Finally! It’s time to reveal the lucky top who fucks porn star Paddy O’Brian for the first time in his bottoming debut “Top to Bottom 2.” Many of you have nailed it :-) The top is gay porn star Topher DiMaggio!

If you follow my blog, you knew that Topher DiMaggio was in UK this past May filming for, I published a photo of Topher and cum-covered British porn star Kayden Gray. did flew Topher across the ocean to Birmingham for a specific reason, to top Paddy O’Brian.

Actually, I did published one behind the scenes photo of this scene on May 22th, remember? That photo showed Paddy with director Laura and just legs of his co-star. I asked you guys to guess his co-star. Now you know the answer ;-)

MEN.COM has just released the second (from the total of 4) preview clip for the video Top to Bottom 2. This one is an extended trailer and reveals the top as Topher DiMaggio who tops Paddy O’Brian.

Paddy O’Brian and Topher DiMaggio on set of (May 22th)

Topher DiMaggio in Birmingham filming with Kayden Gray (May 25th)

+ Top To Bottom Part 2 – TOPHER DIMAGGIO Fucks PADDY O’BRIAN



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  1. Tyler :P
    12 Jul 13
    2:30 pm

    I think it’s Paul Walker

  2. Max
    12 Jul 13
    2:43 pm

    Probably did rehearsals with Paul Walker beforehand.

  3. Matias
    12 Jul 13
    2:50 pm

    Just saw some underware pics of Topher on another blog and Topher is really good looking with and without clothes.

  4. pavel
    12 Jul 13
    3:10 pm

    fuck, Toppher should be bottom for Pad.

  5. Jorge
    12 Jul 13
    3:11 pm

    this is going to be a severly boring scene! Next! They probably picked miss topher for his small baby chick.

  6. George
    12 Jul 13
    3:13 pm

    A Gigantic wasted opportunity as Topher should have bottomed. But does a straight owned run by dykes care about it?

  7. Iverson
    12 Jul 13
    3:18 pm

    Ugh! Not a fan of Topher. He’s so limited. This scene is going to be an unfortunate bland mess.

  8. Dale
    12 Jul 13
    3:28 pm

    It`s a waste of money watching Topher topping Paddy! Not a good pairing! is not doing their research! Ugggh!

  9. juanito
    12 Jul 13
    3:32 pm

    Paddy is very masculine. But Topher…

    Topher needs to be fucked!

  10. LF
    12 Jul 13
    3:56 pm

    Enough of Topher as a top! I want to see Topher as a bottom, start with Paddy fucking him senseless.

  11. pornobb
    12 Jul 13
    4:24 pm

    Can’t wait

  12. manu
    12 Jul 13
    4:24 pm

    At the end of the day mate, Paddy bottomed to please a woman, innit ? :p

  13. Federico
    12 Jul 13
    4:32 pm

    Boo… I was hoping the top would’ve been D.O or Trenton Ducati.

  14. sam
    12 Jul 13
    4:44 pm

    Fucking boring… Even this scene not release yet but I feel this will become the worst scene ever in gay porn industry…
    Yes we want Paddy bottom but I think not by this… He an aggressive top then in this scene he should with an aggressive top….
    2/10 from me…

  15. bucko0710
    12 Jul 13
    4:50 pm

    Can hardly wait to see this scene but I think it would be even more awesome if it were a flip fucking scene. Both “tops” getting their cherries popped for the first time with each other would be such an explosive billing (pardon the pun). Paddy is definitely one hot fuck and Topher is kinda wooden (and not in the good way) but I think the pairing would work out. UK shot scenes are Men.Com’s hottest and best – the US side could learn from those lesbians! LOL!

  16. Kevin
    12 Jul 13
    4:56 pm

    Topher was made to be fucked. His eyebrows alone scream fuck me. I dont understand why they keep trying to sell him as a top. He needs to bottom if he wants to stay relevant.

