Although beefy porn star Robert Axel is no longer Cocksure Men exclusive. He’s still working with them but now he is available to work with other porn studios.

Masculine porn stud like Robert Axel is perfect for a porn site like THUGHUNTER. You guys know how much I like watching big muscular guy getting fucked by smaller guy.

Robert Axel gets fucked by cutie Connor Maguire in the newest video called Harder They Look..The Harder They Like It In The Butt!


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  1. MacroT
    13 May 11
    3:04 am

    Robert Axel has one of the best bodies in porn.

  2. sxg
    13 May 11
    3:27 am

    He’s extremely hot and now that he’s not a cocksure exclusive, I believe a lot of the big-name studios will want to work with him.

  3. mel
    13 May 11
    4:06 am

    Rober Axel took so long to bottom, but I guess it was worth the wait. He has a great muscle body. And he appears not to really seems not to mind bottoming.

  4. Allicide
    13 May 11
    5:25 am

    It was odd that both Kevin Crowes and Robert chose to end their exclusive contracts with Cocksure but at the end of last year it seemed like every studio was scrambling to sign “exclusives”.

    I like Robert. I hope he doesn’t have to resort to doing this “thug” porn stuff. He is better than that.

  5. Igor
    13 May 11
    5:57 am

    Robert Axel is just damn hot, I’d lick him like there is no tomorrow!

  6. Asenath
    13 May 11
    8:48 am

    No, Robert, no. *eye-covering.*

  7. manu
    13 May 11
    9:28 am

    Robert is hot but this thug get-up doesn’t suit him at all . I’m all for him taking it up the ass though-HARD

  8. @LuizzzSergio
    13 May 11
    1:44 pm

    We watch Robert Axel for a while and we know he isn’t a thug at all! I like him but looking very toooo closely he looks like that fighter The Undertaker from TV!

  9. sxg
    13 May 11
    4:29 pm

    @mel Robert Axel has been bottoming for a long time where have you been? he flip-flops in most of the scenes I’ve seen him in.

    and yea he’s not thug in any way. I don’t mind it for a scene like this but it’s definitely not the type of personality he carries around all the time.

  10. Critic
    13 May 11
    5:00 pm

    One of my favorites no matter what role he plays!

  11. Lukink
    14 May 11
    2:07 am

    I think i like him as a top! fucking a sweet white/pink hole, like marcus mojo or gavin waters maybe?

  12. Estelle
    14 May 11
    5:51 am

    Oh God look at those awful fake dreads they put on him to make him look “harder”. I guess Riley Price being a Cocksure Men exclusive fell through. Robert Axel was signed on very briefly as a Falcon exclusive but that ended very quickly.

  13. Chuck
    16 May 11
    2:36 am

    I’m not feeling this

  14. sxg
    17 May 11
    5:09 am

    @ estelle lol those aren’t dreads. those are the ends of his doo rag

  15. Rob
    17 May 11
    1:44 pm

    lol Estelle, like sxg said they not dreads but doo rag or wave cap. I like Robert Axel to be on Taggaz or Dawgpoundusa to get his ass pounded.

  16. ben
    08 Jun 11
    6:10 am

    I am more interested in Connor. He has a great personality and that bod ain’t bad either. Hope to see him in more dominate roles.