Finally, straight porn star Marcus London released the official movie trailer to his much-anticipated adult film Spartacus MMXII. He also wrote an article on his blog answering fans’ question “Why has Spartacus MMXII has not be released yet

We are in talks to possibly do the full blown gay version with a new twist and different story. Ask your readers who they would like to see in it. – Marcus London

This movie has more muscular men than some gay porn ;-)

+ Watch Softcore Preview of Spartacus MMXII The Beginning

+ Straight Porn I Want To Watch! – SPARTACUS XXX

I want to see these guys in the gay porn version of Spartacus MMXII!

+ Jessy Ares

+ Tristan Baldwin

+ Rogan Richards [via Hotsnapz]

+ Marcus Ruhl

+ Paddy O’Brian

+ Robert Van Damme

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  1. Simon
    05 Jul 12
    5:50 am

    Excellent! This looks amazingly well-done by pornographic narrative standards and perhaps if successful will be a huge moment in the merging of the genres.

  2. kaike
    05 Jul 12
    11:53 am

    hey my lover Tristan Baldwin kisses for you my sweet baby love u

  3. Anderson
    05 Jul 12
    2:24 pm

    Where’s the hardcore trailer?
    QMN, I would include D.O. in your list.

  4. Linares Delmar
    05 Jul 12
    4:45 pm

    Mi lista de actores preferidos en la version gayxxx de spartacus seria.

    Jessyares, Roganrichards Vitto gallo, Luciosaints, jeanfranko raymond(sean) Y Rafael carreras !!todos deben ser versatiles!!!

    Por eso no se incluyo a DO ni a paddy

  5. justin
    05 Jul 12
    10:33 pm

    Tommy Gunn is gorgeous.

    And LOL @ that obviously photoshopped photo of Marcus Ruhl. Girl, just do a couple more squats and situps, maybe they won’t have to modify your ass and gut so intensely.

  6. Joe
    06 Jul 12
    12:08 am

    I love Marcus Ruhl !

  7. alex
    06 Jul 12
    4:08 am

    I do want to see the straight version. Even though I’ve seen all of these straight perormers naked, I think having some story will make the sex scenes much more enticing. I just hope that the guys are flaccid when they are first shown naked. I don’t think I’d bother watching a gay version — because it would just be the typical tops and bottoms. If they could get guys like Arpad, Adam Champ and other muscular daddies to bottom, I’d be all in.

  8. Frank
    17 Oct 12
    1:58 am

    I want to see all the guys from the straight version in the gay version…

  9. ILovePorn
    17 Oct 12
    8:13 pm

    Race Cooper should play Doctore!