
    6:05 pm

    Well I’ve only just discovered Aiden because of this post and quickly got familiar with his videography and: DAMN! Homo, hetero or bi, he enjoys a dick in his hole and responds like no one I’ve seen on film before. I am a fan.

  58. pornbit
    27 Apr 12
    6:42 pm

    Does anyone else find it profoundly odd that one the first questions asked of any guy in gay porn is if he is actually attracted to men? And that the majority of the time the response is no. Can you imagine an interviewer asking a guy in straight porn if he was actually attracted to women? That would be the most nonsensical question ever because of course he is attracted to women. Which is why I tend to watch more straight porn now, because I get off on seeing guys actually enjoy themselves.

  59. C
    27 Apr 12
    6:58 pm

    Haters Gonna Hate!!!

  60. tbag
    27 Apr 12
    8:59 pm

    all i know is, i couldn’t be straight for pay. just sayin’!

  61. ATLTech
    27 Apr 12
    9:35 pm

    It’s actually funny to me that anyone actually believes what these “actors” say in interviews these days. PR is everything. And for someone Aiden’s age, most times they’re speaking from a script rather from the mind. Corbin Fisher is a business and it has to be protected, simple and plain.

    So, to all those who says “Who cares about G4Pers, as long as they perform,” remember these guys are being told to do certain things for a reason… money talks.

  62. John
    28 Apr 12
    10:08 am

    Scripted interview. No question. He came twice very quickly in the Tag Travis with Conner without anal. Conner ate his cum and less than a couple of minutes later he came watching Conner get blown. Of course he is getting paid $100 G + a year plus major medical and a scholarship for being a primary performer with CF, but clearly from his performance he is enthusiastically bisexual. I’ve had sex with many hundreds of “straight” guys over the years…. in many cases repeatedly. They would never define themselves as anything but “straight” but love my big cock in their mouth. One regular FB made out with me recently, and peeked thru the eyehole in the door to make sure no neighbors would see him leave. “Straight”;)

  63. HLB
    28 Apr 12
    3:46 pm

    When did he do ass to mouth?

  64. ed
    28 Apr 12
    4:35 pm

    Its just entertainment, why over analyze it. There are people who gets turned on by g4p and others who don’t. We need to just accept certain things in life and stop fighting, bickering and hating on others. Just respect people’s decisions and opinions and not put judgement on others simply because it’s different from yours. btw this interview was very cute, and his longer hair makes aiden so much sweeter! keep up the good work QMN

  65. Nikko
    28 Apr 12
    9:52 pm

    John, does he really make $100,000 dollars a year? Good grief I doubt the money is that good?!

  66. alex
    29 Apr 12
    1:34 am

    @critic you say drop the fantasy and you applaud him fo being real. you obviously have misconstrued your own point of view. porn is the fantasy and the reality is he doesn’t like men. we as humans are not just sexual objects we have emotions as well. so to rationale watching him in an objectifying way is one thing but to reason his explanation and or motivation and call it “real” is obsurd

  67. alex
    29 Apr 12
    1:55 am

    one last thing there are thousands of beautiful gay men all over this world…openly gay men, they are just not fucking on camera for money!

  68. royce
    29 Apr 12
    3:41 am

    even though it’s obvious, predictable and stupid why these guys claim to be “straight”, it’s not going to change. why shouldn’t they say they are “straight” (and probably convince themselves they are). the way EVERYTHING is stacked up, there’s much greater social and psychological reward to saying and believing you’re “straight.” expecting him to have enough insight to say anything else is expecting him to know or accept more than he is in the position to know or accept. being “straight” is a badge of honor and the word gets pounded into their psyche their whole lives. the hilarious contradiction here is that most guys like these dudes not just because they say they are “straight” but because we know they truly believe they are. people apparently find that kind of lack of insight and self-awareness appealing – probably because we equate ‘masculinity’ with the same thing.

    instead of getting mad at these models for saying they are “straight” how about we just realize that the definition of the word “straight” when used in these contexts (and many contexts) is so broad as to render the word itself absolutely meaningless. we know that when he says he’s “straight” he means it in a completely different way than when our 100% straight brother says it. there’s no point in arguing about it with him. just accept that the word is rendered meaningless and let him say he’s “straight” as much as he wants. then when you see the look on his face when his G spot gets hit over and over by another man’s dick you can revel in your self-satisfaction that he just wants to call himself “straight” simply so he can call himself “straight”.

  69. cirderf13
    29 Apr 12
    4:20 am

    Great post, Royce. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  70. DD
    29 Apr 12
    7:39 am

    No. 70, yeah, baby! Whatever Aiden’s selling, I’m buying it. He’s hot and has a body and dick that won’t quit. Literally…

  71. K
    01 May 12
    11:22 pm

    He collects action toys? What a dork – I love him!