  17. luizaeo
    12 Jul 13
    4:57 pm

    What? This is the best scene in gay porn so far. really knows how to re-créate our fantasies: now our desire to see Topher bottoming is reaching the sky. If that happen, I’am almost certain it will be the scene of the century. rules¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ QMN, do you know anything about TTB3? Please give us some details.

  18. pornobb
    12 Jul 13
    4:59 pm


    DO and Trenton are bottoms. Topher is not.

  19. Robbie
    12 Jul 13
    5:50 pm

    Paddy needs a bigger top who will fuck him hard and bang that ass red

  20. kai
    12 Jul 13
    6:11 pm

    Topher is not a great performer. lets hope Paddy will bottom again and be paired with a better top like rafael carreras

  21. George
    12 Jul 13
    7:18 pm

    Topher is a complete fem with plucked eye brows and lots of make up. He lives with a very versatile partner and there is absolutely no way that he is all top off screen. People that think that are dreaming! are really screwing up.

  22. SbNyC
    12 Jul 13
    7:37 pm

    All this build up and that stupid clip about being a top only is just a tad lame as we’ve already seen Paddy shove a dildo up his arse. I’m more interested in seeing Topher bottom.

  23. Federico
    12 Jul 13
    8:14 pm

    @pornobb And your point is? Maybe I missed something but I didn’t see that Paddy had to bottom for an exclusive top. DO and Trenton would provide some versatility into this as they both bottom AND top.

  24. George
    12 Jul 13
    8:35 pm

    The point is I don’t believe Topher is a total Top in real life, thats its.

  25. carey579
    12 Jul 13
    9:05 pm

    Although I NEVER wanted to see both Paddy or Topher bottom (because I like my tops to be tops and there are very few great ones)

    Now after Paddy has bottomed I think the next scene will be Topher bottoming for Paddy, I think they’ve made a deal of some sort :)

  26. Tony
    12 Jul 13
    9:12 pm

    This video is so funny. I love hearing the Brits speak English. How tall is Paddy because he seem to be somewhat short, maybe 5 feet 8 inches tall? Topher seem to have a skin problem, however, he’s still attractive and I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed. Damn, I can’t wait to see these men fucking. LOL

  27. pornobb
    12 Jul 13
    9:29 pm


    The reason he bottomed was cos Topher is top only. Anyway Trenton is a better bottom than top and has already bottomed for Paddy twice. Don’t care for DO that much, he’s past it.

  28. goofactory
    12 Jul 13
    10:41 pm


  29. Gordon
    12 Jul 13
    10:50 pm

    I would love to fuck Paddy too. And then I would plow Topher. I can dream! LOL!

  30. BLACKjack
    12 Jul 13
    11:17 pm

    I like so many other said it was Topher was he Topher the right choice to pop Paddy cherry ? when you have hot tops like D.O . Austin & Christian Wilde , just to name a few . A flip between DO & Paddy or Christian FUCKING the hell out of Paddy is bringing so much joy 2 my heart and whole lot of moistness to my pants . While we are on the subject it should have been Paddy FUCKING the HOLY GRAIL out of Topher !!! Eventually Topher will give up that sweet ass every top for life has giving up the ass at some point in time look how long it took DO & Christian and Austin Wilde to finally give up the ass !!!

  31. thyxip
    12 Jul 13
    11:53 pm

    So they got one of the hottest gay porn stars going and for his bottoming scene the set up is that two angry, ugly lesbians order him to get fucked while he whines about it and the honors is done by a big girl with an average dick and tweezed eyebrows.

    even getting Jake Cruise to top him would be hotter than this.

  32. MarcoManuel
    12 Jul 13
    11:57 pm

    Paddy said it himself in this trailer.He said he will only bottom once.

    Which is useless.Because gay men will obviously want to see Paddy bottom way more.

    Paddy is 1 of the most popular gay porn star now.He went to unknown to 1 of the hottest gay porn star.

    Paddy will possibly never bottom again.If he does,it will be only few times.Like Reece Rideout and Chris Rockway.

    If Paddy really never wanted to bottom,he should never have bottomed at all.

