How come I missed this hot guy! Sexy and buff Jake Kelvin has one of the most perfect bodies in porn and he’s a bottom! He appeared on BLAKE MASON since 2010 and he’s back, looking hotter than ever with his stubble and that ripped build. Jake Kelvin bottoms for Josh Jared in this new scene from Blake Mason.

Another hot scene from Jake was the threesome with Jake Kelvin, Alex Stevens and Marco Strutt for Eurocreme released last year. Jake got fucked by both Alex and Marco.

+ Alex Stevens, Jake Kelvin and Marco Strutt Threesome



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  1. Kiz
    03 Apr 13
    5:19 am

    Awesome! I thought Jake was never coming back! Can’t wait to see the video!

  2. whatthefuck
    03 Apr 13
    7:22 am

    I cant stand if muscle guys get fuck by twink.. Muscle guy need to be fuck by muscle guys.. Not twinky weeny….

  3. Critic
    03 Apr 13
    1:07 pm

    Love it when a Twink fucks a muscle guy! Also when a young guy fucks an older guy!

  4. crakpot
    03 Apr 13
    1:38 pm

    Yeah…. I jerked off to him two times in a row.

  5. doug
    03 Apr 13
    3:45 pm

    when you are introducing someone- show a decent pic of his cock….

  6. Herman
    05 Apr 13
    1:36 am

    Great body. Really hot man. Glad he likes to bottom.

  7. Herman
    05 Apr 13
    1:42 am

    I took another look at him and he keeps looking better.. gorgeous body. Not big but built. Cant wait to see lots more of him.

  8. Joe
    05 May 14
    3:02 pm

    Kelvin (the guy with the body) is now escorting in manchester! :)

  9. phil
    22 May 14
    7:06 pm

    @Joe, what agency? where can I find him?