TITAN MEN released scene 1 from its new movie IMPULSE. It’s a sizzling hot three-way that starts in a swimming pool, underwater and moves to a lawn.

Masculine porn stud Shay Michaels turns from power-top to total pig-bottom in this video. Shay gets fucked by versatile Adam Killian, hottie Jessy Ares and he takes it like a pro which is super HOT!

FYI: If underwater sex is your erotic fantasy, check out these scenes from Heatwave and Full Up!

+ Adam Killian, Jessy Ares and Shay Michaels – Impulse Scene 1

+ More of Shay Michaels | Adam Killian | Jessy Ares


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  1. manu
    25 Jul 11
    12:49 pm

    Shay Michaels bottoming yeahh!! <3

  2. Alias74
    25 Jul 11
    1:14 pm

    Killian’s hole looks a little worn/worked out….but if Shay is on his back getting pounded and his rock hard banana dick is bouncing…COUNT ME IN!

    ALL HAIL, SHAY MICHAELS! My new fave…

  3. Cole
    25 Jul 11
    1:32 pm

    Adam Killian is so booooring…..he is overexposed and not fun anymore…

  4. JVC
    25 Jul 11
    1:53 pm

    One of the hottest scenes I have seen in a while. I love a good chain. Killian is best when he’s in a group!

  5. bengo
    25 Jul 11
    3:35 pm

    shay. michaels. bottoming. no greater thing

  6. sxg
    25 Jul 11
    4:58 pm

    bout time Adam made his way to Titan. He is still so sexy!

  7. Jay
    25 Jul 11
    5:46 pm

    Is that ridiculous sleeve tat on Killian new? When are these idiot models going to realize that these huge stupid inkblots they put on themselves may look nice now but will not look so nice in about 10 years when they are not in camera ready condition anymore.

  8. Lukink
    25 Jul 11
    5:55 pm

    Shay , you just won my heart ! WOW this scene blew me away . I mean its amazing , and the underwater sex its gonna be stuck in my head to the rest of the week. Shay keep doing what you are doing because everyone seems to love it. Jessy , i never heard of you before but after this scene i like you and really like your cock/body. Adam , I think your sexy and would you marry me?

  9. Anderson
    25 Jul 11
    7:46 pm

    very happy to see Shay bottoming!

  10. Chuck
    25 Jul 11
    10:08 pm

    What I like about Adam is that he is totally into being gay and I think that is why he performs so well!! Yeah, the tatoo’s are going to be bad once he is older, so I wish people would consider that when getting them!

  11. JC
    25 Jul 11
    10:35 pm

    Adam Killian is hideous. I don’t understand how he is in pretty much every new porn. He’s disgusting.

  12. Shay Michaels is hot !!

  13. Dan
    25 Jul 11
    11:45 pm

    To chime in with the masses, Shay Michaels is insanely hot, LOOOOVE that he’s bottoming. That pic of him getting it from both ends is perfection.

  14. Kevin
    26 Jul 11
    3:07 am

    WOW Shay Michaels! BABY GOT seriously big, beautiful BACK and for sure everyone’s SPRUNG as a result. ;) SO HOT! Every scene with him is a WINNER in my book. :)

  15. waht!
    26 Jul 11
    10:11 am

    I don’t think Adam is particularly attractive but the man can fuck.

  16. Aaron Bennet
    26 Jul 11
    11:18 am

    I dont like tatoos and taned guys i also dont like the outdoors veryt much …..why are men so military looking these days where is the class and the niceness

  17. Matias
    26 Jul 11
    12:27 pm

    This is new, underwater, it isn’t easy to film nor make it happen.

  18. Michael Australia
    26 Jul 11
    1:42 pm

    Hmm once again bitching because none of them would go with any of you (and yes I count myself in that as well but remember I don’t live in the USA so my chances are even less and I don’t want to visit except for New York City). Its great to have an opinion, certainly free speech unlike here is a right, but to put down the actors based on stupid unreasonable comments like he’s disgusting – sad queens.

  19. waht!
    26 Jul 11
    4:22 pm

    Speak for your self Michael, I have a hot boyfriend with a big dick.

  20. sxg
    27 Jul 11
    2:04 am

    If you had a hot boyfriend with a big dick you wouldn’t be on here commenting on porn blogs.

  21. waht!
    27 Jul 11
    5:34 am

    Porn is for everybody, even people in relationships.

  22. wadege
    29 Jul 11
    8:53 am

    Adam Killian’s fake grunts are such a turn off.

  23. trott
    03 Nov 12
    12:27 pm

    hello. shay michaels is very nice and very strong. his ass is very nice pink. i so like his ass is pink. i want sexy gay shay michaels. by trott