    Paddy might even bottom outside porn.Who knows?But,for some reasons,they wanted to make Paddy look as a top only.Which i dont think he is.

    Paddy is bi.

  33. MarcoManuel
    13 Jul 13
    12:48 am

    sam! (Yes we want Paddy bottom but I think not by this… He an aggressive top then in this scene he should with an aggressive top)

    You basically said that Paddy should haved been fucked by a gay for pay man.

    So much gay men here complains over and over again about gay for real men not being god tops.As if only straight men knows how to be an aggressive top.

    Gay for real men who have been said by you not being believable tops.

    Landon Conrad,Christopher Daniels,Dean Monroe,Liam Magnuson ect…

    So,because they are gay they are not aggressive enough and sucks as being tops.So,they should only be bottom?

    You are implying that only straight men can be good tops.

    Im sure if Paddy would have been fucked by any gay for pay man instead of Topher,nobody would complain about it.Pathetic.

    Adam Killian is a good top.He is also a gay for real man.Gay men can be good tops.Not only straight men can top.

    Its weird comming from gay men who always says they wants to see gay for pay men being bottoms.Then,implies gay for pay men are the best tops.So,gay men are only good at being bottom.

    Because straight men are so much more masculine? Doesnt it?

    Gay men who praise straight men over gay men is disgusting and out of control.Any gay porn blogs prooves it.

    Gay men who are obsessed about gay men always be the bottom and straight men always be the tops,only encourage the stereotype that says (gay men are like women,so they are submissive and must get fucked.

    Straight men are dominant,so they must be in charge and fuck women and fuck men.Because real men doesnt get fucked)

    So much gay men have this sick mentality.

    Some of you really likes to send gay men years backward.

  34. Dan
    13 Jul 13
    12:51 am

    Fuuny, but the more I watch this clip, Topher looks like one of the lesbians. I guess they needed some female parts on site to keeps Paddy’s cock hard!

  35. jab4065
    13 Jul 13
    1:52 am

    Lesbians doing gay porn…. no wonder its what we WANT it too be. Zzzzzzzzz totally!!!

  36. jab4065
    13 Jul 13
    1:58 am

    I’d like too see him or jimmy johnson perform or at least or get outta the buisness. Thats what gay sex is!!!!!!!. Shouldnt be us wanting/ hoping/praying too see…. should be men we are atrracted too or fantasize about doing what we fantasize them doing. Period!!!!

  37. BB
    13 Jul 13
    2:23 am

    LAME…. really big missed opportunity… Paul Walker should have been the first… that would have been better than this… you screwed this opportunity up

  38. MarcoManuel
    13 Jul 13
    2:25 am

    Why Paddy never had a scene with a black man?

    He made gay porn since 2 years ago.He had lots of sexual partners in gay porn. He always had sex with only white men and lighter latino men.

    Im not implying anything.I only noticed it.

    Why so much men in gay porn only seems to be paired with white men and lighter latino men?

  39. alex
    13 Jul 13
    2:27 am

    This is going to backfire. No one believes Topher as a top. Top to Bottom started with two masculine guys going at it. They should have maintained that flow — and paid Colby some big bucks to bottom for Tony. I think Paddy is handsome and am interested in seeing him bottom, but this isn’t going to work. Only way they may be able to salvage is by announcing that Paddy will flip Topher in part 3. Now let’s work on getting Charlie Harding, Colby Jansen and Alexsander Freitas to give up their big asses!

  40. sam
    13 Jul 13
    2:56 am

    @MarcoManuel, I don’t say he should get fucked by some gay for pay men… There has ton of gay men that aggressive fucker such as DO… He’s gay and what I see in past of his scene(before bottom) he such an aggressive fucker… In the scene he’s look like wanna rip the bottom boy… I don’t know if Alexander Freitas is gay or not but if he’s gay he should the one that fuck Paddy… My point is like I said before Paddy should get fucked by aggressive fucker… What I don’t mean is only g4p only can fuck him… Is it clear in here?

