Brrrrr…. I applause this daring bottom boy who takes off his pants in middle of ski slope and gets fucked right there in the middle of snow…. And after the facial cumshot, the cum just turned into ice right on his face…


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  1. andrew
    23 Dec 12
    4:28 am

    Three cheers for that Top Man. He is a stud. To be able to keep that cock hard in the snowy cold weather is the mark of a champion,

  2. simon
    23 Dec 12
    5:13 am


  3. Darkhog
    23 Dec 12
    5:46 am

    The combination of freezing cold and heat get you harder faster, and makes you cum harder… These guys are great, and being horny and cold had a lot to do with this scene.

  4. JuanDiego978
    23 Dec 12
    6:19 am

    This is too bizarre for my taste!.

  5. manu
    23 Dec 12
    9:59 am

    THe bottom looks like a starved version of David Kadera lol.

  6. Joe
    23 Dec 12
    11:59 am

    I’d be more worried about catching AIDS than cold. No penis glove.

  7. Critic
    23 Dec 12
    1:41 pm

    Wow! Something more imaginative than the usual! Was his dick hard from lust or frozen? LOL. Who are they?

  8. TJ
    23 Dec 12
    2:06 pm

    The guys where really hot, and the scene was kind too. But All I think about is how dangerous it is to be exposed like that in temperatures below zero.

  9. Almatolmen
    23 Dec 12
    5:27 pm

    It doesn’t look like anybody’s having any fun. It looks like they’re miserably cold!

  10. sxg
    23 Dec 12
    7:00 pm

    Well of course they don’t look comfortable. They’re both probably straight so doing it with a guy is the least interested thing they would want to do. Add that to uncomfortable weather and well, you get this. But kudos to the top for maintaining an erection. I imagine if they were both gay and really into each other, the scene would have been way better. The bottom should’ve kept that cum on his face and let it form into icicles lol.

  11. Marcus
    24 Dec 12
    1:59 am

    This is a good idea gone bad. Haven’t seen the scene …. So maybe it’s not bad..but the bottom’s dick is shriveled, the faces look bored or miserable. The top took Viagra and looks like one of the many st8 guys on Big Daddy. The face cum looks like cake icing … Looks like a forced concept not lust.

  12. GreGG
    24 Dec 12
    3:00 am

    No. Again. No. It would be more fun eating a Klondike IceCream Sandwich.

  13. Bull
    24 Dec 12
    3:35 pm

    talk about being “cold cocked”….

  14. Chris
    24 Dec 12
    4:43 pm

    looks like david kadera but skinny

  15. Mmmm hot! I don’t think I could ever get fucked in the snow just saying.