Well… here’s a sneak peek of the sneak peek photo set BELAMIONLINE.COM just gave to its members, a selection of pictures from scenes coming up in the first half this year, just to wet your appetite :-)

They show some brand new models, fans favorites such as Kris Evans, Brandon Manilow, Kevin Warhol and some hot models I can’t get enough of, like the muscle stud Derek Raser in the pic above. Can’t wait to see and blog about all these hot coming models and videos!


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  1. Filip
    02 Jan 13
    12:34 am

    Many great guys to watch in the upcoming scenes.

    I indeed hope that Mick Lovell renews his contract with BelAmi. It expired yesterday if nothing new has happened. It would be a shame loosing such a wonderful megastar.

  2. James
    02 Jan 13
    2:51 am

    Kevin Warhol is even cuter when his mouth and ass are stuffed with dick!

  3. C
    02 Jan 13
    3:37 am

    Kris Evans needs to bottom more.

  4. striderforce
    02 Jan 13
    4:18 am

    Derek Raser and Kris Evans are my favorite guys. Whatever happened to Brandon Manilow? He too has a nice and cock. I already order Kris Evans’ dildo and fleshjack. Boy his dildo hits the spot. ;)

  5. argh
    02 Jan 13
    4:34 pm

    who is the bottom in the first photo?

  6. jose luis
    02 Jan 13
    9:40 pm

    @argh, the beautiful bottom stud in the first pic is Derek Raser.
    para argh, el hermoso semental pasivo de la primera foto es Derek Raser.

  7. Marcus
    02 Jan 13
    11:41 pm

    @C: Yes, Kris Evans needs to bottom more…and get rimmed; he did a great scene where his delicious butt gets eaten till it’s gaping: As beautiful as the rest of him. He is the answer to all these US Top ONLY models who bully bottoms. We know who they are….REAL gay men like Kris do it all.

  8. GreGG
    03 Jan 13
    12:48 am

    I really like BelAmi guys. U can acutally see them, since their not covered up with ink.

  9. bucko0710
    03 Jan 13
    3:37 am

    Good to know that we can expect muscle guy Derek Raser to bottom again…so friggin’ hot! Hopefully this time the top will do him justice – his previous top, Kevin Warhol wasn’t very good – only the facial Derek got was the real highlight. Next time we can only hope Derek’s butthole is actually seen while being rimmed!!

  10. mm
    03 Jan 13
    1:27 pm

    Marcus, none of these guys identify as gay. That studio is a joke!

  11. andrew
    03 Jan 13
    9:12 pm

    I love all the Bel Ami models. They are some of the most beautiful men on the planet and make great gay porn.