I posted a behind the scenes picture from this movie last August, and today you can watch the result of that shoot.

There are many hot scenes in Stripped #2: Hard for the Money, a new movie from Monster Bang (part of RAGING STALLION STUDIOS) directed by Steve Cruz.

Bodybuilder Zeb Atlas fucks hunky Latino Marcus Ruhl, Ripped Tomas Brand, Logan Rouge and Fabio Stallone take turns fucking each other (This is the first time I saw Tomas Brand bottom on camera!), Jeremy Stevens gets fucked by Jimmy Durano and Jessy Ares tops James Ryder.

+ Stripped #2: Hard for the Money


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  1. Darkhog
    10 Nov 12
    2:04 am

    The Drool Factor is going to be high on all these guys. There not one guy in this movie that I don’t like…. A must see.

  2. Frank
    10 Nov 12
    2:40 am

    Worst photoshop job I’ve seen in a long time.

  3. manu
    10 Nov 12
    3:57 am

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record I would really love to see Zeb bottoming…:o

  4. frank
    10 Nov 12
    5:12 am

    At one time, Zeb Atlas was worth viewing due to his hairy and unshaved chest and
    groin area. Now, he is shaved and has an unattractive tatoo. There is a sense of
    arrogance about him which is unappealing. I wonder, ”if he had a chance to do it all over again, would he
    fall in love with himself?” He’s not worth
    viewing any longer, unfortunately.

  5. griffrag
    10 Nov 12
    5:16 am

    should be a hot video and I agree with manu I would love to see Zeb bottom.

  6. manu
    10 Nov 12
    6:42 am

    yes hairy Zeb is better but you guys need to stop hating , i don t see what s arrogant about him , he seems like a cool guy from the interviews i ve seen.
    Understand also that many of his admirers are into muscle worship so that might explain what you perceive , but it s a role he plays :)

  7. Toby
    10 Nov 12
    8:43 am

    The first one killed it for me. Don’t think I could risk spending money on the second.

  8. brentsfan
    10 Nov 12
    9:51 am

    I totally prefer the smooth shaven Zeb, but the long hair kills it for me…

  9. kaike
    10 Nov 12
    12:00 pm

    Zeb Atlas and Max Chevalier in a bodybuilder FLIP-FUCK?

  10. Joe
    10 Nov 12
    12:17 pm

    Agree with Kaike… would be interesting… BB versus BB

  11. LoveZeb
    10 Nov 12
    1:43 pm

    Love to see massive muscular Zeb Atlas bottoming with an asian twink!

  12. Videowatcher
    10 Nov 12
    4:17 pm

    7 years ago Zeb interested me… today, not anymore. He is just way too big and has lost that “look” that interests me. If only we could turn back time and Zeb was willing to do then what he desperately does now.

  13. Hector
    10 Nov 12
    4:28 pm

    Zeb’s comb over to hide his bald spot doesn’t fool anyone.

  14. SuckItBaby
    10 Nov 12
    5:10 pm

    I want Zeb to get even bigger! He is so hot.

  15. GRPR50
    10 Nov 12
    5:33 pm

    If the guy doesn’t bottom, I am not watching him, particularly the Gay4Pay ones. While I find Zeb Atlas hot I tend not to bother with his videos because he has not bottomed. When he bottoms I will start watching them.

    As for Raging Stallion, I am not paying for sites that do not allow me to download and keep the movies. No download. No membership from me. At least Falcon allows you to buy some of their scenes. Yeah Yeah I know Raging Stallion is a part of the Falcon network :-)

  16. Give it time
    10 Nov 12
    6:35 pm

    Zeb used to be sorta hot. But now the roids have made him look like a shaved ape.

  17. kaike
    10 Nov 12
    8:55 pm

    All top’s always end up getting fucked, we’ll see Zeb taking a hot dick deep in his ass on camera.

  18. odawg
    10 Nov 12
    11:39 pm

    Holy photoshop!

  19. TJ
    11 Nov 12
    12:32 am

    Zeb is hot, and I am tired of seeing every clone body in gay porn, so its refreshing to see a man with a unique body type, huge, muscled.

    Its just the thought of how erik rhodes died, he had a perfect body too, and he still died. So even the hottest guy can be lost.

  20. Spiro
    11 Nov 12
    12:40 am

    Oh Zeb get your hair cut! I do wish you never had that nasty tattoo.

  21. TJ
    11 Nov 12
    12:55 am

    @Spiro Agreed. Gay porn stars that go overboard on tattoos just ruins the beauty of there bodies. Matthew Rush had a great body, and yet he defaced it with to many tattoos. Its not needed it the guy already has a body that looks great.

  22. CRH380
    14 Nov 12
    6:22 am

    ZEB ATLAS is older ,he is 42 years old

  23. BO
    23 Dec 12
    9:44 pm

    Zeb fucking Marcus Ruhl has to be the “Olympics” of gay male sex. Whoever claimed that bodybuilders were lackluster sex has yet to see this pairing. Rock hard Zeb double times that clinging bunghole like not one but two jack rabbits. My favorite part> Near his climax,Horny out of control fucker Zeb is delirious with pleasure, he pulls out, pulls rubber off and shoots his jizz…know that felt great…he may like cooze in his personal life but Zeb know how to fuck a man’s asshole…..30 STARS

  24. jp
    08 Apr 13
    9:55 pm

    Zeb is hot ,but Marcus seems to be the one to be looking at..