I almost forgot that porn star Jason Adonis is (or was?) Raging Stallion exclusive model. He only did one scene with them last year in the movie Brutal.

And I think DOMINUS, the upcoming movie from Raging Stallion, is the first leather theme movie for Jason Adonis and his first interracial fuck with Race Cooper. Check out the shot Jason rims Race’s ass!

But for me, the highlight of DOMINUS is the scene above when insatiable bottom Angelo Marconi sucks and gets pounded by Josh West‘s huge cock!


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  1. Junior
    22 Jun 11
    12:32 am

    That looks fucking Phenomenal!!!!!

  2. baz
    22 Jun 11
    12:35 am

    Angelo Marconi AGAIN?

  3. EdWoody
    22 Jun 11
    12:35 am

    Why do people still continue to sign contracts with Jason Adonis? He has screwed up every contract he has ever signed in one way or another. If you think he’s hot and you want him in your movie, fine, hire him for just that one movie. Because based on his history, that’s all you’re gonna get out of him anyway before he decides he’s changed his mind. For a straight guy he knows how to throw one hell of a drama.

  4. manu
    22 Jun 11
    12:36 am

    THAT PICTURE OF ADAM CHAMP S HAIRY BUTT IS MAGNIFICIENT!!!I wish he let someone fuck it!! Glad to see Remi Delaine is back too , this movie would have been more interesting if the roles had been reversed. Don’t care at all for Race Cooper ( nice butt but that’s about it )or Angelo Marconi (nothing positive to say about him :/)

  5. Igor
    22 Jun 11
    1:59 am

    Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv Jason Adonis who I don’t believe for a second is straight! One of the hottest stuff in gay porn. I’d luv to suck and be pounded by Josh West’s huge cock too!

  6. Ben
    22 Jun 11
    2:09 am

    That first picture of Angelo sucking that massive cock! I almost blew a load! Then later when he’s getting fucked by it – turning his ass inside out! Sweet!

  7. Dan
    22 Jun 11
    2:19 am

    Angelo Marconi is one lucky bitch

  8. Chris
    22 Jun 11
    3:23 am

    I’m not a fan of Jason’s but I guess the the guys in charge of the studio are. Too bad he can’t decide if he’s srt8, gay, bi, gay 4 pay or somewhere in the middle. But I guess it helps when you’re white and considered “hot”. I can’t see any male porn actor of color getting away with the stuff Jason has.

  9. JoeyB
    22 Jun 11
    4:16 am

    Logan McCree is back??? Yawn. Wasn’t he counting sheep with his “gf” in some remote Scottish town? Angelo Marconi, that’s a real gay man! We want and need more of that!!!

  10. mel
    22 Jun 11
    4:28 am

    I like Adam is back even though he is not the massive muscle monster he was in his Colt Days (you draw the conclusion). I guess he is opting for a more leaner more natural look. He still looks good. I wonder where Carlo Masi is?? Jason Adonis, Oh Dear. He is apparently difficult for studios to work since his Jet Set days. The worst offense was when Falcon billed his first bottoming scene in the “Farmer’s Son” and he filmed his own bottoming scene at the same time. According to Erik Rhodes he was difficult to work with since he was not prepared. Of course this from the stable mind of Erik Rhodes. I like Angelo he is an unashamed big bottom. He body looks great. I am not a size queen I am more concerned with the guy attached to the dick. In this case Josh West is un attractive. I am also not a Logan McCree fan if this guy didnt have his coloring book tatts he would just be a skinny unattractive guy.

  11. manu
    22 Jun 11
    5:05 am

    Haha Logan McCree is definitely not skinny , please go to Specsavers!! He’s quite the hunk . ANgelo Marconi still looks way too femme for my taste,, clearly we don’t need more of that!

  12. sxg
    22 Jun 11
    5:52 am

    You clearly don’t know what fem is manu if you think angelo is one! he is a gorgeous man I don’t see anything feminine about him… onscreen that is. haven’t heard him speak off camera, but i can’t imagine him being more fem than someone like Matthew Rush.

    And Logan is a vegan it’s extremely hard for vegans to get a muscular body. Not impossible, but difficult. Josh West is still attractive for his age, but I would imagine that he is a bit too old and not at his former shape to still work for the larger studios.

    And Jason Adonis has an attractive body, but I’ve always been unimpressed with his face. I hope that Race gets a shot to fuck his ass.

  13. Kyle
    22 Jun 11
    10:11 am

    I find Angelo Marconi hot and sexy, and masculine as well

  14. Matias
    22 Jun 11
    12:56 pm

    For my taste the best looking here are Adam Champ with his hairy chest and Angelo Marconi.

  15. Luca
    22 Jun 11
    1:13 pm

    Love seeing Angelo Marconi getting fucked by that huge dick. Nothing feminine about him at all. He’s just a total bottom who loves getting nailed. Very hot guy. Once again the bottoms are the best.

  16. Critic
    22 Jun 11
    4:22 pm

    The preview made me hard! Porn isn’t reality so forget the chatter about the actors.

  17. Asenath
    22 Jun 11
    5:32 pm

    Have we talked about how beautiful Race Cooper is? Because, we should. Beautiful.

  18. arturo
    22 Jun 11
    8:49 pm

    Adam <3 but with Logan :(

  19. Olaf
    22 Jun 11
    9:07 pm

    Does gorgeous with a perfect body equal feminine? Think not, love Angelo

  20. Jay
    23 Jun 11
    12:01 am

    If an atomic hot mess like Rhodes says you are difficult to work with, then there are really no words in the English language to describe just how bad it is to be tasked to work with you….who knew that Jason Adonis was the mother of all nightmares?

  21. Luca
    23 Jun 11
    3:35 am

    Is Matthew Rush supposedly feminine in ‘real life?’ I met him and didn’t get that impression at all.

  22. Mick
    23 Jun 11
    4:24 pm

    i just can’t get enuff of angelo marconi, he can stay one forever as one of the best asses and suckers in the bizz! adore him

  23. Rocco
    23 Jun 11
    10:20 pm



  24. charlie jackpot
    23 Jun 11
    11:27 pm

    I just dont get all the spitting

  25. mitch
    25 Jun 11
    1:19 am

    angelo is not only a bottom champion but also a blowjob champion and one of the ebst kissers is the bizz: a real stunner in all aspects