  41. Dean
    13 Jul 13
    2:59 am

    I don’t see what’s so bad about Topher topping him? I think it’s great actually that they got a Gay guy, who’s a little swishy campy, but still very masculine to top Paddy’s gay for pay ass.

    @MarcoManuel I agree with you.
    btw he fucked a black woman in one of his straight pornos. I think it has more to do with what gay porn consumers want vs who he chooses to be paired with.

  42. sethintexas
    13 Jul 13
    3:53 am

    Topher might be attractive, but he is a horrible porn star. He is so awkward.
    He is even worse as an Andrew Christian model. I am not trying to be mean, but I really have no desire to watch him at all

  43. pornobb
    13 Jul 13
    4:04 am


    Who says Paddy is bi ? Landon and Adam are a bit campy esp when they talk.

    It’s more convincing for Paddy’s first time to be fucked by a top only. I would have preferred Liam.

  44. pornobb
    13 Jul 13
    4:11 am

    And Paddy has already mentioned he prefers non-hairy guys. Topher fits the bill.

  45. Harry
    13 Jul 13
    4:51 am

    Prefer non-hairy guys?! Look at your self Paddy… Look horrible when sweating…

  46. Clark
    13 Jul 13
    4:54 am

    So who else is sick of seeing ‘women’-dykes or not-in gay porn? I like gay porn because I’m gay…I like MEN, men who act like MEN, men who don’t dress, talk, or act like women. I have plenty of female friends if I want to see women. Again… Gay porn should = MEN.
    End of rant. Have a nice day.

  47. Dean
    13 Jul 13
    5:01 am

    @Clark but how will the gay for pay men feel comfortable without women there to “de-gay” the atmosphere a little?

  48. TDTM
    13 Jul 13
    6:16 am

    Every scene I’ve seen of Topher’s has been boring as hell. I’ll be watching this for Paddy only all the time wishing it was someone (anyone) else.

  49. Lance
    13 Jul 13
    6:41 am

    It’s Paul Walker I feel sorry for. He must be devastated. Those lovely Pouting Lips of his must be pouting all the more. How could you Paddy???? LOL

  50. pornobb
    13 Jul 13
    8:00 am


    But Paddy’s first has to be someone new, he already fucked Paul.

  51. danny
    13 Jul 13
    8:10 am

    I like Paddy’s hairy body and it looks hot when he sweats. It shows that he gets into what he’s doing, instead of those videos where no one sweats because they stop and start so often!

  52. pornobb
    13 Jul 13
    8:23 am

    Paddy is not hairy enough to be considered a Bear, thank god.

  53. romances
    13 Jul 13
    8:30 am

    Topher el mejor

  54. Marcus
    13 Jul 13
    8:46 am

    Why is Topher DiMaggio still getting work? Shouldn’t this bitch be dried up by now. Fuck.

  55. Anthony
    13 Jul 13
    1:03 pm

    I have never writen in before, but.wanted to share my thoughts, for whatever its worth. I do like the actors in, but feel that their videos follow a certain format, and rarely deviate from that. For example, their group scenes usually have 5 guys, 1 to 2 bottoms, first some general oral, then they move to 2 tops tagging a bottom while the other bottom gets fucked or one top sucks the other, then switch tops around a few times until the tops cum on the bottom(s). They need more variety, some flip flops, train fucking, dp’s other than Johnny Rapid. Roccos Fantasy had so much potential, yet was bland. I love Rocco, I think he is gorgeous (I know many of you disagree), but a straight guy gangbanged by four hot black men in jail is such a hot fantasy that it should have been more agessive and should have been a true “gangbang”. Black tops in jail don’t usually suck each other. Now, Paddy is hot, Topher is, I guess prettt. Very disappointed in this pairing in particular with it being Paddys only time bottoming.Hopefully he will do it again and they get it better the next time A company owned by Straight men and run by lesbians? Shouldn’t they have some input from the audience they cater to. Just a thought.

