TIMTALES.COM is known for featuring tops with HUGE cocks. The owner and the star Tim Kruger himself has gigantic cock. And in this latest video starring Tim Kruger, Race Cooper and the lucky camera guy in a special guest role, now we know that the cameraman working for Tim Kruger has a big cock too!

And I love Race Cooper‘s ripped muscular body! His bubble butt looks amazing getting pounded by Tim’s huge cock.


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  1. Broko
    10 Jun 12
    2:29 am

    HOT that’s a DICK and that’s an ass!

    is the camera mans dick actually big or just close to the camera, it does not look that big

  2. mirroire
    10 Jun 12
    3:32 am

    The camera man, I believe, is Tim Kruger’s boyfriend, Grobbes (sp.?) Not the first time he’s joined the action.

  3. Gleeholic
    10 Jun 12
    5:00 am

    This should happen more often in gay porn. Might make it even more enjoyable and different. Example camera man person Steve Cruz gets his cock sucked by Andrew Jakk who is getting fucked by Christopher Daniels. Just an idea.

  4. Casey
    10 Jun 12
    5:45 am

    Yeah it’s Grobes Geraet. He hasn’t been on camera that much so this is a nice surprise.

  5. Matias
    10 Jun 12
    7:38 am

    Looks hot.

  6. Ericcord
    10 Jun 12
    9:46 am

    Wow, I’m jealous of Race. Lucky fuck!


    Good posting as usual!!!!

  7. almatolmen
    10 Jun 12
    7:59 pm

    I’m glad someone could put a name to the cameraman/performer. I hate it when someone goes nameless and uncredited.

  8. alex9gr
    10 Jun 12
    11:04 pm

    that black slut is amazing

  9. Chris
    10 Jun 12
    11:29 pm

    Bottom has a nice body, but IMO an ugly face

  10. Gaz
    11 Jun 12
    1:35 pm

    Awesome sex. Amazing dick on both the Top and the Camerman! Very horny indeed. Lucky bottom guy :-)

  11. kaike
    11 Jun 12
    8:58 pm

    Race can barely take that master pole ge took 1/2

  12. sxg
    12 Jun 12
    12:07 am

    And yet he can take a fist? hmm something ain’t right about that!