Hunky porn star Tristan Baldwin received good comments from his Pool Party threesome video. And now, for those of you who want to see that bubble butt gets pounded, porn sites begin to release his bottoming scenes.

At NEXT DOOR BUDDIES, Tristan Bladwin was called Aryx Quinn and he gets fucked briefly in this hot orgy scene with Gavin, Noah River and Taylor Pierce. And he also did a flip flop scene with Jake Cruise.

And there’s gonna be even more bottoming videos of Tristan Baldwin! You can watch Tristan talks about it with Jasun Mark and Tex Gemmell in video clip below.

FYI – Tristan mentions my Queer Me Now Blog at 6:40, Ahem…

From Gay Daily HotThis is long, it’s silly, it’s probably not even that hot but it DOES features two dicks and me demonstrating how I talked Tex Gemmell into getting fucked.












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  1. TK
    23 Sep 09
    6:04 am

    Tristan is fuckin hot…but why get fucked by the dirty old fucker Jake Cruise. Here’s hoping all his new scenes are with quality guys and not old dorks!

  2. Evan
    23 Sep 09
    7:39 am

    This guy has got to be one of the hottest hunks about at the moment. So nice to see fresh faced, wholesome guys gracing the web. These web guys are way more gorgeous than the worn out, washed out boring carbon copy studio guys.

  3. J
    23 Sep 09
    8:04 am

    Does he do bareback… EW!

  4. Nobara Jones
    23 Sep 09
    9:49 am

    Tristan Baldwin is quite possibly one of the hottest guys EVER!!!! Seriously!

    After seeing the threeway pool clip over at I am convinced this guy is a mega superstar!


  5. Dan
    23 Sep 09
    10:11 am

    Have to agree, Tristan looks mighty fine and is flavor of the month and probably year for me.

  6. J
    23 Sep 09
    8:09 pm

    As for him doing the bareback tango with Jake Cruise twice, Marines and former Marines are not known for being the sharpest tools in the woodshed. I just hope the parasitic old fucker paid him well.

  7. Vance Decker
    24 Sep 09
    1:55 pm


    I was so excited to see more of that new hottie Tristan aka Aryx.

    Only to scroll down and lose my lunch after finding him getting fucked by Orca the Amateur Porn Troll aka Jake Cruise.

    Porn Blog People, PLEASE! Stop the Insanity! Please post warnings before showing that worthless old sack! Don’t you realize that as soon as people clean themselves off from spewing up their lunch, their visit to your site is over?

  8. QMN
    24 Sep 09
    2:18 pm


    Oh please… Vance. Don’t leave my humble little blog. I need you *hug* and your sense of humor.

    I will be more careful next time.

    Word of advice. Porn Blog Readers, Please, You should not surf porn during meals.

  9. Alan
    24 Sep 09
    7:01 pm

    J – Mistaking an army/ex-army guy for a Marine/ex-Marine (or vice-versa) is not the wisest thing to do, depending on the setting… Aryx/Tristan was with the US Army as his ‘Airborne’ tattoo pretty clearly indicates. And if you don’t know/can’t tell the difference between the services – what does that say about your ‘sharpness’??? ;)

  10. Sherman
    25 Sep 09
    9:42 am

    Tristan, Tristan, Tristan…I hope Jake pays you BIG bucks to get naked and fuck/suck him and him you because he is one vile disgusting dirty old beached whale.

  11. peternld
    25 Sep 09
    10:38 pm

    Why do you all hate Jake Cruise? The models aren’t forced to have sex with him. They do it because they get paid.

  12. Brad_24
    25 Sep 09
    11:39 pm

    If you had a choice of watching 2 x hot guys or 1 x hot guy and fat old flamer, wouldn’t you rather see 2 hotties. Plus he entices them into bareback…not a nice thing to do!

  13. robert
    08 Oct 09
    2:39 pm

    tristan is hot and funny I wish he would do more videos as a bottom

  14. Alan-

    Thanks for sticking up for me buddy, with the clarification of the Army vs. Marine identification. And yes, ‘setting dependant’, I could educate him on his comments, if it was even worth it to do so.

    I let them just bead off my skin…you can’t please everyone, ya know?


  15. seaguy
    07 Jun 10
    4:29 am

    Being the us is a free country they are free to do bareback or say no to doing bareback.

  16. reed
    02 Jan 13
    5:48 am

    Aryx wrestled me down and cock creamed all over me after face fucking me. It was incredible.

  17. reed
    02 Jan 13
    5:49 am

    Aryx Quinn wrestled me and shot his cock cream all over me after having face fucked me. It was hot.

  18. Freddie Mertz
    23 Jan 13
    3:57 am

    Aryx/Tristan is not only beautiful, he is smart, quick-witted, sharp as a tack. It’s almost as much fun to talk to him as it is to suck his cock. That said — I have to go along with those who were disappointed to see him with Jake Cruise, the creepy geezer. We’ll all get old but who wants to be reminded – and while watching erotic art of all times?!?!