Bubble Butts Orgy Connor Maguire Jake Wilder John Magnum Luke Adams Sebastian Young

These two latest videos from MEN.COM is all about group sex. You can watch hot European porn star Dato Foland gets tag-teamed by Paddy O’Brian and Leo Domenico in “Voyeur Part 4.”

The porn series “Bubble Butts” ends with a 5-stud orgy starring Luke Adams, Jake Wilder, Connor Maguire, John Magnum and Sebastian Young.

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Bubble Butt Luke Adams John Magnum Jake Wilder

I just got myself a new “porn crush” and he’s Luke Adams. This hot young stud has nice smile, boyish face, hunky muscular body and big bubble butt! What else can you ask for? Oh, and he’s out and proud gay man. :-) (Check out these hot pictures of his from Colt).

In case you haven’t followed me on Twitter (hint: you should) I’m in San Francisco right now. As usual, when I’m on the road, I don’t have time to do some time-consuming blog posts such as “Gay Porn News” and “Who’s Fucking Whom.” BUT that also means I can bring you some exclusive photos from the set. I’ve been on set of HOT HOUSE yesterday. (Million thanks to director Christian Owen for inviting me). I met porn stars Luke Adams, Marcus Ruhl, Sean duran and Dave Circus there. And I just stopped by Kink‘s Armory hours ago for Naked Kombat live match. Stay tuned for photos and videos from these porn shoots.

For now, check out these hot threesome starring Luke Adams, John Magnum and Jake Wilder from MEN.COM.

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Connor Maguire Fucks Sebastian Young Bubble Butts

MEN.COM is about to release another porn series called “Bubble Butts” and in this first episode, you can watch comeback porn star Sebastian Young gets his bubble butt fucked by Connor Maguire.

Speaking of bubble butts, you can also watch Jake Wilder bottoms for Cliff Jensen in the scene called “The Next Bottom Part 2.”
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Gabriel Clark Dan Broughton Gay Sex

MEN.COM has released a new sex scene on a daily basis ever since the launch of this mega porn site back in September, 2011 and its 1000th sex scene is set to be released on March 23th. The scene is top secret for now, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a scene people will be talking about.

I have a sneak peek of some hot sex scenes to be released on MEN.COM this month. Fans of Paddy O’Brian will be delight to know that you can watch him bottoming again, Paddy and Leo Domenico take turns fucking each other in “Voyeur Part 2″ coming March 13.

Other hot scenes to keep an eye on: Sebastian Young bottoms for Connor Maguire in “Bubble Butts Part 1,” Wagner Vittoria bottoms for Paddy O’Brian in “Voyeur Part 3,” and Johnny Rapid gets tag-teamed in College John Part 2 and College John Part 3.

Today, you can watch Dan Broughton gets fucked by Gabriel Clark in “Cruising Episode 5.”

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Sebastian Young Fucked By Bryan Cavallo

The last time Sebastian Young got fucked on camera was for CockyBoys and he bottomed for Phoenix Saints almost half a decade ago. And as I reported last month, Sebastian is back in front of the camera and bottoms again.

MEN.COM is about to release his bottoming scene today. It’s called “Man Musk” and you can watch Sebastian Young gets fucked by Bryan Cavallo.

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Dato Foland Paddy OBrian Sebastian Young Jay Roberts Gabriel Clark

MEN.COM just released many preview videos from its upcoming sex scenes. You can watch two hot porn stars Paddy O’Brian and Dato Foland take turns fucking each other in post-apocalyptic porn “The End Part 1″ coming February 6th.

As I reported earlier this month, Sebastian Young was filming a bottoming scene with Men.com. You can watch the trailer now. The scene is called “Man Musk” and Sebastian Young gets fucked by Bryan Cavallo.

Check out more preview photos from MEN.COM below and don’t forget to watch the 5-Man Orgy scene “There’s Something About Johnny Part 5″ starring Johnny Rapid, Jaxton Wheeler, Ty Roderick, Johnny Forza & Jake Jammer.

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Sebastian Young just tweeted this message to his follower on Twitter @SebastianYoungX that he’s shooting bottoming scene for MEN.COM:

Stay tuned in with MEN.COM to see me, Sebastian Young BOTTOM! Yeah you heard it! I will be bottoming so keep your eyes open..

He also tweeted some selfie photos of his butt. Zachary Sire from Str8UpGayPorn asked him for a hint as to who it’s with. Sebastian’s response? “We left on BAD TERMS.” That’s a very broad hint coming from him. Do you want to guess who’s the top?

I think the last time we see Sebastian Young as a bottom was in 2008 at COCKYBOYS.COM and Sebastian Young got fucked by Phenix Saint.

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Today, MEN.COM released the first scene from another porn series called “Deployment” and you will see Connor Kline getting fucked by Travis James in this first episode. It’s nice to see former Randy Blue and Sean Cody models in this romantic story.

Don’t miss these two hot scenes from earlier this week, Cooper Reed and Jack King tag-team Mike De Marko in “Game Sex Match Part 2″ and Sebastian Young tops Blaze in “Authorization.”

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First thing first, in case you haven’t already seen it, check out Marco Rubi‘s answering questions from Queer Me Now readers here. You will learn more about this hot porn stud and I’m pretty sure you will like him as a person even more :-)

MEN.COM is about to release its first scene working with Marco today, in this scene called “Shaft Lane 2,” Marco Rubi gets fucked by porn veteran Jay Roberts. It’s always nice to watch Marco’s perfect bubble butt getting pounded!

Don’t forget to check out these recent scenes – Marcus Ruhl bottoms for Jimmy Johnson in “Physical Therapy” and Jason Goodman gets fucked by Sebastian Young in “The Str8 Whisperer.”

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MEN.COM just released this new scene called “Secret Diary Of An Escort 3″ where hot porn star Paul Walker gets fucked by handsome stud named Max Dodds. (You might remember him from Blake Mason)

Beside the “Secret Diary of An Escort 3,” check out the scenes Connor Kline gets fucked by Phenix Saint in ” The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underwear 3″ and Duncan Black gets gang-banged in Fuck Club 2.

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I hope fans of the controversial Peters Twins would be happy to know that although they have left porn industry, they are still looking great. Check out these Youtube videos. I’m not sure if that’s Milo or Elijah. But he looks amazing, very fit and muscular :-) I think he looks even bigger than when he worked for Bel Ami, CockyBoys and Kristen Bjorn.

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I knew this sex scene is gonna be very hot. I met both Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares in London last year. They are best friends in real life. The chemistry between these two sexy buddies is great. You can watch Jessy Ares fucks Jay Roberts in this new video from Men.com called “Unexpected Revenge.” Check out some behind the scenes photos I published last April.

Don’t forget to watch orgy scene “Boy Ranch Part 3″ where Billy Santoro fucks 3 twinks Felix Warner, Joey Cooper & Max Leo and Sebastian Young fucks Andrew Blue in “Fire Drill.”

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