  56. andrew
    13 Jul 13
    5:29 pm

    Topher DiMaggio was the obvious choice to take Paddy’ virginity. Topher has become the Uber Top Man. In order to be considered a gay porn star today, you just gotta give it up to Topher. Paddy is just the latest notch in Topher’s Top Man Belt. I gotta admit that seeing a lot of muscular “straight” guys give it up to the gay top man, TOPHER, makes it extra hot.

  57. fred
    13 Jul 13
    7:22 pm

    topher is hot but shouldn’t blow himself up with muscles to prove his masculinity INSTEAD he should bottom to prove it, he’s Always been a born bottom and he’s not boring in my pornbook, DO now that’s the boring one, he can’t even French kiss, topher can !!!

  58. George
    13 Jul 13
    8:02 pm

    Topher is definitely not an Uber Top Man that is a joke statement and a falsehood put out by studio’s, he is a very feminine pretty boy model with plucked eyebrows and lots of make up. When he burned himself he put on tons of slap and still does.

  59. andrew
    14 Jul 13
    12:42 am

    Topher is definitely an Uber Top Man. The facts speak for themselves. He has topped so many guys that he is running out of room to put more notches in his Top Man Belt. He is a great looking guy with awesome muscles and a big cock. Topher is a smoking hot manly stud!

  60. MarcoManuel
    14 Jul 13
    2:08 am

    danny! (I like Paddy’s hairy body and it looks hot when he sweats. It shows that he gets into what he’s doing)

    Its not because Paddy is sweaty that he is into it.

    Gay porn stars often have somebody of the crew having a spray bottle with water.So,to make it look as if they sweat,they spray water on gay porn stars body and face to make it look like sweat.

    Sweat is water after all.So,gay porn stars having sprays of water on their body goes under the radar.

    Its very common in gay porn.Gay porn stars often have sprays of water on their body and face.

    I saw a Falcon movie with Paddy.I think its Summer Lust.Not sure.But,you see the scene with Paddy fucking a man,and Paddy looks basically as if he just got out of the shower.

    They clearly sprayed water on Paddy body and face in this scene.Paddy was way to wet.Men can be sweaty.But,not that sweaty.

    Its only a porn trick.Nothing is real in porn.

    Everything you see in porn is an illusion.

    Those who says porn is fake.

    They aint kidding.

  61. Alann
    14 Jul 13
    5:11 am

    This preview was totally set up as a publicity stunt to attract more attention to Paddy bottoming for Topher! That contract for Paddy to bottom was set long before Topher left the US! Don’t believe that Paddy didn’t get a lot more than just a meal for bottoming instead of his usual fee for topping!

  62. George
    14 Jul 13
    5:58 am

    Topher in real life has probably bottomed many more times than he has topped on screen. As Alan MarcoManuel correctly says the Porn world is fake and models perform to script and there is much illusion!!

  63. chad123
    14 Jul 13
    10:21 am

    Topher is hot,muscular and hung. If Topher doesn’t fit the mold of the ugly butch top some of you queens demand, then good for Topher and his fans! He is an incredible top and this will be a sizzling scene. Highly anticipated by both Paddy & Topher’s fans. The rest of you can go back to your needle point knitting and be the nice little cat ladies your neighborhood knows you as…!

  64. manu
    14 Jul 13
    11:33 am

    Oh my God a porn scene with a scenario that does not exactly fit reality!! What were they thinking!!?
    I think some of you guys are just bitching for the sake of it, of course Paddy knew he would be bottoming , of course they didn’t fly Topher to the UK without knowing what the fuck he was going to do.
    Bottoming requires preparation, especially when it’s your first time I assume, so you couldn’t seriously expect things to play along the lines of what happens in this video, could you?
    Fiction plays a part in a fantasy – SHOCKING!!

  65. Iverson
    14 Jul 13
    12:00 pm

    Oh please! Topher is nobody’s uber top. More like a caricature. He can gain all the muscles in the world, he’s still a lackluster performer.

  66. George
    14 Jul 13
    1:53 pm

    Its Topher that’s the big queen, just
    look at his opening camp statements and bad acting in the latest preview of this video that was released today by Men.Com. Like others here I don’t like being conned but I’m certainly not conned by Topher. Anyway Men.Com are probably preparing Topher like a Thanksgiving turkey ready to be topped so both they and he can make a big payday.