  72. F_S
    05 May 12
    7:48 pm

    Thanks! It’s interesting to know about these guys.
    It would be great you could do it often. I wish a lot that you could interview, for example, to Conner Chesney (redhead boy).

    By the way, I do not understand these guys who say they do not like guys at all, and yet they have sex with men voluntarily and successfully, and it is clear that they enjoy doing it. I could understand they say to prefer women, but I do not understand what they say to do not like men at least minimally, since it is illogic, because in that case they could not function sexually with guys.
    The only explanation occurs to me is that deep down they think that homosexuality is really a wrong or shameful thing. And it would be a very sad conclusion.

    Besides, regarding porn actors if they say to be 100% straight, consequently their scenes would be 100% fictitious or fake, and this really would be not very stimulant.


  73. Neil
    19 May 12
    10:10 pm

    @royce: Just because a man enjoys getting his G-spot pounded doesn’t prove he’s gay in whatever way you think it means. He says he doesn’t engage in ass play with his girlfriend, but he could just be lying or keeping that aspect of his personal sex life to himself. If he gets his G-spot stimulated by a woman with a dildo, does that make him gay? Clearly, he enjoyed getting pounded by a dick, but he says he only discovered that when he started getting paid to get fucked by a dick. How does making that discovery convert him to being gay, or “not straight?”

  74. nikko
    20 May 12
    5:25 pm

    …it makes him gay or bi because he’s being pounded by a ….you guessed it..guy!! And enjoyed it. That is the definition!

  75. Juan
    20 May 12
    8:44 pm

    If he love getting his G-spot stimulated by a big cock, then and love to cum many times……he should try to get it at home while fucking a chick too.

    Love still Aiden open frank interview indeed!

  76. Shad
    18 Aug 12
    5:50 pm

    I don’t get how you can do something just for money if you aren’t attracted to it…Either he’s lying or he’s bisexual. There is NO WAY a dude can eat cum and lick a dudes assholes without liking some of it… makes no sense. And yes, he is a bit gay doing all of this… he may not do it outside of the cameras, but he still does it and it still makes him a homo. Nothing wrong with that, let’s just cut the bullshit… He takes a dong = homo/bi….

  77. jlc172
    03 Sep 12
    11:35 am

    what a stupid! anyway, he can tell anything, but it’s clear facts talk (“str8″ guys get DP all the time…). Nobody’s perfect, and he still is a great performer on screen.

  78. Sam
    23 Dec 12
    11:08 pm

    Sorry but this dude takes it in the ass bettter than any bottom out there hard to believe hes never been fucked and/or doesnt bottom in his personal life. Hes an ideal type bottom. Slim frame that make his small muscle seem bigger, thus easier to fuck and a nice cock to play with. He actually reminds me of a younger version of zeb atlas. Hot guy all around. But way too young, cheesy to take seriously. He is also very mestizo looking and acting that is also a big turn off and unpleasant.

  79. Nope boy
    29 Jan 13
    3:40 pm

    who agree with me, I think he is gay i mean real gay, this interview just script…to make them is hot !!! for gay people and so many gay guy like to be a fan or want to have S** with him !!!! my opinion i don’t truts this interview because when he having sex in Cf he look enjoys and i think straight guy never be able to bottom ….. So Wtf why why they lie to us i need to seen real gay porn as sometime i seen porn i felt fascinate and then after that he said I’m straight…… i don’t truts Aiden but i truts Crif

  80. Thinker
    24 May 13
    4:49 pm

    1. Found out I was “bi” fairly recent. Still don’t prefer “both” men an women (which is what bi means) I prefer women (straight) but gay people say if ou like your prostate getting hit then you are bi or gay…intereting. I’m intrigued by how people view sexuality and its like straight people are more open than gay people…who knew?

    2. Lots of questions… Do you really think that every porn star is attracted to every person they fuck on screen? Do you only have sex with people you are attracted to? (without a money incentive..)Do you think that a person can’t enjoy physical pleasure because they aren’t with the preferred gender? With all of the pills and tricks you think every hard on and eye roll is actually genuine? (Especially with all the pills and tricks out there to get hard)…someone mentioned straight actors…you really think all those guys like every girl they fuck just because she’s a girl. None of you (gay guys) would fuck a hot girl for money? (If you did are you still gay?) Are all gay people attracted to every fit person of the same gender? You think that just because you are gay you’d look more believable on cam? I’m actually curious about this.

  81. fer
    19 Jun 13
    7:20 pm

    Cummon guys…. It’s OBVIOUS this interview was arranged, they try to turn up gays with that silly speech… Straight or not, the SPEECH is already sold.

  82. Me
    06 Feb 14
    12:10 pm

    I know he is gay in reality. :).
    I can’t believe you all believe this interview ha.