Today is the day! The scene many of you have been waiting for, Top To Bottom 4 where top porn star Colby Jansen finally gets his bubble butt fucked for the first time by Tommy Defendi is online today.

And that’s not the only great news from MEN.COM today. There are TWO scenes being released today, not just one. They guarantee that both scenes are very hot. This second scene which is about to be released later today is part of the BIG announcement from MEN.COM. Stay tuned!

+ Top To Bottom 4: Colby Jansen Gets Fucked By Tommy Defendi

+ October xxxTravaganza


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  1. manu
    25 Oct 13
    8:21 am

    My life is complete :-D Thank you Colby!!

  2. MarcoManuel
    25 Oct 13
    8:24 am

    A Kinsey 2 man fucking a Kinsey 1 man.Something unusual in gay porn.

  3. Chris Redfield
    25 Oct 13
    8:35 am

    FUCK YEAH!! TKS COLBY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dave
    25 Oct 13
    9:29 am

    Glorious. Aces, Mr. Jansen. How about Jack King next, please?

  5. Alann
    25 Oct 13
    9:33 am

    Also a BIG thank you to Tommy! He’s provided a lot of GREAT sex scenes over the last several years,since he first started at College Dudes!

  6. Sean
    25 Oct 13
    10:00 am

    ^ Tommy Defendi is probably my least favorite model in all of gay porn.

    That face is just…:C

  7. Sean
    25 Oct 13
    10:01 am



  8. grogi
    25 Oct 13
    10:35 am

    Awesome, Colby has a great ass I can’t wait to see this! I hope he gets to do this a bit more regularly after this scene.
    A flip flop with other big guys like Charlie Harding, Zeb ATlas or Tony Paradise would be nice!

  9. Cheezy
    25 Oct 13
    10:40 am

    Hopefully Colby will be fucked by big cocks: like Lucio Saints.

  10. Alias74
    25 Oct 13
    10:42 am

    MORE!!!!! Sadly I think I’m going to have to join this site JUST to see this….because everything else is CRAP!

  11. dvlaries
    25 Oct 13
    11:39 am

    @Sean: Yeah, Defendi wouldn’t be my own choice for the plum assignment either, though I am glad that whoever did get it was someone who’d himself bottomed before.
    Doubtlessly though, when Colby decided to say yes, he was able to name anyone he chose who had on call, so I guess if Colby is happy, I’ll be happy.

  12. dvlaries
    25 Oct 13
    12:06 pm

    And here’s something I didn’t know or forgot already: a year and two days ago, Defendi already bottomed for Jansen, so this is a reunion too. Big Dicks At School/ “The Last Shower”/ October 23, 2012

  13. manu
    25 Oct 13
    12:28 pm

    He probably chose Tommy because they get along fine, there is a scene where Tommy gets fucked by Colby at MEN ;)
    Still mesmerized by Colby’s ass!!

  14. Beni
    25 Oct 13
    3:09 pm

    É hoje, é hoje, é hoje!


  15. Beni
    25 Oct 13
    3:10 pm

    A primeira de muitas espero.


  16. bucko0710
    25 Oct 13
    4:08 pm

    I hope this is the beginning of Colby bottoming more often. He seems to get better with each performance. The way he deep throated Paul Walker’s huge cock is hot! Too bad he didn’t take it up his big butt!! Hopefully there’s a future reunion…

  17. bucko0710
    25 Oct 13
    4:25 pm

    just watched Colby taking Tommy’s dick and definitely Colby ain’t a first timer for sure! He looks quite experienced bouncing up and down on dick with ease! HOT!

  18. DD
    25 Oct 13
    5:09 pm

    The scene was pretty hot, especially the more verbal Colby got. Hope he bottoms more often in the future, it’s actually a role I’d prefer him to stay.

  19. pointguy36
    25 Oct 13
    6:31 pm

    Don’t get the negative comments about Tommy D, he tops AND bottoms – for MANY of you who complain in here, he is good looking, hairy (a personal plus for me!) and he has a larger than average dick!! What more could you ask for???? It is clear, many of the people who comment here just like to complain. . .

  20. andrew
    25 Oct 13
    6:51 pm

    Colby, you made a great choice in picking Tommy Defendi to give your cherry to! Hot Stuff!!!

  21. litper
    25 Oct 13
    8:08 pm

    Great, that bubble butt should’ve been wasted!

  22. litper
    25 Oct 13
    8:16 pm

    *not been wasted

  23. Harry
    25 Oct 13
    10:26 pm

    Controversial I know but……Tommy D is actually one of my favourite porn….I think it’s because he’s is a little bit weird looking and not your typical pornstar looking guy…..but anyway I don’t care he’s HOT HOT !!

  24. Sean
    25 Oct 13
    11:25 pm

    @pointguy36 A handsome face and a fit body would be a start!

  25. Sean
    25 Oct 13
    11:26 pm

    Seriously I don;t get this obsession with wanting to see tops doing bottoming o_O

    Neither do I find Colby appealing as a bottom (or as a top either)

  26. MarcoManuel
    26 Oct 13
    12:56 am

    Tommy Defendi kind of look like Tobey Maguire.Tommy could make a Spiderman gay porn parody.

  27. pointguy36
    26 Oct 13
    1:13 am


    Wow – just what do you look like??? Tommy has a very classic Italian/Mediterranean face and a fit lean (hairy!) body!!!! My only issue with Tommy is that he is smoker.

  28. Jay
    28 Oct 13
    10:05 am

    Wow, loved watching Colby’s big, beefy ass get fucked! Shame it took this long. With dick that small and an ass that big, he should have been a bottom from the start. Hopefully we get to see his hungry hole getting stuffed again soon :)

  29. Jay
    28 Oct 13
    10:07 am

    Wow, loved watching Colby’s big, beefy ass get fucked! Shame it took this long. With dick that small and an ass that big, he should have been a bottom from the start. Hopefully we get to see his hungry hole getting stuffed again soon :P

  30. manu
    29 Oct 13
    9:39 am

    I finally decided to watch this scene, couldn’t make it past the rimming part :p It was too hot! Hopefully I can finish the scene in 3-4 times ;)