  67. andrew
    14 Jul 13
    7:27 pm

    If Top Man Topher needed someone to lick the sweat of his muscular body after his gym workout, the Topher haters would trip all over each other running to do that job. Sorry guys, I would run a lot faster than you to get that awesome job!!!

  68. manu
    14 Jul 13
    7:46 pm

    Lol Andrew I agree somehow all of the hate he receives seems to be because he’s too pretty for his own good!
    Never met him, not interested in tops, but he’s gorgeous especially with a dick in his mouth.
    Also he does pluck his eyebrows but I wouldn’t say that they are fem. He could have gone WAY overboard and they are still quite thick, although I’d like to know what he looks like with a more natural look.
    And don’t start me on some twitter or facebook drama, I’m afraid I don’t give 2 shits!!

  69. carey579
    14 Jul 13
    7:51 pm

    @thyxip I would kill to see Jake Cruise fuck Paddy! :DDD

    I love seeing gorgeous men fuck/being fucked by ugly men, just like straight porn pairs gorgeous women with ugly guys.

    Let’s add more kink in gay porn!

  70. Colin
    14 Jul 13
    10:55 pm

    Look at Matt Sizemore, he was a total top before his first retirement. Now since he returned he has proven to be so versatile that I lost count on how many bottoming scenes he has had!

  71. George
    15 Jul 13
    7:51 am

    Just noticed in above story that Men.Com flew Topher over to Birmingham in the UK to do the video shooting, that is a grim city. They can’t think that highly of him or they would have brought him to London, but that would have cost much more.

  72. albert
    15 Jul 13
    3:52 pm

    I don’t know why they choose that Topherito guy, I look 100 times better than him, he doesn’t look masculine at all, when he walks in he looks like a flamboyant. Paddy deserves a better handsome man, masculine, mature to submit him.

    I want to see Paddy O’Brian having sex with my men list

    Brad Star
    Rod Daily
    Scott Carter
    Landon Mycles
    Will Helm
    Sean Lawrence
    Drew Cutler
    Girth Brooks
    Rusty Stevens
    Paul Wagner

  73. albert
    15 Jul 13
    3:58 pm

    I want to see Paddy O’Brian having sex with my men list

    Brad Star
    Rod Daily
    Scott Carter
    Landon Mycles
    Will Helm
    Sean Lawrence
    Drew Cutler
    Girth Brooks
    Rusty Stevens
    Paul Wagner

    Jake Genesis

  74. albert
    15 Jul 13
    4:05 pm

    Why Cody Cumming and Paddy make a movie together, that will be an explosion with a good script something like brothers in law, or my cousin, or my step-brother, or my enemy, a love story movie, rivals, etc. Porno companies don’t think there is to much to create with this artist of the porno.
    a movie with Sergi Serrano will be a hit

  75. andrew
    16 Jul 13
    1:41 am

    Check out the last comment by poor George. He is really searching to find negative things to say about the beautiful muscular total topman TOPHER DiMaggio. flew The Topher Man to Birmingham instead of London. LOL LOL LOL!!!

  76. George
    16 Jul 13
    2:53 pm

    Andrew you believe in the tooth faith too, sad boy!!

  77. Trojan
    21 Sep 13
    4:41 am

    Majorly dissapointed to see Paddy fucked. Its spoiled my idea of him as a top stud. The only thing that could re-deem my fantasy is to see him totally slaughtered in a 10 stud black gangbang. Now that takes a real man. How’s about it Paddy?

  78. sergio
    26 Oct 13
    1:13 pm

    Its very horny moment to see a top or str8 man getting bttm for me. but the movie is dissepointing. topher is a nice guy but i always prefer tougher guy for paddy

  79. Erik
    04 Jan 14
    10:20 am

    Totally bizarre having those Butch dykes doing gay porn what a weird setting. Yikes! I meant no dykes