SLICK DOGS, the latest movie from TITAN MEN, is a unique movie. There’s not much porn flick that actors stay fully clothed the entire sex scene, right?

Costumes are an important part of SLICK DOGS, the movie for those who’re into latex and rubber. I’m not a fan of this kind of porn but I can’t deny that Titan Men exclusive JR Matthews looks really hot in shiny police suit sitting on Spencer Reed‘s cock!

CAST: Tony Buff, Dean Flynn, JR Matthews, Will Parker, Billy Berlin, Spencer Reed, Ethan Wolfe


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  1. Manu
    23 May 10
    3:19 am

    The video seems very predictible! I don’t find any of the bottoms attractive , and why do they now cast Dean Flynn as an exclusive top??Doesn’t make any sense his gaping hole was so cute;)
    TOny Buff and Spencer Reed should have fucked each other , THAT I would pay to see!!

  2. Billy Blue
    23 May 10
    3:31 am

    Too gross for my taste.

  3. James
    23 May 10
    12:29 pm

    Fisting is frocking weird.

  4. peternld
    23 May 10
    3:35 pm

    Not my taste either, but QMN I congratulate you on such an excellent blog. I look forward to reading it every day. Well done and keep up the good work.

  5. John
    23 May 10
    4:05 pm

    I watched the trailer.. No big turn on for me. I like my men NAKED but that’s just me.

    Manu, your right. Dean Flynn is way more bottom, I think too. He is a decent top but his true calling is BOTTOM BOY.

    I’d like to see and read more about Tony Buff. More about his “life before the camera found him”. Stuff and pictures of his life up near Seattle and his “leather family”. I’m sure he bottomed for his master there. No pictures?? that seems odd to me.

  6. brice
    23 May 10
    4:10 pm

    not into the fisting, but the sex looks hot! especially love Spencer Reed and JR Matthews!

  7. Rick
    23 May 10
    4:13 pm

    It’s a bit costumy but still I will watch it by curiosity. I agree with Manu, Dean Flynn should bottom more often. To bad the pics are so small …

  8. brian
    23 May 10
    5:41 pm

    for me, it’s freak porn! that’s my opinion.

  9. Dimitri
    23 May 10
    9:44 pm

    Titan Men bore me to death! :(

  10. Mel
    24 May 10
    2:21 pm

    I congratulate Titan for trying to be edgy and different. In my opinion its a little too much and over the top. The leather outfits look costumey and are a distratraction. Also titan seems to have 1 body type role this days. With the exception of Francois Sagat( who doesnt appear in this filmt) all the guys are tall and lean. I agree with the majority opinion that Dean Flynn is a bottom and a weak top.

  11. Man Drag
    25 May 10
    3:13 pm

    Its hard to get into driving masculine sex when the cast is wearing colorforms. man drag is silly. just have the sex… dump the props and costumes.

  12. mountii
    15 Jun 10
    6:35 am

    hoooooot hot hot

  13. Nod23
    29 Jun 10
    3:20 am

    Well-some people would consider all gay porn-freak porn & well 99.9% of gay porn is naked men-so I think this seems hot to my slightly kinky tastes-though to be honest I am in agreement that fists & piss are-well-gross. On the other hand-I do find latex-rubber-uniforms-gear & superheroes a turn on. A little bit of spice can be fun & I’m glad to see something different.

  14. FstBttmBoy
    23 Jul 10
    3:44 pm

    So Hot!!! Everything from the piss and fisting to the rubber and even the fucking. I came so hard during that fisting scene. I aspire to be that talented some day. Oh and the DP scene alone is worth watching this movie!!!!

  15. keyster1117
    06 Nov 10
    5:04 pm

    Im telling you guys…this is an amazing movie. I want to be in the middle of every scene…So hot!

  16. SteveL
    21 May 11
    2:52 am

    Personally, I just realized that I’m gay thanks to this movie. I was a little curious before but this made me horny as shit. the guys are fucking hot. leather turns me on and all the pissing and fisting is the best. man, I’m still a virgin but I would love to have any of those guys destroying my pinky ass.