What ever happened to Aaron James? There’s no news about him since his appearance on Tyra Banks Show and that’s years ago. Kurt Wild and Dean Coxx who also went on that show are still around.

COLLEGE DUDES 247 (the company that discovered AJ before he became Jet Set Exclusive) just released this “never before seen” video of Aaron James and Kurt Wild! They made this video not long before their appearance on Tyra.

Aaron James Fucks Kurt Wild video was one of the most popular video on College Dudes 247 And in this 20 minute clip, AJ sucks off Kurt while playing with a FLESHJACK, swallows Kurt’s entire load, cums on Kurt’s feet – Kurt has a foot fetish – and then licks his own cum right off Kurt and swallows that too!

+ Cum Eating With Aaron James And Kurt Wild


Aaron James Fucked in Jock Tease with Dylan Wood



+ More of Aaron James | Kurt Wild

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  1. EdWoody
    05 Aug 10
    3:02 am

    Ah yes… two straight-identified men who just happen to love having sex with men more than anything in their lives.

  2. Billy Blue
    05 Aug 10
    3:23 am

    Mhhm, very very STRAIGHT. Ha ha ha !

  3. cliff
    05 Aug 10
    7:55 am

    he did the MTV “Ture Life – I Work in the Sex Industry as Gaty for Pay” thing, told his family. The took him back and he retired back to Pennsylvania. He’s probably a carpenter or selling real estate.

  4. timucua
    05 Aug 10
    11:10 am

    That MTV True Life was broadcast in 2007 or 2008 just under a few years before Aaron James appeared on The Trya Banks Show. From what I gathered Aaron told his family before he was on True Life and his motivation for doing pornography was for his college tuition fees. I heard he his a university student, post porn career.

  5. gaysammy
    05 Aug 10
    1:00 pm

    ah yes….the age old “I did it for the money” translation? it’s EASY money AND I like to suck cock and get fucked in
    the ass…I’m not passing judgement…I just really hate the dishonesty of their reasoning. I dated a porn star for 6 months and he used to say “everybody has sex…I just do it in front of a camera” true, very true but most people don’t get paid for it.

  6. JonathanHasHadIt
    05 Aug 10
    3:38 pm

    Last I heard Aaron and Kurt were opening a hot dog stand in Detroit.

  7. Ben
    05 Aug 10
    6:28 pm

    These guys are really generic. Does anyone really care about this Kurt guy?

  8. manonman
    06 Aug 10
    12:48 am

    they do it for the money, honey, and tell all their straight friends that find out “I had to do it to survive”.
    Gay for pay, such a joke…it is gay to say I will not make a choice and be honest with myself… dudes in de Nile..and not Egyptian

  9. Brad
    06 Aug 10
    1:51 pm

    these guys really turn me off

  10. Charles B
    28 Dec 10
    3:38 pm

    Obviously, they have no homosexual tendencies.

  11. josh B
    21 Mar 12
    5:42 pm

    Oh well some people they can have their own opinion about gay for pay guy. we are talking money if doing porn can make them through college why not? or something that can make themselves to higher level that they can use the money to have food on the table or something else just because a guy did sex with another gay guy it didnt mean he is gay ive seen a lot of straight guy who had sex with another guy but they live a normal straight guy and happily married to a woman and have a kid. only in the mentality of a gay people about thinking when a guy had sex with another guy he is gay but in the reality gay like to have sex with a straight guy and its a challenge for them but as soon as they had sex with a straight guy they branded them right away the guy is gay. its a crab mentality

  12. Lance
    11 Oct 12
    12:22 am

    Aaron James is one of my favourite performers. I don’t care if he has a close relationship with a Cocker Spaniel – he’s still HOT!