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In this edition of PORN SNEAK PEEK, check out behind the scenes pictures and video clips from UK Naked Men, Corbin Fisher, American Muscle Hunks, VoyeurBoys, Hard Friction, Men of Montreal, TitanMen, Kristen Bjorn, and Bait Buddies.

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Dawson Bearded Gay Porn Star Corbin Fisher Cocksucking

I’m thrilled to tell you that one of Corbin Fisher’s most popular gay porn stars DAWSON IS BACK to gay porn after a long hiatus. And, not only is he back – he’s bearded, buffer, and studlier than ever!

If you’ve been paying attention to news of our #CF11 celebrations, you know Dawson was there with us to help celebrate our 11 year anniversary – he met and hung out with fans and had himself tons of fun. The fans in attendance were also thrilled to be able to meet and hang out with Dawson. Many of them came up to me eagerly expressing just how much they wanted to see Dawson in action again. They joined the chorus of emails and comments we get calling for precisely that. I had to do my utmost to keep my best poker face on, though, and not let slip the secret that we’d already been asking Dawson if he wanted to film some more, and he’d said he was up for it!

Check out pictures of Dawson and other CF models at Corbin Fisher 11th Anniversary Party here. And watch his comeback scene, Dawson Fucks Ryder Raw.

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CorbinFisher 11 Anniversary Party Gay Porn Dawson Connor

I posted some photos of the Corbin Fisher 11th Anniversary Party in Las Vegas here. But now I have exclusive pictures from my long-time collaborator @philliyT, the owner of NIGHTSINWEHO.COM.

Just like last year, Phillip mingled with all the hot CF models at the 11th anniversary on Saturday 17th. Check out his photos of these hot gay porn stars from CORBINFISHER.COM below.

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I published many photos of Hot Corbin Fisher Porn Models at 10-Year Anniversary Party last Sunday and today I would like to introduce my special guest blogger, Phillip T. You might familiar with him from his website NIGHTSINWEHO.COM. I’m a fan of his website where he shares his sexy photos of hot guys in West Hollywood.

Phillip was one of the lucky guys who attended Corbin Fisher’s party in Las Vegas last Sunday and mingled with all those hot CF models. As a VIP guest at the party, I’m so glad he shared more photos with Queer Me Now readers along with the in-depth report of his experience at CF anniversary party and production facility tour. :-)


Phillip T: I was one of the lucky few who got to attend Corbin Fisher’s 10th anniv events in Las Vegas this past weekend. I’ve long been a fan of the site, but like most, I’ve never really known much about them or their team. They’ve long been notoriously tight lipped. The hospitality, friendliness, openness shown to us this past weekend is just unmatched.

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Today CORBINFISHER.COM team celebrate their 10-year anniversary in Las Vegas. Congratulation! The event was held at Share Nightclub.

Thanks to Scotty (@DirtyDishXXX), Philly T (@philliyT) and Stix (@S_t_i_x) who attended the party and shared tons of pictures from the event. Pete (@CF_Pete) also did his first Pete’s Attic show with a live audience.

Check out pictures from the VIP reception below with so many hot Corbin Fisher models like Dawson, Connor, Aiden, Marc, Kent and more.

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One of my readers, Dan, told me via email he heard that popular Corbin Fisher model Dawson was recently in a bodybuilding competition. So I looked around the Internet and here are what I’ve found so far. Dawson looks AMAZING! It would be awesome if CORBIN FISHER shoot a scene with him during this bodybuilding period (daydreaming…)

If you miss Dawson, he is now doing live webcam show on FLIRT 4 FREE. His profile name is Dawson Fisher.

Don’t forget to watch CF model Easton gets fucked for the first time by Kellan.

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You guys know I’m a fan of Corbin Fisher porn star Dawson. Here’s some news about him from one of my readers, Jim, while I’m waiting for his next scenes. (I do hope he has upcoming videos!) According to the link Jim sent me, Dawson is the new bartender at this bar, Krave Las Vegas. I found one photo of Dawson bartending on Krave’s Facebook. He looks great as usual. So if any of you have a vacation in Las Vegas, take a picture of him for me :-)

Don’t forget to watch the hot new scene Trenton and Chandler’s Shower Fuck.

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Corbin Fisher’s porn stars Dawson, Connor, Trey, Reed, Trenton, Dixon and Brody, all looking hot and sexy in the swimsuit issue of QVegas Magazine (login with facebook to see photos).

These models have amazing bodies! You can watch them fuck each other at CORBIN FISHER website. Check out these hot scenes – Trey Tops Reed, Trenton In Action, Dixon and Connor Swap Loads.

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Two more muscle jocks get fucked for the first time on camera this weekend :-)

Surfer stud Seth Bond bottoms for the first time at DYLAN LUCAS, he gets fucked by Kellan Parker and muscle jock Clint gets fucked by Dawson at CORBIN FISHER.

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Thanks to my eagle-eye reader Zsa Zsa, he just sent me this email:

I just saw an add for tomorrows episode of Jerry Springer ( airs @ 3pm on Fox 29 ) and there is a young guy telling his girlfriend that on a trip to Nevada he did some gay porn. I believe Corbin Fisher is based in Nevada and I think this guy is Meyer from the Corbin Fisher sites. Just wanted to let you know.

Yes, CORBIN FISHER is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. And that guy looks like Meyer. You can watch the promo video on Jerry Springer Facebook. Remember when Sean Cody model Troy was on Jerry Springer Show 2 years ago? More “gay for pay” talk on mainstream tv show.

Meyer did 4 scenes with Corbin Fisher. The highlights were when he fucked Dawson and got fucked by Connor.

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A couple of weeks ago, I linked to the news that CORBIN FISHER was asking the fans to vote for the 2012 Corbies Awards. And here’s the results. They actually give the winners some trophies. Watch the video here Forget AVN – it’s the 2012 Corbie Awards!

Hunky Aiden won two Corbies Awards for Best Bottom and Most Verbal Performer. Connor won Best Top and Dawson won Most Versatile Performer.

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Check out this special XXX preview of the hot video JOSH, DAWSON & CHANDLER FUCK FEST! The full scene will be posted on the CORBINFISHER.COM this Wednesday evening but readers of Queer Me Now can watch the XXX trailer below.

Muscle jocks Dawson, Josh and Chandler take turns fucking each other in various sex positions in this bareback video including Dawson getting double-penetrated by Josh and Chandler!

And don’t miss the scene Tom Riding Connor’s Cock released today.

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