Check out this hot new candid video I found on The Maverick Men Blog called Cole’s Random Mobile Phone Vids (part 1). It contains so many sexy moments from Hunter and Cole Maverick’s sex life including some behind the scenes footage. Can’t wait for part 2!

And MAVERICKMEN.COM just released this video called Sexy Little Beast in which Cole and Hunter fuck this lucky Asian guy named Minh.




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  1. bachus27
    05 Nov 12
    2:16 am

    it’s xmas for the “little asian”

  2. Oat
    05 Nov 12
    5:33 am

    man, when are they gonna release the videos with minh and the other guy in the picture?

  3. Marcus
    05 Nov 12
    7:50 am

    I find Maverick Men so sleazy and gross.

  4. Sandro
    05 Nov 12
    10:25 am

    I remember so well the guy in the first image, Davies: nice ass and big big cock, with a hairy bulge.

    His video, where he moaned like a pro, was really hot.

    I know he did another vid with Maverick Men, and now I hope to see him more in the future.

  5. Paul
    05 Nov 12
    1:59 pm

    When are they going to offer downloadable videos on their site?? That’s when I’ll become a member.

  6. Jay
    05 Nov 12
    4:07 pm

    Never been a fan of these 2 and never will. I look at them, and the word “AVOID” flashes in my mind.

  7. Danii
    05 Nov 12
    5:09 pm

    Minh? Sound like a Vietnamese name.

  8. danny
    06 Nov 12
    8:45 am

    I get a creepy dirty feeling from the Maverick guys. I doubt that they do regular testing for HIV and their latest conquests, being as how it’s an amateur site. I hope I’m wrong.

  9. Tru
    10 Nov 12
    1:32 am

    Finally they f*ck an Asian guy. I was beginning to think they were racist against asians

  10. none
    03 Aug 13
    1:24 pm

    Damn pedo. Too YOUNG for YOU!

    I do not why asians always like to be used by whites.
    Sick video.