MEN.COM ends 2012 with two hot threesome videos. Yesterday, they released the scene Trey Turner gets double penetrated by Andrew Stark and Sebastian Young. The scenes is called “After The Masquerade”.

And today you’re about to see the hot threesome between Rocco Reed, Tommy Defendi and Andrew Stark in “The Promotion.” Too bad Rocco Reed doesn’t bottom in this one. But don’t worry, he has 3 more bottoming scenes coming next month. Happy New Year!

+ The Promotion: Tommy Defendi, Rocco Reed, Andrew Stark

+ After The Masquerade: Trey Turner, Sebastian Young, Andrew Stark



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  1. Willie
    31 Dec 12
    3:47 am

    Train fucking, or daisy chaining, is so much hotter than double penetrations. It films better for starters. It also looks more comfortable. Overall I find them more erotic than a dp.

  2. Chris
    31 Dec 12
    9:25 am

    Sorry Willie I have to disagree, DP is so hot (if filmed right)… Especially if the bottom is a butch guy ;)

  3. DJ
    31 Dec 12
    10:07 am

    This was a hot scene I do LOVE Sebastian Young and his bubble butt. As a Black guy myself I’m not usually into Black men in gay porn but I think Trey Turner has a great body. Only wish that now that he’s making some money, he have the Dentist take care of that snaggle puss.

  4. Chris Redfield
    31 Dec 12
    11:12 am

    Love that scene! So hot roccos sucking Andrew! Happy New Year!! :)

  5. chris
    31 Dec 12
    5:22 pm

    THe other two guys look pale and sickly next to rocco

  6. Tony
    31 Dec 12
    7:20 pm

    It should be a crime for men to look so gorgeous an attractive. DJ, Trey Turner is black? Wow, I though all 3 were white males. At any rate, all 3 men are gorgeous. I am a black man of Puerto Rican ancestry. I don’t discriminate when I see fine looking men. LOL

    Happy New Year!

  7. JJ
    01 Jan 13
    8:15 am

    Rocco just came back from France…I wonder how many scenes has he shot for

  8. andrew
    02 Jan 13
    1:42 am

    Rocco Reed is a stunningly handsome man. That face with the beautiful bright eyes and full lips: awesome. His skin tone adds to his beauty. And I gotta also mention his muscular body and big cock. I know its cliche but “he is the total package”. George Clooney eat your heart out!

  9. ed
    02 Jan 13
    6:55 pm

    rocco seems so short in that pic with Tommy and Andrew. Does anyone know if he’s under 5’8? I always imagined him being tall and hunky. I really like to see an agressive top pounding his hole.

  10. fabio
    03 Jan 13
    5:21 pm

    We are waiting Rocco s DP !!!!!