RANDYBLUE.COM just released a new video featuring gay porn star Ash Taylor getting fucked by Dean Wildwood. Needless to say, Ash has one of the best jobs in the world as a gay porn star to have sex with many hot guys of Randy Blue.

And here’s another reason to envy him. Ash Taylor has a SUPER HOT and SUPER SEXY BOYFRIEND / HUBBY waiting for him back home! They are cute couple!

+ Dean Wildwood Fucks Ash Taylor [XXX Gallery]

+ More of Ash Taylor


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  1. cc boy
    14 Sep 11
    8:32 am

    AWWWWWW they r cute!

    Is that blue jigsaw picture a hint of what they do in bed? LOL

  2. EdWoody
    14 Sep 11
    9:04 am

    They look practically identical. I mean, they look great, but still… it’s a bit… creepy almost.

  3. cc boy
    14 Sep 11
    9:09 am

    you look at pics of good looking and happy gay couple and all you can think of is ‘creepy’ ???

  4. cc boy
    14 Sep 11
    9:19 am

    oh and I know you have freedom of speech to say whatever comes to your mind.

  5. sxg
    14 Sep 11
    11:36 am

    so are we supposed to all look like polar opposites of each other or something? I’m sure they’re not purposely looking to fall in love with someone who has exact identical features. and give buzz cuts to all the white guys with bodies like that and at least half of them will “look practically identical”

  6. Critic
    14 Sep 11
    12:17 pm

    The look hot. end of story. They look cute together and happy together. end of story.

  7. Kevin
    14 Sep 11
    12:24 pm

    I still have difficulty of figuring out which one is which….

  8. Jose Arribas
    14 Sep 11
    12:45 pm

    Sorry it does look creepy. But I guess if you’re into twincest, then more power to you. Me, I like a little diversity in my partners but I guess some people really do like to fuck themselves.

  9. Jay
    14 Sep 11
    12:58 pm

    I agree with Ed & Jose….it IS a little creepy that they come very very close to being physical carbon copies of each other. If one of them would just shave his head or grow out the hair, then maybe it would be less creepy–they are both nice looking, but it is just a little strange that they look so much alike.

  10. EdWoody
    14 Sep 11
    2:05 pm

    Quit clutching your pearls, ladies – I never said they weren’t attractive or happy. Just they look unusually similar to each other.

  11. robert
    14 Sep 11
    2:55 pm

    I agree with critic everyone else seems quite petty

  12. Jensen
    14 Sep 11
    4:43 pm

    what’s the name of Ash’s boyfriend

  13. simon
    14 Sep 11
    5:06 pm

    I can’t tell them apart.

  14. Matias
    14 Sep 11
    5:36 pm

    Very handsome and hot bodies!

  15. Ben
    14 Sep 11
    6:42 pm

    Which one’s which? At one point they even seem to change earrings.

  16. hei
    14 Sep 11
    7:06 pm

    hmm… you can tell the difference if you look at their hairlines, yep, their hairlines are different ;)

  17. Goofactory
    14 Sep 11
    7:59 pm

    i think it’s quite typical…a lot of gay guys are in love with themselves so they obviously looking for a twin to fuck or whatever

  18. Luca
    14 Sep 11
    9:27 pm

    I have to agree with many of these comments. A straight female friend of mine always coments on how so many of the gay men she knows or sees when she is with me all over the world seem to pick their twin as a lover. Go to any gay dance club anywhere in the world; muscle guys are with muscle guys; twinks with twinks; bears with bears. Even Euripides said we are always searching for our other half. These guys seem like a sweet couple. Good for them.

  19. md3xx
    14 Sep 11
    10:20 pm

    I do agree they kind of look similar but I don’t care about that that much :P I wouldn’t mind being sandwiched between them ;)

  20. Marko
    14 Sep 11
    10:43 pm

    It’s because many gay guys work towards the look they find most desirable. When they’re also attracted to other guys with that look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you’ll get some similar looking couples. I disagree with anyone who says gay men are more narcissistic than anyone else.

  21. Dannyboi2
    14 Sep 11
    11:25 pm

    narcissistic yep, we can be, usually we pair up with someone that looks like us or better. End of story..lol.. Same in the hetro world, If you love yourself and I hope we all do, I see nothing wrong with it. We always watch porn of guys better looking than us so, are we narcissistic?

  22. Juan Diego
    14 Sep 11
    11:30 pm

    So, are they both porn stars?

  23. Juan Diego
    14 Sep 11
    11:33 pm

    And by the way, for me it’s also difficult to figure out which one is which. They seem like brothers.

  24. ugh
    14 Sep 11
    11:54 pm

    His boyfriend looks pretty different with his hair grown out. They only look alike when they both have buzz cuts. I don’t think it’s intentional. Still, they are both hot not the less.

  25. Oat
    15 Sep 11
    2:17 am

    they are so adorable :)

  26. Chris
    16 Sep 11
    2:51 am

    This guy bartends at The Office in West Hollywood, nice guy.

  27. Jon
    16 Sep 11
    6:41 pm

    Will never last. Just fuck buddies essentially.

  28. C
    18 Sep 11
    2:43 am

    Edwoody, I agree. It kills it for me.

  29. Toasty
    09 Dec 11
    7:32 am

    his boyfriend’s name is Steven Dehler