gay porn star Titan Men Exclusive Dario Beck sucking cock

Titan Media announced last month that newcomer Dario Beck has joined the studio’s exclusive roster as the newest TitanMan. Dario Beck makes his erotic debut in DISTRACTION directed by Brian Mills released on TITANMEN.COM today. The muscular 25-year-old is a strapping 6’2 and “epitomizes the archetypal tall, dark and handsome man you would expect to find in mainstream Hollywood films and television,” a studio rep said.

Dario Beck was raised in Italy and Germany and now resides in Barcelona. He was paired up with two of the most beautiful Titan models – Marco Blaze and Dean Flynn in his porn debut. This versatile stud gets fucked by Dean Flynn and fucks Marco Blaze!












Marco Blaze and Dean Flynn work up their muscles at the gym, grabbing the attention of pool boy Dario Beck. After a wet workout outside, the three finish with some ass-stretching exercises indoors.



+ More of Marco Blaze and Dean Flynn

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  1. Mel
    11 Feb 10
    2:33 am

    This is actually real good, Titan products have seem to have been improving in the last year or so. They used to have realy to havily on Francois Sagat and Dean Flynn. But now they seem to be recruiting more quality men. Usually the seem to prefer the thin muscular look in lines with Marco Blade and now Dario Beck. Both Flynn and Blaze now how to deliver a good fuck scene. and Dario jumps in and ups the anti. I think we have a new superstar in the making.

  2. ohsococo
    11 Feb 10
    7:53 am

    oh my god! unf unf!

  3. T
    11 Feb 10
    3:33 pm

    FML that looks so hot

  4. Res
    11 Feb 10
    5:14 pm

    He is not as comely as I thought. It sucks to discovery that.

  5. ricky
    11 Feb 10
    5:41 pm

    dario beck is very handsome.

  6. Jake
    11 Feb 10
    5:42 pm

    I think Dean Flynn and Marco Blaze need to hit the gym a bit harder and not rely on their looks/dicks so much…not being bitchy but I don’t think they look in top shape here.

    Not a fan of Dario, just doesn’t do it for me.

  7. brian
    11 Feb 10
    7:23 pm

    The guy is amazing! Very masculine, hairy, very hot… And what a trio is that?? HMMMM

  8. Mel
    12 Feb 10
    4:22 am

    Re Jake, I like my guys with bigger muscles too. but it appears Titan is going for the thin muscular look in most of its models.

    12 Feb 10
    7:43 pm

    Very not vide, lots of type os muculature, body hair ans some gli-flop action. An UNCUT cut is beautifull…. What do you think?

  10. funcamnow
    14 Feb 10
    9:01 pm

    Marco Blaze looks like he needs to shed a few pounds….

  11. laurent
    21 May 10
    10:24 am

    10 to 10 for Dario,
    Laurent from france

  12. MikeyM
    01 Nov 11
    6:09 pm

    Dario is beautiful.