It’s summer time in the U.S. and the American gay porn website CORBINFISHER.COM is offering a special deal: Three months of American College Men for $69. They also have this cute and colorful hippy-theme photo shoot.



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  1. Res
    22 Jun 12
    2:27 am


  2. dio
    22 Jun 12
    2:44 am

    if Landon does a scene in that get up I’ll do $69 starting next month… LOL as it stands I don’t trust CF to deliver quality scenes on even a semi-regular basis, so I’ll continue to do month-to-month.

  3. bill
    22 Jun 12
    4:03 am

    pass, plus sean cody so much better, plus they treat gays like shit, won’t get a dime from me and anyone else i know.

  4. M_M
    22 Jun 12
    6:00 am

    I am surprised this is a thing O_o.

  5. Sam
    22 Jun 12
    3:42 pm

    Obviuosly there isn’t the demand for memberships that they used to have or they wouldn’t need a sale. If people are buying, you don’t have to discount it. As soon as I see something go on sale I think nobody wants it anymore.

  6. Billy Blue
    22 Jun 12
    6:53 pm

    Corbin Fisher will never see a dime of my money.

  7. Jason
    22 Jun 12
    11:02 pm

    Summer of 69? So…no condums…?

  8. Jupiter Street
    22 Jun 12
    11:42 pm

    I’ll sign up again if we’ll get to see new models. If it’s going to be another round robin of sorts, then forget it!!!!

  9. JockBoy
    23 Jun 12
    2:54 am

    This would make Bryan Adams very proud… NOT ….

  10. BLACKjack
    23 Jun 12
    4:17 pm

    I still see no reason to re-join CF !!!